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A Complete MCAS Math Test Prep Course with a Personal Math Teacher

MathHelp.com offers a complete MCAS® math test prep course with a personal math teacher.  Our course features 157 lessons covering all of the topics on the MCAS test.


“I use your MCAS math course and it is the best. My students are required to take the MCAS and this site has been really really helpful in breaking things down into smaller chunks and with the practices and then the worksheets – it’s been pretty amazing so far. Thank you so much.” – Cynthia Kele (March 2017)

About the MCAS Test

The Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System, commonly shortened to MCAS /ˈɛmkæs/, is the Commonwealth’s statewide standards-based assessment program developed in 1993, in response to the Massachusetts Education Reform Act of the same year. State and federal law mandates that all students who are enrolled in the tested grades and who are educated with Massachusetts public funds participate in MCAS testing.

MCAS has three primary purposes:

  1. To inform and improve curriculum and instruction.
  2. To evaluate student, school, and district performance according to Massachusetts Curriculum Framework content standards and Performance Standards.
  3. To determine student eligibility for the Competency Determination requirement in order to award high school diplomas.

If necessary, students are given multiple opportunities to pass the test. Massachusetts fulfills the requirements of the federal No Child Left Behind Act by administering MCAS tests in English language arts (ELA) and Mathematics to students in grades 3-8 and 10. Additional MCAS tests are administered in Science and Technology/Engineering (grades 5, 8, 9/10).

MCAS Math Scope & Sequence

Unit 1: Order of Operations/Evaluation

Order of Operations Evaluation Integers

Unit 2: Simplifying with Variables

Combining Like Terms Distributive Property Distributive / Like Terms

Unit 1: Beginning Equations

One-Step Equations Two-Step Equations

Unit 2: Intermediate Equations

Equations with Fractions Equations Involving Distributive

Unit 3: Advanced Equations

Variable on Both Sides Variable on Both Sides / Fractions Variable on Both Sides / Distributive

Unit 4: Equations with Decimals

Integer Solutions Decimal Solutions

Unit 5: Fractions and Formulas

Fractional Solutions Beginning Formulas

Unit 6: Introductory Word Problems

Number Problems Value Problems

Unit 1: Solving Systems

By Graphing By Addition By Substitution

Unit 2: Word Problems

Number and Value Problems

Unit 1: Exponent Rules

The Product Rule The Power Rule The Quotient Rule

Unit 2: Advanced Exponent Problems

Numerical Bases and Exponents of Zero Combining Exponent Rules

Unit 3: Multiplying Polynomials

The Distributive Property F.O.I.L.

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