We offer comprehensive HOBET math test prep featuring your own personal math teacher inside every lesson.

A Custom HOBET Math Test Prep Course with a Personal Math Teacher

MathHelp.com offers a custom HOBET® math test prep course with a personal math teacher.  Our course features 131  lessons covering all of the topics on the HOBET test.


“I just returned to college after 20 yrs. I’m preparing for a Nursing Exam and that involves math. Math is a huge challenge for me and my instructor is all over the place. I use your lessons daily to help clarify things and to practice. Thank you.” – Lisa

Key Features of our Hobet Math Test Prep Course


HOBET math test prep

Our HOBET math lessons cover all the math on the test.  Every lesson includes videos, guided practice, self-tests, worksheets and more.


HOBET math prep

Every lesson in our HOBET math prep course features a quick diagnostic pre-test so you don’t have to waste time on material you already know!

find weaknesses while taking your HOBET math test

If you are struggling on a particular topic, MathHelp.com automatically generates relevant background lessons to rebuild your math background!

HOBET math help

We offer detailed grade reporting and progress tracking to keep on task while completing your HOBET math prep course!

“I love this program because I was never good with numbers but this program makes me think positive that I will pass my math test to get into nursing school! The step by step process is so perfect! I would rate this 100 stars if i could :)” – Ron

HOBET Math Test Prep Reviews

“I was extremely happy to find that you have courses specifically geared toward the different standardized tests. I really can’t say enough about this – you really hit a home run!” Charles

“There are about 50 standardized math test prep courses right here. Better than using the book because of the teachers and practice tests, it is like having your own tutor, but a lot less maintenance. The best program for math test prep that I have found so far!” Lynda

“I was very afraid to take standardized tests, but this site made it possible for me to have the courage to do it. Thanks!” Cindy

“This site is excellent for all levels of skill. I am an adult and preparing for a standardized test. It allows me to work independently at my pace. User friendly and I especially like the teachers lessons. Makes math fun!” Jay

“Excellent site. Has many standardized tests. Plenty of practice, and the video teacher is easy to understand and she talks clear! There are challenges and more.” Angie

“Math is my weakest subject but this program explains everything perfectly! It has practice, self-tests, printable work sheets (you can also just copy it all down on paper), instructional videos and even notes. I love this program and use it every morning to prepare for an upcoming standardized math test. This truly is a great buy!” Laura

“This website is amazing! Anything you need for ANY standardized test is on this website. The videos are high quality, the instructor is very knowledgable and straight to the point. I cannot recommend this enough!” Joey

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