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A Complete AEPA Math Test Prep Course with a Personal Math Teacher

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About the AEPA Math Test

The state of Arizona is committed to maintaining a body of educators capable of enhancing student achievement and meeting the demands and expectations of the state’s dynamic and diverse society. In November 1997, the Arizona State Board of Education adopted rules regarding the evaluation of educators applying for state certifications. The rules require that applicants for teacher certification pass a test of subject knowledge. Candidates for teacher certification must also pass a test of professional knowledge. The Arizona Educator Proficiency Assessments® (AEPA®) program has been designed to ensure that each certified teacher has the necessary knowledge to teach in Arizona public schools.

The tests in the AEPA program are criterion referenced and objective based. Criterion-referenced tests are designed to measure a candidate’s knowledge and skills in relation to an established standard of performance (a criterion) rather than in relation to the performance of other candidates. The tests are designed to help identify those candidates who have the level of knowledge and skills required to perform satisfactorily as educators.

The content of the tests was determined by input from Arizona educators, the ADE, and applicable Arizona standards (e.g., the Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium [ISLLC] standards, the Interstate Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium [InTASC] standards). Test items that were developed to assess the content defined by the test framework were similarly reviewed and approved by the Arizona review committees

AEPA Math Scope & Sequence

Unit 1: Positives and Negatives

Addition and Subtraction Multiplication and Division

Unit 2: Order of Operations / Evaluation

Order of Operations Evaluation


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