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Reviews of Our 5th Grade Math Course

“My daughter and I are following the lessons and practices for 5th grade math.  So far we have focused on whole numbers and decimals.  I could not be happier.  My daughter is now able easily to understand concepts that she finds difficult to grasp at school.  Not only can she understand the how but the why.  The teaching methodology, graphics, and examples help make math “easy” and have enhanced my daughter’s self esteem and belief in her abilities.”  Mercedes

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5th Grade Math Scope & Sequence

Unit 1: Units of Measurement

Customary Unit Conversions

Metric Unit Conversions

Unit 2: Perimeter and Area


Area of Squares and Rectangles

Unit 1: Common Graphs and Charts

Pictographs and Line Plots

Bar Graphs

Line Graphs

Unit 2: Representing Data

Stem-and-Leaf Plots and Frequency Tables