“This program was very helpful! I needed to take a math placement test to get out of taking the intro math class. I haven’t taken math in 4 years so I was very nervous but I loved how I was able to gain back math knowledge while at the same time skip over lessons that I already knew. I ended up passing the math placement test with enough points to not have to take another math class! Your program saved me over $2000 and a lot of stress! Thank you again!” – Nicole Crawford (May 2017)

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College Math Placement Test Reviews

“Your college math placement test prep course for the ACCUPLACER saved me sixteen weeks and hundreds of dollars. Tested straight into college algebra after not having had a math class in 22 years.” Ray

“I was refreshing my algebra and general math skills since I had to take the ACCUPLACER placement test to start at the Community College here. So guess what – I took it today, and tell the “beautiful lady inside the pre-algebra” that she helped me almost “ace” the general math, and YOU helped me come in on the high end of the mid area for algebra. That means I can go directly into the math 140, which is all I need for my discipline. Yeah! Thank you, thank you! I have recommended your program to my 19 year old in her preparation for college math placement test, and also to my thirty year old daughter for her kids. It is the best program ever.”

“I am using it to prepare myself for a college math placement test since I have not been to school in about 15 years. I am 33 years old trying to become a dental hygienist and never took any college courses so I basically forgot everything I learned in high school. This program has been extremely helpful to me. Thank you.”

“I went to take the ACCUPLACER math placement test for college and I scored a 41 back in April. Then I signed up for your class and did all the lessons for ACCUPLACER. Then I retook the ACCUPLACER test and I scored 104. I was shocked!!!!!”

“Amazing!!! I graduated high school 15 years ago and had to take the COMPASS college math placement test.  sed this program and placed out of College Algebra. It explains everything on the COMPASS placement test so clearly and thoroughly.”

“This site is fantastic! I’m prepping for the TSI college math placement test and this program has refreshed my memory in so many ways. Highly recommended for TSI test prep!”

“I’m a returning college student, I have not practiced math in 10 years since high school. I am blown away by how well they explain the processes and have an entire course for the PERT math placement test right there. I will be using this program throughout my attendance in college.”

“I really wanted you to know how much the website helped me on the ASSET math placement test and I have told a lot of people about it.”

“I am using your program to brush up for the college math placement test. I love your lessons – it is such a time saver!”

“First the results: I decided to go back to college, and I needed to take the ACCUPLACER math placement test to get into college algebra. Since I’m not the best at math, I took the ACCUPLACER to see what I would get as well as get a feel for the test and I got a 49 on the elementary algebra part of the placement test. I needed an 85. I was looking for ways to study and found this program, which seemed to have great reviews. I used it until I retook the ACCUPLACER test. This time I got a 95 on elementary algebra. I only used this program and I almost doubled my score by gaining 46 points. The outcome: This program has saved me 2 semesters and about $1500 in tuition, which is the cost of the two remedial classes I would have needed!”

“Needed help with preparing for the COMPASS math because it had been years since I’d been in school and I didn’t wanna start off in a remedial math class…this website helped me tremendously …would recommend in a heartbeat for anyone taking the COMPASS math placement test.”

“I was very excited to find how great your website is. I was able to take my ACT placement test and tested out of college algebra and my placement was in Trig. I have told may parents about this site who have children in high school that need that extra help. They have learned it is much cheaper than a tutor and actually learn a lot better. I am so glad I found you. I will continue to spread the word.”

“First of all, thanks for such wonderful teaching online – like a classroom environment. I am planning to take the ACCUPLACER college math placement test and I was looking for a great tutor and I found one!”

“My grades on the COMPASS math placement test allowed me to enroll in college level courses. Thanks to your website, I did not need to do any remedial courses!”

“Never in my wildest dreams could I imagine going back to math and actually enjoying it 🙂 I am from Republic of Georgia (which is part of former Soviet Union), 43 years old and decided to go back to college. In my college math placement test I failed miserable – 32 in math – so I decided to study and retest again. After week of using your site I scored today 82 in Algebra. Thank you!”

“Great – helped me pass the TSI math placement test and went straight to calculus.”

“Five Stars. This is a truly exceptional learning tool. As an adult and first time college student I really needed to review everything for the TSI college math placement test. I am so happy I found this, it is definitely more than I expected.”

“I’m re-learning – catching up – to take the community college math placement test. It’s a WONDERFUL teaching method – I’m really loving it!!!”

“I located your site by pure luck while in the ask.com search engine. I am preparing for a math placement test and needed some more assistance besides the traditional textbook. I have already recommended this site to several of my colleagues. MATH TRULY MADE EASY WITH YOUR BASIC STEP APPROACH. As a Navy Instructor I can truly appreciate your delivery method. I must say that out of all the teachers I have heard thus far, you are the best!”

“Wow! Such a helpful program! If you are looking for an in-depth preparation for the COMPASS math placement test, this is a GREAT site. Math is based on one foundation building on top of another and their consistent reminders of previous lessons helps you follow along with the chapters that are of most importance to you. Nothing is left out of the COMPASS lessons so it will be easy for anyone to follow along especially after training in the first few chapters. Over all this COMPASS placement test prep course is WELL worth the investment!!!”

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