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Math Test Prep Reviews

"I used the program for SAT prep for the math section. I really liked the program and I found it really helpful. My math score went up 130 points! I really liked that I could do lessons on my own time and at my own pace. While I'm done with the SAT forever (hooray!), I may use again for supplemental math help through out the year. Thank you for having such a wonderful site."

"I went to take the ACCUPLACER test and I scored a 41 back in April. Then I signed up for your class and did all the lessons for ACCUPLACER. Then I went back to the testing center to retake the ACCUPLACER and I scored 104. I was shocked!!!!!"

"I needed help preparing for the COMPASS Math Exam. Finding your web site was a lifesaver! I didn't even know where to start to figure out what math I needed to learn for the COMPASS. Your web site had it already laid out for me. I loved the individual video lessons. You explained everything so clearly. I was able to watch the videos and recall what I had learned over 30 years ago. Since I never went to college, the college algebra and trig videos were brand new information for me and I understood it totally! Because of your Web site, I was able to pass the COMPASS with flying colors! Thank you again for wonderful tutoring at a reasonable price."

"Since I was strapped for cash for a personal tutor, I decided to purchase the online subscription to help me pass the ASVAB. I brought my failing score up 20 points because of this web site. I could not have enlisted into the military without the help of this web site. Hats off to AM IN THE ARMY NOW."

"I have been raving about this program to all of my friends. It has enhanced my learning and taken out the drudgery of studying for the GRE. With, I have been able to improve my practice score by 250 points thus far. THANKS!!!"

"I used your program in preparing for the Math PRAXIS. Nailed it thanks to you guys!"

"Overall, I thought your videos and sample problems were awesome. After not having done math for ten years, I passed the CLEP with a score of 76/80, thanks to your tutorials."

"I was very excited to find how great your website is. I was able to take my ACT test and tested out of college algebra and my placement was in Trig. I have told may parents about this site who have children in high school that need that extra help. They have learned it is much cheaper than a tutor and actually learn a lot better. I am so glad I found you. I will continue to spread the word."

"After moments of despair trying to find the right tutor, I am so grateful I found I am studying for the GED math test, and this has helped me so much."

"I got some great news. I used your program to pass the Middle School GACE exam here in Georgia. Your program gave me the support that I needed to pass that test."

"I took the THEA exam and did poorly. Then I signed up with and went through the lessons. I expected to at least place high enough to just take 1 remedial math class. Instead I completely tested out of all the remedials and was placed in College math. I was so excited. I could not have done it without your help on the program. Thank you so much. I have recommended to all my friends who are going back to college."

"I am preparing to take my GMAT. I must say that I have found your teaching to be extremely helpful! In fact, I was just on it, and will continue to use it daily until I take the GMAT. I think that is superb!"

"I was using the site to prepare for the MTEL exam, the General Curriculum Math subtest. I took it on November 21st and passed it, despite not having done math for a very long time and math never having been a subject of great strength. It was great! I'd had a friend tutor me but then she became unavailable. I only wish I'd found it sooner!"

"I am preparing for the FTCE general knowledge math portion. Your program is awesome and I spend about two hours per day working with it. Good teacher in the clips, clear and understandable. Thanks for the help....."

"I really wanted you to know how much the website helped me on the ASSET placement test and I have told a lot of people about it."

"I know that this programs works, because it helped my daughter when the teacher just couldn't explain it properly. I will probably sign up for the whole year after the summer months are done because I have three children who are in Algebra 1 and 2 next year...We are also going to use it for test prep. The SAT's and PSAT's are just around the's just a great program. "

"I was using it to prepare for the CBEST test. I found the site to be very helpful, and I don't think I could have passed the math portion of this test without Thank you!"

"First, let me say that was a godsend! I am finally pursuing my goal of obtaining a nursing degree. As you know, the very first step in returning to school is the ACCUPLACER test. Since I have been out of school for so long, I was very apprehensive about the math portion. What a fabulous way to review things I had long forgotten! I took the ACCUPLACER on December 1st, and scored well above the minimum on all sections, including math. Without, I'm certain I would have failed the math portion miserably....and would have then been discouraged in my attempts to return to school. I can't say enough about how helpful it was...It's definitely WELL WORTH the subscription fee."

"I had to study for my COMPASS test. I LOVE IT! Thank you so much, what a great idea! In the end I was able to study up on my rusted math and be good enough to "pass" the COMPASS test. I don't have to take any build up classes before I can start with my regular math credits. Thank you!"

"I used to help with the CLEP Examination. I am sure I would have failed without your valuable tutoring and review. However, I did well. With your courses I am pretty excited to be doing math again. How about that!"

"I was looking for some help getting back into the swing of things for the GRE test and stumbled across your site. I've telling everyone about it because it's been a TREMENDOUS help thus far. I need to review as much as possible. It's such a great site. Keep up the good work."

"I found out about your site on line while searching for ASVAB prep questions. You and your colleagues' lessons were invaluable in my success. My score went from a 49 to an 80. Best money I ever spent."

"After rigourously going through your program, I achieved my goal and passed the ACCUPLACER exam with flying colors. Thanks to your system, the ACCUPLACER results placed me in the 300 level college math courses. Thanks again and I will be sure to pass on the good word about what you have going on here."

"I used your lessons to help me pass the Math PRAXIS 1. I tried personal tutors, books, and studied for months. Finally, I found you and I tried it out. For some reason your lessons were taught in such a format that I could easily understand. I scored a 178! Passing score for Washington State is 176. I am so grateful. I was going to lose my teaching job and the passing math grade was what I needed to become residency certified. I now have my certificate and all is well. Thank you for providing me with great, easy to follow instructions with your program. I would recommend this to anyone that is struggling or just wants to brush up with their math skills...children and adults!"

"My daughter uses your website and has been very impressed with what she's seen and has asked me to continue the subscription so that she can prepare for the SAT test this coming fall."

"I am needing prep work for my daughter's ACT. It's been very helpful and I do like how it's set up. The lessons are very clear and understandable - I wish I had this when I was in school!!"

"I am studying to pass the Math for my GED. I just want to say your site is very informative, explanatory and I love how you include live visualization..:) I also love how every lesson has printable notes, problems and a test which you're graded on...that is totally awesome!"

"I am studying for the GMATS. I think the service is awesome. The video approach is way more effective than any book out there."

"I was using your program to study for the ASSET Test. Thank you for your great instruction. I passed the math!"

"I learned in a day what was taking me weeks and months thru books or just searching online. I take the GED test later this month and for once I feel confident that I will pass the math section because of you. Thanks, the best money I've ever spent online."

"I used the program to study for ACCUPLACER. I was able to skip 2 classes to college level. Great product!"

"I had to sit the COMPASS Test so I used the lessons you have as practice. I am happy to say that I did really well in my COMPASS Test and have gone from hating math to loving it and am even considering changing my major to middle or high school math. This is a wonderful website and the lessons are very clear and easy to follow. I just wish it was around when I was at school as you all make the math fun and interesting. I will definitely be recommending your site to others. Many thanks once again."

"I used your CLEP prep course, and it really helped me. Last year I took the placement test for my college, and they wanted to place me in Elementary Algebra! The only reason for that was that I hadn't reviewed any math for couple years. So I used your course, and I passed my exam with a 68/80, when I only needed 50. I totally recommend your site."

"First, let me thank you for this website as it has saved my life! I spent hundreds of dollars on a tutor in preparation for the GRE and it ended up being a waste. I then visited your website and signed up. I take the GRE exam tomorrow and feel more confident than I ever have. I only regret I didn't find you months ago."

"I was using the program to improve my ASVAB score to qualify for Marine Corps Officer's Candidate School. I improved my score from a 60 something to a 77. Many points above the necessary 70. I really enjoyed the program, and if you diligently use it you will accomplish what needs to be done."

"I am taking the PRAXIS and using your site to scrub up on my math knowledge. I am on every minute I can get, morning, noon and night. I have learned far more from the simple, straightforward instruction that your site offers than I think I ever did in school... (A few weeks later) I PASSED - I could not have got through the math section without your instruction. I am recommending you to all the others that have to sit the test."

"I have been trying to get my GED for the last year. The only thing holding me back is math. It took me a year in class to learn how to do fractions. In three hours of watching videos and doing practice excercises, I learned 20 things each day. Thank you! Thank you! This site is the answer to my prayers."

"I'm using it for high school student homework help and SAT preparation. Good job! Very good design and my son likes using it."

"My daughter, who's a junior, is using to prepare for the ACT in the spring. She loves the interactive, go at your on pace style of I absolutely love the program and certainly would and have recommended it."

"I used your service and retook the ACCUPLACER and passed with flying colors. I have never been so amazed with a product before."

"I was studying your COMPASS courses so that I could get into college. Your videos were AWESOME. You went through everything step by step and that was exactly what I needed. I think I would have gotten better grades in high school math if y'all were around back then."

"I am using to assist me in preparing for my CLEP math exam. I find the site very useful and well done. Good job and great idea!"

"I found because I had to prepare for the GRE, which I took in December (and did just fine!). I found your website to be brilliantly helpful."

"I'm using it as a college grad who is practicing for the GMAT. I am reviewing all the algebra, etc. that I learned in high school but have forgotten since then."

"I needed to brush up on my math before I took the ASVAB test. I passed with a gt score of 114 -I needed a 110. I love your site and I refer everyone that asks me about tutoring."

"I am using the program to pass the PRAXIS exam. It is exactly what I have been looking for. I took all kinds of prep stuff..nothing helped. All the other courses were too advanced and did not focus on the fundamentals. This is a wonderful tool. I only wish I had found it months and months ago!"

"I am using this program to Prep for the GED. I find it very useful and thorough, and I have been learning concepts easliy which seemed difficult before."

"I really found your site helpful. I was preparing for my GRE when my husband found your site using Google. Your lessons were well paced and very thorough. I loved the format and the practice questions. As a teacher on a budget, the lessons were very affordable too. Thanks for helping me get a good enough score to get into grad school."

"I used it to re-fresh on my math skills for the ACCUPLACER test in college. If it wasn’t for you, I would have failed. Thank you! The advantage of your site to others is that there’s no garbage, you can pick what you need and practice, practice, and practice. No commercials, unnecessary visuals, etc. Pure math structure! And you can see progress right away by testing yourself on every topic. When you need to get ready for the ACCUPLACER the only thing you care about is the test. And that’s exactly what you guys provide on the website. Thank you again!"