TSIA2 Test Prep

Need to prepare for the math section of the TSIA2 test? We offer a complete course for the new 2021 version of the test.

What is TSIA2?

The TSIA2, or Texas Success Initiative Assessment 2.0, is the updated version of the original TSI Assessment. This test consists of placement assessments for students who plan to attend a Texas public university or college. The exams are administered in Mathematics and English Language Arts and Reading (ELAR), and institutions use the results to help determine whether a student is ready for study at the college level.

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That course was the absolute reason in my success of the TSIA2 test. I did pass it and can take College level algebra instead of developmental math. Specifically speaking, the quadratic equations, functions/graphing, linear equations in two variables and expressions, equations and formulas really helped. So I'd most definitely give that course a lot of credit to helping me pass.
Myron Johnson (MJ's Liquid Gold)
Myron Johnson (MJ's Liquid Gold)
16:34 13 Jan 22
I passed my TSI and couldn’t have done it without this site! Thank y’all so much! Everything was very helpful since I haven’t been in high school since 2013 so most of it was like learning it for the first time and was so easy to understand! Thank y’all!
Courtney Wheelhouse
Courtney Wheelhouse
21:28 28 May 21
This program was very helpful and beneficial. I ended up passing the TSI. I think the biggest help was the “work” part of the problems and tests where I could see where I went wrong. Thank you.
Melissa Mata
Melissa Mata
16:07 24 Jul 20
Wanted to say thanks so much for putting together the Mathhelp curriculum for people like me. Without all the content I would not have been successful on the TSI placement test. The most helpful was definitely the factoring, exponent rules and fractions involving radicals since you see a lot of that on the test. Overall it was very easy to learn and follow and built my confidence up and helped me be successful. I scored a 350 out of a possible 390 according to my advisor and now I’m in my second week of college algebra on a summer mini semester! Thanks to all of you and keep up the good work. I made a suggestion to my school that they should recommend your site to people like me as a prep for the placement test.
Nathan Fowler
Nathan Fowler
16:15 07 Jun 20
My TSI went well and I passed all portions of the test. I found every section of your course extremely helpful. I appreciate all the help your lessons provided and couldn't have asked to find a better TSI study guide. Thanks again.
Madison Woodson
Madison Woodson
18:29 05 Jun 20
Extremely helpful. I haven't studied math in like 5 years but I enrolled in the TSI test and I absolutely killed the TSI math test. The lessons are concise, straight to the point and covers every aspect
Anthony Akpan
Anthony Akpan
20:52 18 Jan 20
I took the TSI exam today. I scored high enough for the college to allow me to take the classes I need. Your course helped very well and was very beneficial in helping me prepare for the exam. Overall it is a great course and will be recommending it to friends!
Kirstin Werner
Kirstin Werner
14:07 09 Jan 20
I took and passed the math TSI exam on my first attempt. I am a 35 year old that hasn’t used formulas, geometry, algebra or any other advanced math since high school. The TSI prep that y’all offered was better than any YouTube or practice test I had tried. I think you guys have got the best tool on the market. I used it as an all-around refresher and was able to have the confidence I needed to excel with the test. The way it was broken up into lessons, videos, practice and quizzes gives the student the ability to pick and choose exactly what they need help with.
Brandi Lewis
Brandi Lewis
12:13 24 Aug 19
I passed the TSI with flying colors all thanks to Math Help. I really enjoyed the course. Thanks again
Ashley Williams-Gibson
Ashley Williams-Gibson
16:37 08 Jul 19
TSI Gods! I am old or lets just say older. I haven't had to do a math exam in 22 years. I decided to enroll in college to improve my computer skills. The school counselor recommended I take a basic math class because the TSI would be too difficult for me. I decided to prove everyone wrong and look for help. I enrolled in MathHelp and it literally started me with 1+1. Well not literally but almost. By the time I made it to the end I felt like a math wiz! Everything made sense. I walked in to the TSI and took the most easiest math test. I was overly prepared if that is possible. I started tutoring others on math. I absolutely recommend this site. Of course, I only can talk from the TSI area. Good Luck!
Jo Martinez
Jo Martinez
19:47 13 Jun 19
I felt it was all very helpful. I was able to pass my TSI and I haven’t been in school for 20 years so your course was a great refresher, very instructional.
Jaime Saxon
Jaime Saxon
21:13 21 May 19

What is the difference between the TSI test and the new TSIA2?

The most notable difference is that the TSI test consisted of three exams (Reading, Writing, and Math), and the new TSIA2 uses only two (ELAR and Math). In the new version of the test, Reading and Writing assessments have been combined into one ELAR assessment. The TSIA2 exams are also scored differently, with a new range of college readiness benchmark levels.

What math should I review for the TSIA2?

The items to review for the TSIA2 math test fall into four main categories: Quantitative Reasoning, Algebraic Reasoning, Geometric and Spatial Reasoning, and Probabilistic and Statistical Reasoning. Within these categories, your tutoring should cover the following topics.

  • Compare rational and irrational numbers
  • Solve problems with ratio, proportion, and percent
  • Solve proportional relationship problems
  • Identify, manipulate, and interpret linear equations, inequalities, and expressions
  • Solve linear equations, inequalities, and systems of linear equations
  • Evaluate linear functions
  • Solve quadratic and exponential relationship problems
  • Identify and manipulate quadratic, polynomial, exponential, rational, and radical equations and expressions
  • Solve equations and evaluate functions (quadratic, polynomial, exponential, rational, and radical)
  • Convert units within (and between) systems of measurement
  • Find perimeter, area, surface area, and volume
  • Use transformations to investigate congruence, similarity, and symmetry
  • Apply right triangle relationships and basic trigonometry
  • Make connections between geometry and algebraic equations
  • Compute and interpret probability
  • Compute and describe measures of center and spread of data
  • Classify data and construct appropriate representations of data
  • Analyze, interpret, and draw conclusions from data

Can I retake the TSIA2 math test?

You can retake the TSIA2 at any time if you would like to improve your scores. However, it’s best to study before you take the test the first time so that you can avoid having to retake it. An online program with efficient TSIA2 math tutoring and practice is the best way to get the help you need to pass the test.

How do I know if I am exempt from taking the TSIA2 test?

Students may be exempt from taking the TSIA2 test with qualifying scores on the following exams.

  1. ACT composite score of 23 with at least 19 in Math or 19 in English
  2. SAT (after 2016) 530 Mathematics or 480 Evidenced Based Reading and Writing
  3. SAT (before 2016) composite score 1070 and 500 Math or 500 Verbal
  4. STAAR scores in English II and Algebra II may be used but the scores are still to be determined so check with the Admissions Office at your college
  5. PSAT/NMSQT (taken after 10/2015) 510 Math or 460 English
  6. PSAT/NMSQT (taken before 10/2015) composite score of 107 and 50 Math or 50 English
  7. You may also be exempt if you are a veteran or if you are enrolling in certificate level programs. Contact the Admissions Office at your college to be certain.

If you do not meet any of the criteria above, you’ll need to prepare thoroughly for the test. A study guide that features diagnostic quizzes, comprehensive lessons, guided review, and a TSIA2 practice test may be just what you need to hone your skills.

How do I find a tutor for the TSIA2?

Your college may be able to recommend a tutor. However, much more affordable options for TSIA2 test prep are available online.

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