Complete Online Co-Requisite Course for College Algebra provides a complete online Co-Requisite Course for College Algebra. With a personal math teacher inside every lesson, you’ll learn the exact content you need to succeed in College Algebra. provides a complete online Co-Requisite Course for College Algebra. With a personal math teacher inside every lesson, you’ll learn the exact content you need to succeed in College Algebra.

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Exponents, properties, and evaluating expressions

  • 1 Exponents
  • 2 Variables
  • 3 Addition Properties
  • 4 Multiplication Properties
  • 5 Adding and Subtracting Integers
  • 6 Multiplying and Dividing Integers
  • 7 Order of Operations
  • 8 Evaluation
  • 9 Absolute Value

Factors, multiples, and fractions

  • 10 Factors and Primes
  • 11 Multiples and Least Common Multiple
  • 12 Greatest Common Factor
  • 13 Reducing Fractions to Lowest Terms
  • 14 Adding and Subtracting Fractions
  • 15 Multiplying and Dividing Fractions

Simplifying expressions and solving equations

  • 16 Combining Like Terms
  • 17 Distributive Property
  • 18 Distributive Property and Combining Like Terms
  • 19 One-Step Equations
  • 20 Two-Step Equations
  • 21 Equations with Fractions
  • 22 Equations Involving Distributive
  • 23 Equations with Variable on Both Sides
  • 24 Equations with Variable on Both Sides and Distributive
  • 25 Equations with Fraction Solutions
  • 26 Literal Equations

Ratio, proportion, and percent

  • 27 Introduction to Ratios
  • 28 Equal Ratios
  • 29 Introduction to Proportion
  • 30 Solving Proportions
  • 31 Fractions and Percents
  • 32 Decimals and Percents

Word problems

  • 33 Translating English to Algebra
  • 34 Number Word Problems
  • 35 Percent Word Problems
  • 36 Value Word Problems
  • 37 Interest Word Problems
  • 38 Motion Word Problems
  • 39 Mixture Word Problems

Inequalities and absolute value

  • 40 Introduction to Inequalities
  • 41 Solving and Graphing Inequalities
  • 42 Combined Inequalities
  • 43 Advanced Inequalities
  • 44 Absolute Value Equations
  • 45 Absolute Value Inequalities

Graphing and transformations

  • 46 The Coordinate Grid
  • 47 Transformations
  • 48 Reflections
  • 49 Translations
  • 50 Rotations
  • 51 Dilations

Functions and graphing

  • 52 Domain and Range
  • 53 Definition of a Function
  • 54 Function and Arrow Notation
  • 55 Graphing within a Given Domain
  • 56 Graphing Lines
  • 57 The Intercept Method
  • 58 Graphing Inequalities in Two Variables

Linear equations in two variables

  • 59 Slope as a Rate of Change
  • 60 Slope of a Line
  • 61 Using Slope to Graph a Line
  • 62 Slope Formula
  • 63 Slope-Intercept Form
  • 64 Converting to Slope-Intercept Form and Graphing
  • 65 Writing Equations of Lines
  • 66 Writing Equations of Lines Using Tables

Advanced linear equations

  • 67 Writing Equations of Lines in Standard Form
  • 68 Writing Equations of Lines Using the Point-Slope Formula
  • 69 Writing Equations of Lines Given Two Points
  • 70 Writing Equations of Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
  • 71 Interpreting Graphs
  • 72 Direct Variation
  • 73 Applications of Direct Variation and Linear Functions

Systems of equations

  • 74 Solving Systems by Graphing
  • 75 Solving Systems by Addition
  • 76 Solving Systems by Substitution
  • 77 Number and Value Word Problems
  • 78 Systems of Three Equations

Properties of exponents

  • 79 The Product Rule
  • 80 The Power Rule
  • 81 The Quotient Rule
  • 82 Numerical Bases and Exponents of Zero
  • 83 Negative Exponents
  • 84 Numerical Bases with Negative Exponents
  • 85 Multiplying and Dividing with Negative Exponents
  • 86 Multiplying and Dividing with Scientific Notation


  • 87 Multiplying Polynomials
  • 88 F.O.I.L.
  • 89 Advanced Multiplying Polynomials
  • 90 Adding and Subtracting Polynomials
  • 91 Polynomial Long Division

Factoring polynomials

  • 92 Greatest Common Factor
  • 93 Factoring out the Greatest Common Factor
  • 94 Factoring Trinomials with Positive Constants
  • 95 Factoring Trinomials with Negative Constants
  • 96 Difference of Two Squares
  • 97 Factoring Trinomials with Lead Coefficients and Positive Constants
  • 98 Factoring Trinomials with Lead Coefficients and Negative Constants
  • 99 Factoring Completely
  • 100 Factoring by Grouping

Polynomial equations

  • 101 Beginning Polynomial Equations
  • 102 Intermediate Polynomial Equations
  • 103 Quadratic Word Problems

Rational expressions and equations

  • 104 Simplifying Rational Expressions
  • 105 Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions
  • 106 Adding Rational Expressions
  • 107 Subtracting Rational Expressions
  • 108 Complex Fractions
  • 109 Rational Equations
  • 110 Advanced Rational Equations
  • 111 Work Word Problems
  • 112 Inverse Variation

Radical expressions and equations

  • 113 Simplifying Radicals
  • 114 Multiplying Radicals
  • 115 Dividing Radicals
  • 116 Adding Radicals and FOILing with Radicals
  • 117 Dividing Radicals Using Conjugates
  • 118 Radical Equations
  • 119 Advanced Radical Equations
  • 120 Rational Exponents
  • 121 Numerical Bases with Rational Exponents
  • 122 Writing Radicals in Exponential Form
  • 123 Solving Equations with Rational Exponents

Quadratic equations and functions

  • 124 Linear or Quadratic Functions
  • 125 Graphs of Quadratic Functions and Beginning Transformations
  • 126 Graphs of Quadratic Functions and Advanced Transformations
  • 127 Solving Quadratic Equations by Graphing
  • 128 Taking the Square Root of Both Sides
  • 129 Completing The Square
  • 130 Quadratic Formula
  • 131 Understanding y - k = a(x - h)2 Form
  • 132 Graphing Quadratic Equations in y - k = a(x - h)2 Form
  • 133 Graphing Quadratic Functions

Measurement: perimeter, area, and volume

  • 134 Perimeter
  • 135 Circumference
  • 136 Perimeter and Circumference Word Problems
  • 137 Area of Squares and Rectangles
  • 138 Area of Triangles
  • 139 Area of Parallelograms and Trapezoids
  • 140 Area of a Circle
  • 141 Area Word Problems
  • 142 Surface Area
  • 143 Volume of Prisms and Pyramids
  • 144 Volume of Cylinders, Spheres, and Cones
  • 145 Surface Area and Volume Word Problems

Geometry applications

  • 146 Pythagorean Theorem
  • 147 Pythagorean Triples
  • 148 Distance Formula
  • 149 Midpoint Formula
  • 150 Proportion
  • 151 Similarity Word Problems
Based on 172 reviews
I scored a 945 for the TSIA2 and a 6 in mathematics diagnostic which means I am college ready. I think all the elements were essential, from the videos to the practice, bonus and tests. I haven’t done algebra since middle and high school. So it was a life saver for me.
Desirae Batista
Desirae Batista
19:37 21 Jan 22
As a math-phobe, I needed as much help on the FTCE math test as could get. A teacher at my school suggested your program. I loved your back-to-basics approach to help someone like me, a 58-year-old who never liked or could do math. I found your instructions and lots of practice questions and tests to be extremely helpful. I took many of the questions over and over again to get the steps correct. I always especially had trouble with measurements and geometry, and I think your program helped ease my anxiety and confront those questions head on. It also helped me get straight in my head the positives/negatives and when they apply in addition, multiplication, etc., as well as how to take a word problem and make it into a solvable algebra equation. It was an extremely helpful program for me. Keep up the great work!
Linda Ossman
Linda Ossman
20:38 17 Jan 22
That course was the absolute reason in my success of the TSIA2 test. I did pass it and can take College level algebra instead of developmental math. Specifically speaking, the quadratic equations, functions/graphing, linear equations in two variables and expressions, equations and formulas really helped. So I'd most definitely give that course a lot of credit to helping me pass.
Myron Johnson (MJ's Liquid Gold)
Myron Johnson (MJ's Liquid Gold)
16:34 13 Jan 22
I was more than satisfied with the math help program. I only got 2 questions incorrect on the math portion of the TABE test. I don’t remember having any issues going through the lessons, and always felt more than ready moving to the practice portion, then the test portion of each lesson. Each video was at a very easy pace to follow it was clear and to the point. I loved having the practice portion and always felt there was enough to practice on to really nail it down. For me my main issue in school was when the teacher would ask “ok does everyone understand it? Ok awesome moving on now” I was always not ready to move on because there was never enough repetition for me to really truly understand the material I was working on. There was material that I struggled with really bad in high school that I immediately was able to grasp during your lessons. If I ever encounter a period in my life and schooling again where I need help on math I will surely come back to math help. Beyond the teachings; the UI of the website and how smoothly everything worked was definitely a surprise for me. Thank you for the help.
Garrett Reid
Garrett Reid
19:46 17 Sep 21
I hadn't practiced math in 7 years, but going through the course helped me place high on my Accuplacer QAS test! I'll be attending University this fall and couldn't have done it without
Hal Ribbeck, III
Hal Ribbeck, III
13:55 08 Aug 21
went from a scoring a 12 to a 68 on the ALEKS test placing me in Pre Calculus at my college. The course was very effective. The reviews at the end of each subject were great
roland maddox
roland maddox
21:59 26 Jul 21
The lessons helped me tremendously on my math placement test. I’m attending the University of Alabama this fall. I finished my associates degree in 2016, so I haven’t taken math classes in a long time. After doing the lessons I placed out of the intermediate classes I didn’t want to take, and into calculus. Taking this course has saved me around $2,000 in classes, and my graduation date was moved up. I’d say it was a great investment!
Megan Ramsey
Megan Ramsey
19:25 21 Jul 21
Very smooth remedial lessons and it helped refresh my memory on things I had forgotten about. Overall it was very worth it and I'm ready to take my math placement test this coming month.
Thomas Haas
Thomas Haas
04:27 24 Jun 21
Your lessons were phenomenal, and I would be remiss if I didn't give proper feedback.Let me just start by saying I have been putting off (and dreading) taking the ALEKS Math Assessment for about 2 years now. Math hasn't always been my favorite subject, but as I'm getting closer to completing my degree, I could no longer avoid it. I knew that there was a possibility that I would have to take additional courses before I was permitted to take the courses I need for my degree, and that would have pushed my graduation time back, depending on how I performed in those classes, first. With that being said, I found the Mathhelp site, saw that there were great reviews, and decided to give it a try.Going through the lessons, some concepts that I didn't understand in high school, somehow made plenty of sense this time around. I found that your lessons specifically, were the ones I was able to most understand. I think it's your teaching style. You explained things in a "relaxed and casual" way, which made the lessons seem more personable and one on one. The other 2 instructors were great too. 🙂 I had a high hope that these lessons, by some miracle, could possibly help me to test out of any prerequisite classes I would need. Although ALEKS gives you 3 attempts to take the test, I didn't want to have to retake it if I didn't have to.Anyway, I finally took the plunge (ALEKS Assessment attempt #1) and tested out of the prerequisite courses!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not exaggerating when I tell you I was close to crying when I saw my results.The lessons were everything I could hope for and more. Thank you so much!
15:53 23 Jun 21
MathHelp helped me so much, I like how the teachers/professionals explain things step by step, I took my ASVAB and scored a 91, I have never been so confident with my math knowledge in my life, mind you the first time I took the test I scored a whopping 15.
Brian Henderson
Brian Henderson
02:08 23 Jun 21
I took the ALEKS test prep and it went really well because of the help from this program. I got into the class I needed to place into. I think the most helpful thing that was provided was while taking the tests at the end of every question I could see how the math was supposed to look if I got it wrong. It was really helpful for me to go back through that math that I blocked out in high school.
Crystal Marquez
Crystal Marquez
20:05 26 May 21
My daughter used to prepare for the Accuplacer math placement test at her university. The school required a score of 279 on the Quantitative Reasoning test to move on to the Accuplacer AAF. The first time, she took it cold and scored a 270, so she was not able to move on to the AAF test. Then she studied on your site and got a 299 on the QR and a 292 on the AAF test, so she is good to go!Your website is very well planned to maximize results while minimizing time investment. The method that worked best for my daughter was to take the practice quiz for each section and then read explanations or watch videos of the problems she missed. That way she wasn't spending time watching videos on topics she already knew/remembered well. I then had her take the full practice tests once she had gone through all of the videos she needed to. Sometimes she didn't even need to view the videos -- your explanations of answers were sufficient in most cases to tell her what she needed to know, but the videos were very helpful when she needed a bit more explanation/step-by-step instruction. Up until this year, she has always done well in math, but a crummy teacher combined with covid virtual school made this year a very tough year for her, and she has lost a lot of confidence as a result. I hope that seeing how well she can do with a bit of good teaching/support has shown her that she can be successful again in this college calculus course.Overall, I was very impressed with how well your website prepared her for the tests, as evidenced by her scores. I will also use your site as she prepares to take the PSAT next year.
Brigid Gonzalez
Brigid Gonzalez
15:56 24 May 21
I first want to thank you for the MathHelp lessons. They are well done, in a logical order, and I appreciate that they are short, explain the concept with an example (or more), and that there are practice problems in addition to quizzes and tests -- all with the work written out and explained so I could figure out where and why I went wrong in a problem -- and affirm what I did right. It was the best review of math concepts I found while looking for assistance to prep for the ALEKS math placement test at the local community college in which I enrolled. I am 25 years out of grad school (in a social science field), and as I am jumping back into school to pursue nursing -- a heavier math and science field -- I needed to review the concepts that I was able to test out of a few decades ago.I also liked that I could watch the video at double time speed if it was something I just wanted to quickly review :) The examples with word/story problems also helped immensely! I was faced with a couple of them when I took the ALEKS test, and since I had practiced them (their format), they came a lot easier to me. And finally, the fact that there are links to related topics within each lesson made a difference. I checked out a few of the links to related lessons along the way just to make sure I was understanding things as fully as I felt I was, and those lessons reinforced what I knew and gave me confidence to progress to the next section.As for ALEKS, I scored more than what I needed to place into the math class required to complete my prerequisite for the nursing program. I would highly recommend MathHelp!
Stephanie F.
Stephanie F.
14:49 19 May 21
The ASVAB test went well and I scored right into the job I wanted. Thank you for lessons. has been a huge help.
Nicholas Castro
Nicholas Castro
16:31 25 Apr 21
This program was so helpful. I haven't taken a math course in 20 years and needed to refresh before taking the Accuplacer and going back to school. The test went great, I got a 292/300. It was so great to have access to mathhelp to refresh my long dormant math skills. I found the lessons clear and easy to understand. I loved the feature of being able to skip lessons I already knew. The little diagnostic quizzes were great to let me know which lessons I needed to take and which I could skip. Thank you for your work, I found the website to be such a helpful tool! I would recommend to anyone!
Anita Eckard
Anita Eckard
14:32 10 Apr 21
My CASA test was a breeze, thanks to the practice from the MathHelp course. I believe the most helpful sections of the course for me were the explanations for the more involved word problems. I also needed refreshing for graphing inequalities and volume equations. I benefitted most from the clear explanations and thorough solutions presented in the course. Class video length is spot on and the five question limit for each test is enough to challenge, but not intimidating or discouraging. Thanks for your great test prep.
Gay Coleman
Gay Coleman
18:22 10 Mar 21
The ALEKS lessons were indeed very helpful. Your explanations were clear and well laid-out. I’ve been away from math for nearly 30 years now, and I frankly struggled back then when I was learning. Today, I scored an 84 on my ALEKS placement test, which qualifies me for honors math placement within my school. I’d say you guys are doing something right!If I were highlighting a part that was particularly helpful, I’d pick the logarithms. That’s an area that always flummoxed me, but your explanation has turned that weakness into a strength. Simply brilliant.
John Rodriguez
John Rodriguez
16:28 09 Mar 21
My test went amazingly! I felt very prepared in taking the ALEKS placement test. I liked the practice problems and tests and I felt I had a good understanding of the concepts presented to me.
Taylor Beeson
Taylor Beeson
14:54 22 Feb 21
The course helped me SO much!! I went from not knowing ANYTHING to making a perfect score on my GACE math program admission test! I literally felt doomed before I took this course. I think each of the teachers did a great job breaking everything down and simplifying it. I honestly don’t see how it could be any better. I really feel like I FINALLY understand math now after years and years of hating math and not understanding any of it. Thanks so much for creating this course and helping me get one step closer to fulfilling my teaching dreams!
Brittany Herring
Brittany Herring
14:38 26 Jan 21
I absolutely loved my experience with MathHelp. I am going back to school to get my Masters in Architecture and haven’t taken a math class in 20 years, so I needed to bone up for my Structural class. I appreciated the cumulative curriculum and the online quizzes/ tests with immediate feedback showing work when I got a problem wrong. Also, the ability to download the test scores printout / excel is key. Thanks again for a great service!
Lauren Chipman
Lauren Chipman
12:50 21 Jan 21
I took my PERT test this afternoon and got a 139! Was able to skip a bunch of pre req classes, so thank you. :) I hadn’t taken a math class since high school 7 years ago so the review definitely helped. The videos were very easy to follow and the practice questions and mini reviews at the end of each section helped a lot. If I ever need more help I’ll definitely be using Math Help again!
Demidra Tsouris
Demidra Tsouris
19:03 09 Dec 20
I’d like you to know that I absolutely love the Intermediate Algebra program, and will likely be signing back up in January for the College Algebra course. I’m 36 years old and have always struggled with math, barely graduating high school because of it and so I began with your program for the PERT test, which allowed me to get a high enough score to pass taking a remedial course.Continuing with the Intermediate Algebra program during the semester is absolutely the reason why I was able to sustain a B grade, and I actually have my final this afternoon and I am confident I will do well.I think the reason that your program works so well is because you keep it short and to the point. All the steps are shown, you don’t use a bunch of extra words and jargon, and you keep the problems simple so the student gets a chance to perfect those before going on to more difficult ones within their actual class assignments. There were several places where the things you taught weren’t explained in class notes by my school that made a world of difference (such as clearing the radical in the denominator, or using a factor tree to factor rather just trying to guess multiples). It also helped that your course guide exactly followed the flow of the class going from chapter to chapter so I could watch my class lecture (online course), attempt some of those problems...I’d struggle, then I’d go to Mathhelp, do well, and go back to the class coursework. It was an easy lateral movement. My not getting an A in the class is simply because I make silly mistakes like forgetting signs or the simplest math errors, but I feel confident in the course and that’s simply 100% from your program.Thank you for all the help your program has offered, it’s been quite an amazing transformation for me.
jennifer fromberg
jennifer fromberg
16:21 09 Dec 20
It had been years since I had done basic math like that. It was nice just to have a refresher on all of the CBEST concepts. Most of the practice tests I took were very spot on. I would say you guys covered most of the basics someone needs to know! They do a scaled score from 20-80 on the test and a 41 is passing. I actually got a 70 on the math section so I did pretty well! Thank you again!
Paige Gore
Paige Gore
21:40 22 Nov 20
I graduated high school in 1992, that was the last time I did any math related to algebra. I never went into college. 20 plus years later I decided to enroll. I needed to take the PERT placement test for Math. I had a bit of panic because I didn't remember anything; so I would have to learn as much as I could within a month because of deadlines with the school. I stumbled upon while google searching Pert Test help. They offer 3 free lessons and it is a nice introduction into how the website works. I signed up for a month.Topics are broken down into a specific area; ie: Quadratic Equations. These are further broken down into bite size lessons that go through a specific part of the main lesson. Each lesson is explained in a logical and practical way that is easy to understand. After each mini lesson you can either practice or take a test on what you learned. When you finish a topic you get a review test on mixed questions based on all the lessons in that topic.I studied with them 2 hours a day minus weekends. Though I didn't get through all the areas because of time restraints; I did manage to go through the majority of it.The day of the test arrived and a few questions that I did not recognize were on the exam. However, even though I had not studied those specific problems, I knew the process on how to work through them. In the end for an old dude who hadn't studied in a long time I scored a 124 out of 150, enough to be able to select college Algebra. If I had been afforded the time to hit every section and really get mastery of it, I probably could have scored higher.I highly recommend signing up for this site if you are struggling with higher level math and or need a refresher on it. The teachers are amazing and each lesson is presented clearly and simply. The fact that you can practice them over and over really reinforces their lessons.Another good thing is unsubscribing. Most sites are sneaky and in order to cancel you have to find a number from some other site. While is auto renew you can basically just click a button that says unsubscribe.If I end up having trouble in math this semester I will definitely be subscribing again. I can't thank them enough and highly recommend them. Worth every penny.
Derek Albright
Derek Albright
17:52 06 Nov 20
This course saved my life as I was trying to study the math content for the GRE exam. The last time I studied math was over 7 years ago, so my math skills were almost non-existent until I found The course for the GRE was incredible - it covered all the material for the exam. The instructors are experts and very skilled at teaching the math concepts in a very clear and detailed yet broken down manner. I also like the practice questions which prepare you for the test of each lesson. The bonus material added to some lessons is also extremely valuable especially for the nature of the GRE questions. I didn't notice any shortcomings from the program honestly. Looking forward to acing the math section of the GRE. Thank you for the creators of the website and the instructors' hard work in delivering this top notch content. I give this course a 5/5 rating.
Fady Melssen
Fady Melssen
22:31 30 Oct 20
I passed my tests! I was using this service to refresh my math skills and it worked. I appreciate the service! You all do a great job. As an adult, I realize that we don’t always maintain knowledge if we don’t use it. Your format reintroduced me to proper methods, gave me time to practice, and then tested me. It was worth every penny for the positive learning experience.
S Hred
S Hred
15:53 18 Oct 20
I am not one to leave reviews ever. But I felt the need to leave a review for so other people can know how good this website is! I was skeptical at first having to pay for a PERT study course but I am so glad I did. I hadn't done any math since high school which was 7 years ago for me and I didn't remember anything at all. But I followed this course for 2 weeks and in that time I learned more than I had at years of school. I scored a perfect 150 on my PERT and because of it I got to take the Accuplacer and scored well on that too which placed me in Pre Calc and Trig! It saved me from taking over a year worth of lower level maths and thousands of dollars. For $50 it was definitely worth it and I would recommend it to anyone who needs to take any math placement test or just wants a refresher in math. I only wish all my math courses used it is by far much superior to Pearsons mymathlab which pails in comparison. The structure of this course was by far the most efficient way I have ever been taught math. I just want to say thank you!
Billy T
Billy T
13:21 23 Aug 20
My ALEKS test went really well! After not using math in over 7 years after using the MathHelp lessons I placed into calc which was a higher course then I needed! I genuinely loved the program and the structure of it. The videos are short and to the point and the practice problems allow for you to mess up before you take the test. Thank you for creating this site and offering at an affordable rate!
Lyric Danae
Lyric Danae
23:02 21 Aug 20
I was able to score an 81 on my ALEKS test which was far more than satisfactory for the placement I needed. I really enjoyed the clear explanations in the videos! All of the presenters did such an amazing job of clearly explaining the material, and the fact that you could speed the videos up and still really understand what they were saying was a game changer. All in all I was very pleased with the quality of the site, it reminded me of the way my favorite math teacher in high school taught. Such an amazing resource!
Jake Wittig
Jake Wittig
14:12 19 Aug 20
My ALEKS test went really well, much better than I needed to place into a class in fact. I thought the teaching was excellent at There was just enough information provided to answer the questions without any extra fluff. If I need additional help I’ll look to enroll in another mathhelp course to boost my chances of success
Mark Farmington
Mark Farmington
16:16 13 Aug 20
I'm a 40 year old going back to college at Penn State online to finish my business degree. I have not taken a math class in 20 years and when I found out that I had to take the Aleks test, I researched tutorials online. Out of the many tutorials that I sampled before I purchased, was the best at providing short lessons that were to the point. I finally understand Algebra because of these lessons. I took the Aleks test this week and scored high enough to place me into Algebra II.After Algebra II, my only other math class will be Calculus. That was my goal and I accomplished it. I do plan on using again when I start Algebra II in the spring semester and also when I take Calculus. Because of this tutorial, I am no longer terrified of math!
Iliana Garcia
Iliana Garcia
13:38 07 Aug 20 was extremely helpful. I increased my math placement test score by 135 points by using the website. I am now ready to take college algebra. The teachings are a good pace and the most helpful thing are the links to previous lessons that remind you of building blocks you need for the current lesson. Also, the option to have the audio of a problem on the practice problems is extremely helpful.
Kim Agnew
Kim Agnew
01:08 02 Aug 20
This program was very helpful and beneficial. I ended up passing the TSI. I think the biggest help was the “work” part of the problems and tests where I could see where I went wrong. Thank you.
Melissa Mata
Melissa Mata
16:07 24 Jul 20
I graduated high school in 2004. When I took the PERT “practice tests” I was shocked to see how far my math skills had slipped through the years so I needed a refresher. The course went above and beyond and I will recommend it over and over. I scored 150/150!! I’d give the course I took a 10/10 and my advice to anyone preparing to take the PERT Math portion would be to not waste their money on any other study guides. This course was perfect and taught more in depth concepts than what I saw on the test. I was prepared to the point that the test itself wasn’t difficult at all.
Megan Lamb
Megan Lamb
12:25 13 Jul 20
The program was immensely helpful! I passed the General Curriculum Math MTEL 03 on the first try, which from what I understand almost never happens! Thank you to you and your team for the awesome support and structured format to reacquainting me with mathematical concepts that had been long forgotten. It’s never been easy for me to recall formulas during high-pressure testing situations but you presented the material in a way that took it to its most essential parts and gave examples that made sense. Particularly, I found the video-based lessons and the multiple examples of each to be most helpful. I also enjoyed the instantaneous results from the lessons and quizzes to test my knowledge along the way. Thank you so much!
Robert Grosvenor
Robert Grosvenor
17:05 07 Jul 20
My daughter really liked using! She needed it for some refresher learning in preparation for her Accuplacer college placement test. Imagine her surprise when she scored so much higher on her math than she thought she was going to! Thank you for your helpful product!
Melissa Schindler
Melissa Schindler
15:58 12 Jun 20
Wanted to say thanks so much for putting together the Mathhelp curriculum for people like me. Without all the content I would not have been successful on the TSI placement test. The most helpful was definitely the factoring, exponent rules and fractions involving radicals since you see a lot of that on the test. Overall it was very easy to learn and follow and built my confidence up and helped me be successful. I scored a 350 out of a possible 390 according to my advisor and now I’m in my second week of college algebra on a summer mini semester! Thanks to all of you and keep up the good work. I made a suggestion to my school that they should recommend your site to people like me as a prep for the placement test.
Nathan Fowler
Nathan Fowler
16:15 07 Jun 20
My TSI went well and I passed all portions of the test. I found every section of your course extremely helpful. I appreciate all the help your lessons provided and couldn't have asked to find a better TSI study guide. Thanks again.
Madison Woodson
Madison Woodson
18:29 05 Jun 20
The 6th grade course went well. It was really helpful for my daughter to practice. The best part is that you have categorized the course according to STAAR requirements. It is really easy to pick one area and focus on it. The material is at students' level which they can easily understand. Highly recommend this website and would join again for STAAR tests next time.
Sanvi Kochhar
Sanvi Kochhar
14:16 01 Jun 20
The Accuplacer went well! The instruction videos were very helpful since I haven't done most of this since high school. The practice and the tests were helpful too. Overall, really great!
Alice Stars
Alice Stars
14:19 12 May 20
As a 27 year-old returning back to finish my degree, it has been quite a while since I’ve been in a math course. After taking my ALEKS exam and only scoring a 54, I was extremely disappointed. I quickly signed up for your course and am pleased to say that after the completion of your ALEKS prep, I scored a 74, and I was able to test into the advanced math class my new degree requires. The entire course was exceptional, and I am very grateful for the thorough education.
Brandon May
Brandon May
14:07 12 Apr 20
The placement test went well and I avoided all remedial math classes. The information was presented in an easy way to understand.
Phil Carroll
Phil Carroll
18:46 09 Apr 20
It was actually incredibly helpful and I ended up doing really well on my math placement test because of it! I think what helped me most were the videos and the careful explanations. Even if it was something I already knew it served as a helpful reminder. I’m very grateful!
Eden Borders
Eden Borders
13:51 11 Mar 20
I don't usually write reviews, but I am so grateful for this product. Because of MathHelp, my NES Middle Grades test went great!!! I got 60 points more than the minimum passing score and I felt prepared for the test for sure. So many of the problems looked like they were straight from MathHelp, and I was broadly practiced for all parts of the test. This is a resource I have already recommended and will continue to recommend to others in my grad school program for teaching. MathHelp is an affordable, self-paced, and relevant curriculum when practicing for the NES- I couldn't be happier with the money I spent.
Jaison Briar
Jaison Briar
00:10 02 Mar 20
I have been out of high school for 30+ years and am going to take a few college courses. I took a practice Accuplacer test and realized that I did not remember hardly any of my high school math so I took the Accuplacer College Level Math prep course. I placed past College Algebra and into Trig with the help of the course.
Mike Larsen
Mike Larsen
19:53 01 Mar 20
I had a good score on my math placement test. It allowed me to skip the first course and I could have skipped the second if we did not have to forcefully take it. The part that served me the most was polynomial factorization. Besides, the teachers are super clear and the exercises very useful. 100% recommended.
Mariana G. Tinoco
Mariana G. Tinoco
01:08 22 Feb 20
I would give this site more than five stars if I could. I used this to prepare for the MTLE NES Math test, and I passed. Thank you!!!
Kandis Angelo
Kandis Angelo
00:01 02 Feb 20
The PRAXIS Algebra 1 test went very well! I received a passing score of 154, which was 13 points higher than when I took it previously. The lessons that were most beneficial to me were the problems focusing on deciphering word problems, imaginary numbers, and functions. These were the areas I had struggled with previously. I absolutely LOVED how the lessons built off one another and worked together as a whole. Also, thank you for providing links to previous lessons in order to build further background knowledge. I have recommended your program to many fellow teachers. Thank you!
Ashlee Laubach
Ashlee Laubach
23:43 20 Jan 20
Extremely helpful. I haven't studied math in like 5 years but I enrolled in the TSI test and I absolutely killed the TSI math test. The lessons are concise, straight to the point and covers every aspect
Anthony Akpan
Anthony Akpan
20:52 18 Jan 20
I passed my FTCE exams! Really excited over here. Your lessons were explained well with your pauses after explaining important elements of a problem. I also liked your extension questions after a lesson. All of the general knowledge and elementary education content was extremely helpful as it’s been 20 years since I had studied most of it in school. Finally, the test features were very helpful as they generated new questions each time you took them. This was useful for me so I could drill myself until I understood it. Thanks to the teachers on the site!
Jay Heaney
Jay Heaney
18:16 29 Dec 19
The ASVAB test ended up going better than I expected. I have been out of high school for 11 years and I was studying to retake the test and improve my scores. The website helped out tremendously! Being able to select the course I want to focus on and have it all laid out was very helpful. As well as the videos breaking down how to solve the problems before starting the practice. For me, the way everything is broken down and set up was great.
Richard Roesch
Richard Roesch
13:55 11 Dec 19
If I could rate this program higher than 5, I'd give it a thousand stars!!!!!! Thank you, MathHelp!The CBEST went very well and I passed the Math section with a score higher than I expected and on the first try (and math is my worst subject by far)! I was very happy with the MathHelp test prep course and found it to be the most helpful online exam prep I shopped around for. The most helpful part was that the course broke the math concepts down to the most basic step before solving the example problems, and that the course started with the rounding and place values. Mrs. Peterson is also extremely good at explaining and making the lessons interesting so I could stay focused. Thank you again.
Madison Elizabeth
Madison Elizabeth
17:49 07 Dec 19
The TEAS test went very well. The site really helped me brush up on my math skills. The site is very user friendly and it was nice being able to test my knowledge to see if I could skip any lessons.
tonya jelen
tonya jelen
16:55 03 Dec 19

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