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I'm in the process of going back to school, and I needed to take a math placement test to test out of a math prerequisite class for the class I wanted to take. I have not taken a math class in 14 years, so you can imagine how worrisome this was. I signed up for your ALEKS course, and was able to not only place out of the class I needed to, but one level above it! I was able to avoid a $500 college math class - definitely well worth it!Lindsay Yokobe - June 2020

I passed my PRAXIS math core 5733 with a 174. I felt geometry was little difficult for me but with math help I understood it very well. Thank you for teaching so good and helping others to understand math. I don’t think there is anything you guys should improve it’s already perfect.Zainab Mir - June 2020

I scored 135 on the PERT test. This concept of studying is great.Nenad Jovanovic - June 2020

I passed the CASA test and the lessons provided were extremely helpful. Having been out of school for some time now, I needed an overall review of some math rules and formulas. I think this course is set up very well, beginning with the basics and moving up. It was exactly the refresher that I needed for this test. I would not have passed my test without it. Thank you!Kelly DePietro - June 2020

The math placement test went well. I got a great score due to the course I took on Math Help. One thing that helped me the most were the tutorial videos. The explanations were in depth and simple to understand. Thank you very much for your service.Welam Ane - June 2020

The ALEKS test went very well.  I really enjoyed the website.  Very thorough, simple explanations of topics that can be quite complex at times.  I cannot think of anything that could be improved.  My experience was very positive!Joseph Jernigan - June 2020

I was able to successfully pass my CBEST with a 50/50 on the math portion! Thank you.Christina Diaz - June 2020

I just took my placement test for college. Thank you very much for your service! It was very helpful!Madison Willis - June 2020

My Accuplacer AAF test went well and MathHelp really helped me out.Marian Davis - June 2020

This NCDAP program was a complete lifesaver! If I ever need it in the future, I will not hesitate to reactivate my account. Thank you!Nikki Napoli - June 2020

Your Intermediate Algebra course is absolutely AMAZING!!! Thank you sooooo much!! Best online course ever!! Seriously.Erin Greaves - June 2020

Never in my life have I learned so much math. Throughout my life, math has been a struggle and to change careers and have to relearn what I was taught 26 years ago was scary. Your program broke things down for me like nobody has ever before. I passed the GACE and I’ll now be starting a new career as a teacher. Your program is exactly what I needed. Kevin Turco - June 2020

This program was absolutely wonderful and really helped me to place into the PreCalculus class I was shooting for. I was able to pass both the ACCUPLACER QAS and the ACCUPLACER AAF. I loved this subscription and if my current math instruction doesn't get the job done I will certainly be adding it back!Marian Davis - June 2020

My daughter really liked using! She needed it for some refresher learning in preparation for her Accuplacer college placement test. Imagine her surprise when she scored so much higher on her math than she thought she was going to! Thank you for your helpful product!Melissa Schindler - June 2020

This was INCREDIBLY helpful! I learned SO MUCH from this site and did well on my ALEKS test because of this resource. SO THANKFUL!Hattie Geisler - June 2020

This College Algebra course provided great explanations. It also provided great exercise problems to help solidify the concepts that were explained.Kevin Keller - June 2020

Immensely helpful and really enjoyed the GMAT course. Extremely easy to use and all content very well explained. Especially enjoyed the suggested background content.Bertie Sheridan - June 2020

Thank you for helping me get into my college math class. The ALEKS course was really helpful overall. I liked that you carefully and slowly explained everything and that there was reference links to previous lessons if we did not understand.Michelle Neyra - June 2020

Wanted to say thanks so much for putting together the Mathhelp curriculum for people like me. Without all the content I would not have been successful on the TSI placement test. The most helpful was definitely the factoring, exponent rules and fractions involving radicals since you see a lot of that on the test. Overall it was very easy to learn and follow and built my confidence up and helped me be successful. I scored a 350 out of a possible 390 according to my advisor and now I’m in my second week of college algebra on a summer mini semester! Thanks to all of you and keep up the good work. I made a suggestion to my school that they should recommend your site to people like me as a prep for the placement test.Nate Fowler - June 2020

The College Algebra program was very helpful! I never understood math until I completed this course. Thank you!!!!Katelyn Howington - June 2020

This program was very helpful! We couldn't have made it through Algebra 2 without you! Thanks!Joshua Barber - June 2020

YES! Because of your program I passed my GED. Thank you!Brandi Turcuta - June 2020

My ALEKS test went great. I qualified for the highest math course available for college freshmen. I used the practice and testing features the most, and every lesson helped me so much.Alivia Andeara - May 2020

The 6th grade course went well. It was really helpful for my daughter to practice. The best part is that you have categorized the course according to STAAR requirements. It is really easy to pick one area and focus on it. The material is at students' level which they can easily understand. Highly recommend this website and would join again for STAAR tests next time.Sukh Kaur - May 2020

Preparation materials were really helpful for my ALEKS PPL test. All needed topics were included. Explanation was full and understandable. Thank you!Aida Malikova - May 2020 was an invaluable resource to help me pass the CBEST. Not only did it thoroughly and clearly review and teach the foundational concepts necessary for the test, it taught me what was missing in my early education! I wish all math was taught so clearly. I passed the CBEST with a very high score! Thank you!Jennifer Sullivan - May 2020

My TSI went well and I passed all portions of the test. I found every section of your course extremely helpful. I appreciate all the help your lessons provided and couldn't have asked to find a better TSI study guide. Thanks again.Madison Woodson - May 2020

My daughter said she really enjoyed this algebra 2 course. She had tried algebra on other online math courses from other companies but they were either too long of lessons or they were not explained well. I believe we tried three other courses from other companies before trying this one. Thanks for the efficient and well taught lessons. It allowed my daughter to complete all of her high school math courses so that she could concentrate on her ballet studies.  Jennifer Fox - May 2020 was extremely helpful! I hadn't taken a math course in almost 15 years and needed to take a math placement test for a community college as I am switching careers. I scored very well on my placement tests thanks to the Next-generation Accuplacer courses that I took. I am so thankful that I used this service. I would highly recommend this website!Sylvia Williams - May 2020

I placed very high on my QAS Accuplacer. All of the reviews and the final exam were sooo helpful. Thanks so much for the brilliant platform!Lane Savoy - May 2020

I placed out of my math 103 and math 106 classes thank you!Dustin Bladow - May 2020

I passed the ASVAB test that I was studying for. This site helped a lot!Bryan Coleman - May 2020

I was able to pass the Math section of the FTCE General Knowledge test! Your course was so thorough which I appreciated!Amanda Mesa - May 2020

My son only has the final exam left to go in Algebra 2. He is thrilled to be almost finished, and he has learned so much this year. The video format of having a teacher to show him how to work problems has been so helpful for him, with extremely clear explanations. Thank you for a great math program. It is broken into small, manageable chunks that make it achievable. The organization of topics and progression of the course is in such a nice, logical order. I thought this was a great course and well worth my investment in it. I also appreciated your quick responses to questions that I submitted. Thank you for all the time and effort that went into creating this course. God bless!Brenda Swailes - May 2020

I used the course to prepare for my math placement exam. The lessons really helped me review and refresh on the basics, especially since I hadn't taken a math class in a year. I really liked the way the course was formatted with lessons, practice problems, and then a test and step-by-step solutions if necessary.Sofia Garza-Caraccia - May 2020

The Accuplacer went amazing and I'm super happy with my results. The first time I took it I made a 122 score but I needed a 135 score. With math help I made a 228. I’m so proud of myself. Thanks to the math help videos breaking down and explaining step by step the problems it made it easier. I'm a 36 year old woman who graduated in 2003 from high school. I really thought I was not going to make it but thanks to you I did.Mayra Gonzalez - May 2020

Very helpful. Helped my son pass his GED math after several failed attempts.Michael Masztal - May 2020

I needed a refresher in algebra for PERT placement testing. Extremely helpful! Easy to understand. I was able to test higher into a college credited course.Anna Gurley - May 2020

I passed my CLEP College Mathematics exam. What I liked most about the MathHelp was that it really did teach me step by step how to do things I haven’t seen in forever and it wasn’t hard for me to catch onto things I’d never seen before. Other websites weren’t as easy to understand. Ivy Gatlin - May 2020

The Accuplacer went well! The instruction videos were very helpful since I haven't done most of this since high school. The practice and the tests were helpful too. Overall, really great!Dawn Giustino - May 2020

It greatly improved my ASVAB score. I would recommend to anyone looking for some extra math help!Isabella Silva - April 2020

Very helpful! I took a break from school for almost 9 years so needless to say I was very rusty and needed to take the ALEKS placement exam and this course more than prepared me for the exam and I killed it!Matt Weyland - April 2020

I found this Accuplacer program really helpful, and I'm really happy with the results.Crystal Cruz - April 2020

This program was amazing! I learned so much so quickly! I've always hated math and found it too hard to understand but this program was exactly what I needed to understand the concepts and feel empowered to move forward with my education goals! I would recommend and have recommended to others looking for help in understanding and developing their math skills.Kassandra Merritt - April 2020

As a 27 year-old returning back to finish my degree, it has been quite a while since I’ve been in a math course. After taking my ALEKS exam and only scoring a 54, I was extremely disappointed. I quickly signed up for your course and am pleased to say that after the completion of your ALEKS prep, I scored a 74, and I was able to test into the advanced math class my new degree requires. The entire course was exceptional, and I am very grateful for the thorough education.Brandon May - April 2020

This program was extremely helpful for Accuplacer Elementary Algebra and will use again in the future if needed. Highly recommend it.Erasmo Perez - April 2020

I passed the NYSTCE Grades 1-6 exam! All elements of the course were extremely helpful.  What an excellent program! Thanks again!Brad Clark - April 2020

Very helpful course for the VPT college placement test. Good lessons with many opportunities to practice and review.Jill Young - April 2020

This was a wonderful help to me. I appreciate all the details, summaries, and thorough teaching that allowed me to pass the Middle School GACE exam! Thank you!Laura Kovach - April 2020

It was very helpful for College Algebra and if I take another math class, I will be signing up again!! Thank you for a great resource.Charlotte Schrock - April 2020

Brought my ASVAB up by 25 points.Hannah Martin - March 2020

It was actually incredibly helpful and I ended up doing really well on my math placement test because of it! I think what helped me most were the videos and the careful explanations. Even if it was something I already knew it served as a helpful reminder. I’m very grateful!Eden Borders - March 2020

The ALEKS went fantastic! It’s been 20 years since high school so all the topics were very helpful since I didn’t remember a thing but as I started seeing the lessons flow one from the other and gradually getting heavier, it was all coming back. The flow was the best part - the connection between lessons and how it gradually progressed. I am very grateful!Liliya Penkal - March 2020

The course was EXTREMELY helpful in preparing for the GRE.Ellie Lee - March 2020

I'm so grateful for this course. It has been many, many years since I have taken a math class, and I needed some help preparing for my NES middle grades mathematics test. I went in to the test nervous, but feeling prepared. It went great!!! I got 60 points more than the minimum passing score. So many of the problems looked like they were straight from math help. I felt confident having practiced them and I feel like this is a resource I will definitely recommend to others in my grad school program. Thank you for such a clear, convenient, and well thought out way to prepare for this important test.Jai Briar - March 2020

I have been out of high school for 30+ years and am going to take a few college courses. I took a practice Accuplacer test and realized that I did not remember hardly any of my high school math so I took the Accuplacer College Level Math prep course. I placed past College Algebra and into Trig with the help of the course.Mike Larsen - February 2020

I got a 68 my first try on the Aleks, so I ended up placing a class higher than I needed to thanks to the course. :) Overall, I think the program was top notch and I would recommend it to anyone. It was fabulous for someone like me who needed to brush up on math after not doing it for 20 years!Abby DaBell - February 2020

Best, easiest way to learn Accuplacer math quickly! Beyond helpful!Candyce Nowicki - February 2020

Very helpful! I wouldn't have passed the TABE test without it!Brandy Ostojic - February 2020

This program was a lifesaver! It is super user-friendly and easy to understand, and it covers absolutely everything you need to know in order to score high on the ALEKS placement test! Beyond grateful for this site!Tabitha Hood  - February 2020

I would give this site more than five stars if I could. I used this to prepare for the MTLE NES Math test, and I passed. Thank you!!!Kandis Angelo  - January 2020

It helped me tremendously, I recommended it to my classmates and everyone else!! It helped me to pass my Praxis ahhhhh!!Jessie Rhodes  - January 2020

Yes! I passed the GACE because of the course!Kelsey Burts  - January 2020

The preparation for the Accuplacer provided me the ability to do so well on the Accuplacer exam that I was asked to skip College Algebra and go straight into Applied Calculus.Germain Krueger  - January 2020

This was really helpful for my MEGA middle school math certification. I love the way everything is set up with instruction, practice, and then tests. I am an at risk teacher for middle school and this would also be great to utilize in my classroom as we focus on support for math and ela.Paulinda Eberhardt  - January 2020

I actually did amazing on the VPT. I tested into my Calculus class, which is wonderful. I have been out of school since 2009 and I was so behind in math. Honestly I didn't think the MathHelp program would work as well, only because so many websites promise say they work but really don't. I loved how the video instructors explained things. I thought the set up of practice questions and then a small quiz was genius! It lets you work some of the problems and get a better understanding of how to do them. For me personally it was worth the time and money and I wouldn't change anything about the program itself. I would however get more advertising out about MathHelp, more people could use it to help them advance in Math.Heather Walters  - January 2020

The PRAXIS Algebra 1 test went very well!  I received a passing score of 154, which was 13 points higher than when I took it previously.  The lessons that were most beneficial to me were the problems focusing on deciphering word problems, imaginary numbers, and functions.  These were the areas I had struggled with previously.  I absolutely LOVED how the lessons built off one another and worked together as a whole.  Also, thank you for providing links to previous lessons in order to build further background knowledge.  I have recommended your program to many fellow teachers. Thank you x1,000 for all your help!Ashlee Laubach  - January 2020

Extremely helpful. I haven't studied math in like 5 years but I enrolled in your TSI program and I absolutely killed the TSI math test.Anthony Akpan - January 2020

Very helpful! It helped me pass my Next-gen Accuplacer QAS and gave me the tools I needed to pass the class that I took following the Accuplacer!Julie Bohn - January 2020

This program greatly helped me prepare for my ASVAB test and am extremely thankful for stumbling upon it. It's been about 7 years since I've been in high school so when I initially took the practice ASVAB I did very poorly especially on the math/arithmetic sections with about a 36 percentile score. 3 months later roughly I went from not even being able to solve fractions or decimals to crushing some of the more advanced algebra problems and bumped my score up to the top 82 percentile! is single handedly probably the biggest factor in my success on the ASVAB and was worth every penny of the monthly fee.Kevin Shea - January 2020

This CLEP College Mathematics program was amazing. I have never been a math student, and have had a lot of trouble all through my education. I am now in a graduate program that required me to take additional math courses, and I used this online subscription to test out of the course. I was able to pass the test, and really owe it all to this site. I am so thankful!Katie Clarke - January 2020

I am a 42 year old student who had to learn Algebra again after having not had an Algebra test in 22 years. Your ALEKS program helped me test out of two math courses so I can graduate without taking any more math courses. I found much more enlightening than the prep program offered by my school, which is a version of ALEKS that does not have videos to help instruct students.Amy Burns - December 2019

I would not have been able to place into the math class I needed without this Accuplacer program. I had taken my local college’s placement test about 6 times and the last time I was told I was not EVEN ABLE to place into a math class and was offered an ”algebra refresher" course which offered me no credit or advancement into a higher class. MATHHELP not only allowed me to place into a math class but I actually placed into math 120 which is what I need for my degree. I did not expect to place so high and totally owe it to MATHHELP. Best $ I ever spent. THANK YOU MATHHELP.COM!Taelor Gravdal - December 2019

I passed my FTCE exams! Really excited over here. Your lessons were explained well with your pauses after explaining important elements of a problem. I also liked your extension questions after a lesson. All of the general knowledge and elementary education content was extremely helpful as it’s been 20 years since I had studied most of it in school. Finally, the test features were very helpful as they generated new questions each time you took them. This was useful for me so I could drill myself until I understood it. Thanks to the teachers on the site! I will recommend it to others in need.Jay Heaney - December 2019

This is a wonderful math tool and great prep for Accuplacer Next Gen QAS and AAF. I am not a math person by any means, but I had the ability to retain the information presented in the videos better than any class I’ve taken. Prior to this prep, I tested below college level, and had to take two classes to get me to college level. I didn’t want to take more math classes, as it is not something that comes easily to me, and honestly I just wanted to graduate. Due to studying with these materials over the past few weeks, I placed into advanced math classes and now don’t have to take anymore math!!! Thank you!!!Ashley Talkington - December 2019

I passed the FTCE General Knowledge Math after using your program!  I passed the other parts the first time but failed Math twice on my own. I used your program and passed! Your videos were awesome! I have never grasped concepts so quickly.  Katie Reish - December 2019

As a “non-traditional student”, I had not had Algebra in over 30 years. I took the Accuplacer test at a technical college I will be attending. The first time I took it, I was 2 points from being eligible for Intermediate Algebra. Thanks to, I was able to retest and score much higher, making me eligible for College Algebra. I found the course easy to follow, great explanations, with ample examples and practice questions. In the future, I will recommend this course to any and everyone who is taking the Accuplacer!Randy Whetstine - December 2019

I learned math skills successfully for the first time in my life - no exaggeration. The videos explained every step, which was exactly what I needed. I brought my math PRAXIS score up 11 points, and it absolutely was a result of using this tutorial. Thank you so much!Kelly Stewart - December 2019

The PERT went great and you have no idea how much the program helped me. I have been out of high school since 2005 and I have always told everyone that I’m awful at math. It turns out, I’m not. I just needed to be reminded of how to do the formulas. The program broke it down so easily and helped me tremendously. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!Samantha Witczak - December 2019

I just want to say how much I appreciate the MathHelp study prep.  I used the program for the CBEST Math exam and it helped tremendously. Math has always been my worst subject in school, and after not taking math courses in so long, I felt so unprepared for the Math part of the CBEST. I shopped around on the internet for books and online study guides and none of them seemed to work! They all were tips on how to think about the questions that could be on the test, but never were how to solve the problems and review the concepts.  This was the only study method I found that actually stated how to solve each problem and each concept. By breaking the math equations and concepts down to such a basic level, I was able to get a full understanding of the problems and concepts and the program taught me how to do each problem step by step. I am positive that Math Help was the reason I passed the test on the first try.Madison Leggett - December 2019

The program was wonderful and I attribute my passing the FTCE General Knowledge Math portion to this great program. The videos were clear and concise and I was able to understand and internalize the material in order to pass the exam. Thanks!Michele Lyon - December 2019

I bought this subscription to help prepare me for the Elementary Education: Mathematics (5003) Praxis. From using this website, my score improved by 22 points. I am so thankful it was introduced to me.Madeline Hobbs - December 2019

Heck yea!!!!!!! Passed my FTCE math test yesterday only with the help of this course.Donald Shokes - November 2019

The ASVAB test ended up going better than I expected. I have been out of high school for 11 years and I was studying to retake the test and improve my scores. The website helped out tremendously! Being able to select the course I want to focus on and have it all laid out was very helpful. As well as the videos breaking down how to solve the problems before starting the practice. For me, the way everything is broken down and set up was great.Richard Roesch - November 2019

Mathhelp was a key factor in achieving my current 3.8 GPA across two terms! Thanks so much!!Roger Whittington - December 2019

I love that it's a Cathy Duffy Top Pick. We've used for two years now for Algebra 2 and Geometry. My 17 year old son says it's excellent...I LOVE it!Teri U. - November 2019

I've always had a huge problem learning math. I used to say that math was my worst nightmare, but now I can definitely say that I enjoy studying math for the first time. I started using to get ready for my VPT test for John Tyler CC and I passed the 9 modules. I was placed in Pre Calculus. I am so thankful for this platform and the amazing videos. It was simple and straight to the point. Thank you so much for this amazing website.Desiree Maleki - November 2019

Yes this was very helpful. Raised my daughter’s PERT Math score from a 111 to a 123! Thank you!Michelle Albritton - November 2019

We just received an email from CHSPE saying that my daughter passed the Math section. She passed with higher scores than I expected; thanks to your awesome website. Your website is so efficient, especially for learners/students like my daughter who don’t really have a passion for Math. People learn at different paces and your professors on Math Help broke everything down for the kids to comprehend. Your video tutorials also helped her hone in on learning along with the quizzes/tests that gave her the correct answers. We also love that this website helps with other tests as my daughter used your site to prep for the SAT as well. I will definitely refer your program to other people as it really increased my daughter’s scores.Wendy Cook - November 2019

I managed to pass the CLEP College Algebra test. I found each section of your course exceptionally useful and organized in a consistent and logical manner, allowing me to build a repository of knowledge on how to properly solve each type of equation. Algebra has been a boogie man for me for a very long time and in passing the CLEP test, I finally earned my degree a year and a half after finishing all of my other requirements.David Bolhuis - November 2019

This is a fabulous program for the CSET that I have been recommending to all of my friends!Jeray Tirre - October 2019

I found this program to be extremely helpful for the Accuplacer College-Level Math! It helped me at my own pace of understanding. Also I appreciated how the teachers would show how the problem was solved and how it would guide you step by step.Dianna Freeman - October 2019

This was an awesome program and very helpful for the GRE. I really liked how the steps were broken down and I had lots of opportunities to practice. I was able to skip over lessons I found easy and spend extra time on the more complicated concepts. I would definitely use it again and recommend it to others!Palmetto Hodges - October 2019

The CBEST course was very helpful. I raised my score by 20 points after going through the test prep.Aaron Albert - October 2019

It was super helpful! I am 44 and haven’t taken math since high school. I took the Accuplacer at my community college and tested into college pre calculus. I was shocked. Thank you so much and will definitely recommend!Amann Seraphine - October 2019

I would never have passed the Accuplacer Elementary Algebra without the help of this website. Amazing results.Karen Lucas - October 2019

I think the GED lessons are amazing... very clear... the breakdown of each skill is fantastic.Jeff Hauge - October 2019

Yes!!!! Failed the first attempt at College Pre-Algebra without it. After I purchased, it helped much more than tutoring. Thanks again.Roni-Marie Poidamoni - November 2019

The ASVAB went really well. I scored an 80 overall and got a 100 on my geometry and algebra which was all thanks to your program. It really breaks down each step very well and the sequence you guys take to guide from one lesson to the other is superb.Lakito Martinez - November 2019

I enjoyed the Accuplacer QAS class very much. All the teachers were really clear. I used a lot of equations and solving for x and multiplication and division of fractions. In general all the material was fine. And I did great on my placement test. Thank you very much.Natalia Villada - November 2019

The Accuplacer Elementary Algebra placement test went great! Keep up the good work and I will most definitely use Mathhelp services in the future and recommend them to others!Allen Rinderle  - October 2019

I have been out of school for 16 years. I used as a refresher, and I passed the TSI test with flying colors! I have nothing but great things to say about, and I'd definitely recommend to friends in the future.Scott McIver - October 2019

It was great! It helped me understand what exactly would be on the CLEP College Algebra exam and practice it. I passed!Zoe Moore - October 2019

My son has used for both his homeschooling years and his practice for the TASC test. He passed the TASC this week and we both firmly believe that mathhelp was instrumental in his passing the math section. is an excellent product that we have recommended to numerous students. Your videos and explanations are clear and logical. Thank you for such a great product.Louise Buckmaster - October 2019

I loved having the lecture and practice problems, with the options to see either only the answer or step by step instructions.  I loved having the extra worksheets for my practice.  I liked having the opportunity to retake test questions.  I liked the multiple choice. Overall, I really liked your College Algebra program and wish that I had known of it earlier.Michelle Theriot - October 2019

I received a passing score on my NYSTCE Birth-Grade 2 Math portion. Thank you for the time and work you all put into the program. That was my last requirement to receive my NYS teaching certificate. I am now a certified teacher!! LaTonya Djomo - September 2019

The ACT lessons have been a tremendous help to us. My eldest daughter scored a 30 on her ACT allowing her to be accepted into the University of Florida. In her first semester, she is taking Trigonometry and doing extremely well. I am sure that her success is due to the wonderful instruction and foundation she received from MathHelp.Amanda Dewhurst - September 2019

The HISET went well, wish I would’ve had more time to study everything. Great course! I’d say the most helpful part was “modeling expressions and word problems.” Thanks again. Warren Perez - September 2019

The ALEKS test went really well. I can't stress enough how helpful these lessons were. I really liked the videos with the instructors explaining the lesson. Everyone explained the lesson thoroughly and quickly. Well done! I liked how you could retake the tests. Having the test graded was motivating to really focus and get that 100%. I would recommend to anyone. Thank you for making my ALEKS test a success.Shannon Sullivan - September 2019

Thank you! My ALEKS test went quite well! I placed into the math course which I have to take (calculus). I thought the test prep program was really beneficial, and I would definitely have not passed had I not done it as a refresher. I’m a college senior who put off math until his last year (Yikes!), and since the most recent math class I’ve taken was calculus in early high school, I haven't seen some of these problems since 6th and 7th grade, literally almost ten years ago!Samuel Lyons - September 2019

My Aleks test went fine. The course made everything very easy and manageable. The lessons were well structured and practice problems helped a lot. I would recommend math help to anyone looking to freshen up or learn new skill.Tehnia Athar - September 2019

The course was very helpful, and thanks to it I finally passed the math section of the CBEST. The most helpful parts were the fractions, algebra, geometry and probablity.Tammy Brown - September 2019

Omg I cannot tell you how happy I am. I took the GED math test 3 times and didn’t pass, then I take this course and pass instantly. This course was super complete and amazing! The word problems and algebra were the most helpful parts of the course for me, but everything helped! I am so grateful for this!Amanda Sanchez - September 2019

I took and passed the math TSI exam on my first attempt. I am a 35 year old that hasn’t used formulas, geometry, algebra or any other advanced math since high school. The TSI prep that y’all offered was better than any YouTube or practice test I had tried. I think you guys have got the best tool on the market. I used it as an all-around refresher and was able to have the confidence I needed to excel with the test. The way it was broken up into lessons, videos, practice and quizzes gives the student the ability to pick and choose exactly what they need help with.Brandi Lewis - August 2019

The CLEP College Algebra went well! I passed, which was a relief. I would say the entirety of the course made it possible for me to pass, because rather than being good at the subject beforehand, this was essentially the first time I took Algebra II. I think the course was incredibly helpful. Thank you!Hannah Ro - August 2019

I actually placed out of a couple math courses and saved myself 3 free credits! Honestly everything in your math placement test course was very helpful.Cherilynn Restaino - August 2019

I found the course to offer plenty of practice for the questions on the FTCE exam.  It is true "if you don't use it you lose it" especially in math.  The practice was very beneficial.  I don't think I noticed any real inconsistencies when comparing content to the test.  For me I needed the refresher as I hadn't used some of these skills in  years.  I was able to focus on what I areas I had forgotten and not waste time with the problems I knew.  That was huge as other programs would not let me skip around or "test out" of a skill.Michele Davis - August 2019

The MathHelp site was a tremendous help to me! I have been out of college for 20 years and needed a major refresher course on math before taking the NYSTCE’s. I passed the Birth-2nd math test as well as the 1-6 math test. I love that the course has the three elements of video instruction, practice questions and test questions. Jeni Bransford - August 2019

I loved this program! I PASSED my PRAXIS 5003. Thanks so much! Amazing program that I would recommend to anyone!Tammy Pieczynski - August 2019

My objective when taking the math placement test was Quantitative Reasoning. I was successful in passing the test first try to get into the class. I think the program was super helpful. I haven't touched 80% of those math concepts in about 10 years (graduated HS 2008). The review was super helpful and the videos make perfect sense.Chuk Li - August 2019

The Next-Gen Accuplacer Arithmetic went really good! I did better than I expected I would! I love how everything was simplified.. the way everything is broken down in each lesson was extremely helpful! Thank you again! Mackenzie McGuirk - August 2019

I just took the OGET test last week. I did really well on the math section of the test due to your program. I can't pinpoint one area of the course that was more helpful than another. They were all extremely helpful b/c I really didn't remember much of my math from school. Thanks so much! Brian McGolden - August 2019

I scored into precalculus, which was my goal, so the VPT went well. I appreciated how the course was setup and how the lessons progressed in a logical order. Your website helped a ton on the VPT. Thank you!Ben Goode - July 2019

I just received my Accuplacer test scores and I placed 3 classes higher than what I needed to have. All of it was extremely helpful for the AccuPlacer and I really don't see how you can improve on the product considering how straight forward and to the point everything is.Charles Robinson - July 2019

It was extremely helpful! The math portion of my Texes test was a breeze after this course!Jeremy Mull - July 2019

I had taken the FTCE test THREE times already and paid close to $200 for “240tutoring” over a period of months, and over $300 in test fees.  I cannot express how thankful I am for your program.  I finally passed the math portion of the General Knowledge exam today. This is hands down the best online math program out there. Math often seems like a foreign language to me, but this course made it easy to understand!  I truly benefited from every aspect of the course. Thank you so much for providing this service and ultimately helping me achieve my career goal.Samantha Collins - July 2019

The CBEST test went well, as I received a scaled score of 66. Element wise, the videos were SUPER helpful. They were clear and to the point, and their short length made it very digestible. The practice questions were also awesome in that they had additional videos breaking them down if I was confused. Justin Hobson - July 2019

I am happy to report that I passed the PERT test. I was using Khan Academy first and did not feel that it helped me. I prefer direct delivery of material, to the point, without any story telling. I really enjoyed I needed extra help with Systems of Equations, Quadratic Equations, and Factoring Monomials and Polynomials. I really enjoyed the fact that gives you an example to work on and a practice test at the end of each lesson. Colin Rogers - July 2019

My ALEKS test went well! I met the requirement for my major which is absolutely great. I really owe a lot to this website as it really helped me understand so many math concepts. Being able to practice each concept and also being given the detailed workings of each problem was really helpful. I struggled in some parts to understand how to get an answer, but when I saw the work, I immediately understood where I made a mistake and how to fix it in future situations. The tests at the end also helped me a lot. This website is amazing and I really appreciate how much it helped me in preparing for my Math Placement Test.Alberto Godinez - July 2019

The ALEKS test I had to take was for a math placement exam for university. It went really well; I got a 94/100.  MathHelp was a simple way to review and remember things I hadn't seen in quite some time. Nicky Diaz - July 2019

I did well on the PERT test thanks to for sure. For me the video lessons and the practice questions with the step by step instructions were a life saver. I wouldn’t change anything about the program, it is great as is! Thank you for all the lessons!May Lancaster - July 2019

I passed my NES test. This program was user friendly and a great resource. Most helpful were the linear equations, systems of linear equations, factorization, percents and geometry. I thought they were excellent. I would recommend your program to anyone taking the NES test.Sierra Wishard - July 2019

It took the GRE for the second time yesterday and my math score improved. I loved the short videos and then the practice questions directly after. And then the section tests. It was all suuuuper helpful.Spencer Nierenhausen - July 2019

Very helpful! I used it to study for my GMAT and I was accepted into the school that I applied to! Great program. I really appreciate the information here!Cheryl Creasey - June 2019

I got the highest score in my testing group by using this ACCUPLACER resource. I haven’t done most of this math in almost a decade, but I was able to relearn everything, practice, and test on it. I was extremely impressed with the effectiveness of this course.Brittany Wilson - June 2019

My ALEKS went great and this course was a huge help. I needed to get a 39 to get into business. I got a 79 and that was majorly due to the effect of this course. Thank you for the platform you provided. Travis Schrunk - June 2019

I have always struggled with math and before I had taken the TSI with no help and made a 345/350. I went searching and found and decided to check it out and it was able to allow me to pass the test. It was a lot of help, now I’m able to take the required courses to graduate from nursing school on time. I wouldn’t change anything, it covered pretty much everything on the test. Jacob Dean - June 2019

Excellent math program! I'm learning along with my kids since I only took Algebra I and Geometry and that was decades ago. We can fast forward or review lessons to go at a pace that's just right. The explanations are clear and precise. Having the ability to move between courses is the best part -- Algebra one day and Geometry the next.Deborah Simon - June 2019

Everything went great with my TSI test, which I passed easily. The whole course was helpful. I loved the fact that the course was a refresher and I was able to go back and rework some of the math problems that I did not understand at first. It was easy, self learning, and I would recommend to anyone that has a struggle with math, like myself, to take this course. Angelica Martinez - June 2019

I got a PERT score to keep me out of remedial math and that’s what I was going for. This was a big help - the right questions and the hints, work, and video broke it down for me to understand. And being able to replay the video until I understood it all was perfect. I’ll sign back up when I go to college. Thanks.Joanne Manor - June 2019

I passed my NYSTCE 1-6 test well above what was needed to pass! For someone who has struggled with math for a long time this was a huge accomplishment for me. I am a teacher in New Jersey and had no guidance on what exactly was on the New York tests so having the site as a guide was a huge help to me. I thought the structure of the course was very helpful as it really broke down all the skills that were on the test. I thought each step was laid out in a way that truly allowed me to progress without feeling overwhelmed. Mathhelp didn't teach beyond what was necessary to know which is something the book and study guide I bought tended to do. I truly appreciated that as it permitted me to focus only on what I needed and allowed me not to get overwhelmed with difficult material way past what I needed for the test. I also liked that you could see your progress and what areas you still needed to work on. It gave me a great estimate of my progress and also allowed me to see my strengths and weaknesses as I went. I feel that the ability to track your progress as well as the ample amount of practice questions made the website more helpful then any book you could possibly purchase. Overall I am very thankful for the site as it was invaluable to me. I cannot be more thankful as it took away so much of the anxiety that came with studying for a test in an area I have always had difficulty with.Jennifer Hayes - June 2019

I decided it's now or never to pursue my dream of becoming a nurse. I've toyed around with the idea before but I thought there is no way I can do the math. It just seemed impossible. I didn't think my brain bent that way. I have tried so many programs to help myself. Kaplan books, a $100+ online program from Kaplan (total garbage), a paid GED online math course,, and Kahn Academy. In less than a month, specifically your videos, got me a more-than-passing score on the PERT. The way your company has it all setup is EXACTLY how a student wants to see it. So many programs either don't show you how they get the answer, or it's very quick and vague. They try to make the concepts build on themselves, but they fail. Mathhelp knocked it out of the park. Instructional videos with a real person standing a white board, showing you every step. Hints, practice questions (with matching answer videos!), tests with the option to see how the problem was completed correctly, and a way to test out of something you already know. This program is phenomenal and I just can't say it enough. I've told everyone that will listen that this is the best $ I've spent in a long time. Once again, thank you!Vanessa Camlin - June 2019

I scored 161Q on the GRE. I felt the entire math section was tremendously helpful. Thank you for the resource!! Julia Ayriyan  - May 2019

This is the best website hands down with helping me understand math for the GED. I am definitely more confident on solving problems and thanks for creating this website you’re definitely making a difference! Brittany Slaton - June 2019

TSI Gods! I haven't had to do a math exam in 22 years. The school counselor recommended I take a basic math class because the TSI would be too difficult for me. I decided to prove everyone wrong and look for help. I enrolled in MathHelp. By the time I made it to the end I felt like a math wiz! Everything made sense. I walked in to the TSI and took the easiest math test. I was overly prepared if that is possible. I started tutoring others on math. I absolutely recommend this site.Jo Martinez - June 2019

I have become a BIG FAN of MATHhelp.......the teachers were absolutely terrific, the OSAT course material was outstanding and the method of leading the student through the different subjects was very effective.Erik Scott - June 2019

This was a great program for my son who needed to redo Pre-Algebra and wasn't understanding it. He now understands and is prepared for Algebra next year. :) The video explanations were helpful and we just printed off the worksheets for the main work.Melanie Humphreys - June 2019

I passed the College Math CLEP Exam. I could not have done it without!  It was extremely helpful for someone who hasn’t been in a math class in over 30 years!  I loved the layout....videos and plenty of practice before you take the quiz at the end of the chapters. The videos explained everything simply and thoroughly. I will be recommending your website to my nursing school friends who will be taking the CLEP exams in the future. Suzanne Dillie - June 2019

What was most helpful was having a teacher "teach" each Algebra 1 concept. Also the practice problems and quizzes. I was able to keep track of my son’s lessons and give him a year end grade very easily. Thanks again!Monica Kelley - June 2019

The THEA test went great. I scored a 283 on the Math section. I fit the demographic of an adult learner going back to college and math was never one of my strengths. The elements which helped me the greatest were the instructional videos, practice tests and grading rubric. Together the pedagogy was unmatched with other tutorial offerings elsewhere.Michael Rodriguez - June 2019

I had a great experience with!  I needed a refresher in preparation to take my FTCE General Knowledge certification.  I had a study guide that was convoluted and really not well written.  I turned to as a simpler, more efficient way of getting through the material and it was outstanding!  I was able to pass my FTCE GK on the first try.  THANK YOU!Becky Donohue - June 2019

First, I want to say I loved what I experienced with I passed the English and Writing portion of the CASA the first time. I however have struggled with the math portion and have given it 5 attempts prior to this attempt, and I finally passed! The videos explaining the material were EXTREMELY helpful, it was so much better than having to read and figure it out. The site is perfect and I would not change a thing.Jessica Mckee - June 2019

My test went very well! I stumbled upon when I was looking to review for my ALEKS placement exam. I loved your teaching style, the courses were well laid out, everything was step-by-step and I actually understood things that I had previously only barely grasped the concepts of. The tests were nice as they solidified the lessons that we went over, and I've already recommended your courses to my younger brother who is working on his first degree. Thank you!Briana Floyd - May 2019

I’m 31 years old and haven’t been in school for a long time so math wasn’t all that fresh to the brain but I used your program and was doing advanced multi step equations, fractions, decimals and word problems which is what I mainly got tested on in the ASVAB. I went from making a score of 26 on the practice ASVAB to making a score of 40 on the main ASVAB. The way you teach I understood perfectly. I wanna thank you for this program it got me in the army and I’m proud!!Adam Melson - May 2019

The site was very helpful in brushing up on forgotten math skills and learning some I had never known. Having been out of school for over 20 years this is the one site I came across that was able to help me learn it. Your people went over it well, and the practice test after each lesson was good. I did well on my Accuplacer - I scored a 258 on the math portion which is enough to get me into mathematical reasoning. Thanks for your help. I wouldn’t change a thing.Steve Kooms - May 2019

It helped me pass the FTCE General Knowledge Mathematics Test. I made 3 attempts to pass it using only a study guide - THEN I found your web site. I passed the next try. Mathhelp also helped me pass the FTCE K-6 Elementary Mathematics test after 2 tries. I like the process of lesson - practice - mini test. Each step scaffolding the other. Just 5 questions in a test or so is enough without being onerous. In the newest version released it suggests a background lesson if you don’t have the knowledge to proceed. Nice. After every problem presentation, after the answer is solved, the instructors turn and smile. Maybe it's a psychological thing, but it spreads a certain positivity after each lesson learned. That positivity stays with you lesson after lesson. It eliminates the dread (or is it fear?) of taking on more complex problems. Thanks for making a system I could work through with success without feeling any doubts or nagging judgement.John Naglee - May 2019

My Score on the Accuplacer QAS was 285. The test was difficult. That doesn’t mean this wasn’t a tremendous help. Your materials covered the content on the exam. I would have certainly failed if I didn’t use Mathhelp. Ashley Haar - March 2019

The whole program was amazing, I feel it was all extremely helpful. For the CBEST, I was still nervous because I had failed it many times before BUT I got a scaled score of 50! I loved the program and will recommend it. Thank you so much!Sara Negrete - April 2019

Just passed the TSI. Your program was so helpful and reasonably priced, at that. The instructions were short and sweet, the practice rounds were helpful, and the tests appropriate to the given information. Thank you so much.Dinah Powers - May 2019

I needed only a refresher from 30 plus years ago. I took the TSI test cold at Lone Star and failed pretty bad. The format with videos, practice, quiz and test brought everything back and after using the program I tested again and passed with flying colors.Baron Edmiston - May 2019

I passed the FTCE Math! The course was extremely helpful, especially the videos and the tests. I am very pleased with this course and have recommended it to several classmates that need to take the exam.Raiza Sepulveda - May 2019

I took my FTCE test Friday and passed! This course helped me a LOT. I never had math explained in such a simple manner. I recommended this site to a friend who has failed this test already a couple of times. I felt more prepared for a test than ever before with using this course. Jen Bilton - March 2019

All of it was fantastic! It was perfectly presented and helped me tremendously on the ALEKS test. It was concise, logical and orderly. So much better than trying to read and teach myself math. I graduated HS 30 years ago and needed to take the test to finish my degree.Andrea West - April 2019

Your math program was great! I only wish I had found it sooner. I had to prepare to take the NCDAP test and trigger my memory from skills that I learned over 30 years ago. I started out reviewing from a book that I bought. Then I tried Khan Academy. I wasn't completely happy with their program and that's when I came across your website. I really wish I would have started with your program to begin with. I have to admit it was well worth it. I passed all 6 parts of the test! I would definitely recommend your website to others!Wendy Kaegy - April 2019

It was extremely helpful for the FTCE Elementary Math test! I loved it and it was very user friendly, especially with the videos to give me a step by step lesson on each topic to refresh my memory. Everything was really great about the whole site and lessons. Ashlei Jarrette - April 2019

I passed the ALEKS at the level I needed to get into the class required to graduate. And no tears either. A real double whammy! Thanks for all the help on Math Help! (What an appropriate name.)Mary Christensen - March 2019

I found the entire College Algebra course helpful. I have gone back to finish my bachelor degree at the age of 35. I did great in Algebra and Trig in high school but that was so long ago. I was not able to pass the first exam of my College Algebra course and dropped it. Then I discovered I re-enrolled in my course and signed up for a subscription. I honestly don’t think I would be scheduled to take my final this coming weekend without your lessons. You made it very simple to grasp the concepts! Thank you for the help!Paige Miller - April 2019

I passed my CASA exam! The other study materials I had were really dense and overwhelming. There's also a lot of information on the math help website but I feel like it all came in handy for the test. I found the overall set up very helpful and consistent because it provided instruction, practice and then a short test. 10/10 recommend for the CASA.Quaneisha Jones - April 2019

I passed the CASA on my first attempt after reviewing with I found your program to be very helpful in that it reviewed thoroughly concepts that I had long forgotten. Slope intercept and graphing reviews were very good. I wish I had found this resource when I was in high school or earlier in my college years. Overall I credit my success at passing the casa on my first attempt with my diligence in studying’s CASA course. Thank you so much for you help! Ashley Bowers - April 2019

This was the best testing prep site I have ever used!!! I failed the TEAS exam the first time but after using this site, I was able to pass on my second attempt! I’m so thankful for the help!!!!Rachael Thomas - April 2019

I passed the West B Math test that in my mind was my doom. It's absolutely amazing to me. I would review and review your lessons until it was solid in my brain. The math became so interesting to me. Algebra was fun! It made sense! I prepared so well because of your knowledge and presentation of algebra that walking out of the test center with a pass on THAT test is a highlight of my life. Thank you for teaching me algebra and helping to make me a better teacher, one with a true interest in math and a FEARLESS attitude towards numbers.Julia Knoppi - April 2019

The whole course was fabulous! I have recommended it to many of my friends! My daughter took the whole TSI math course and passed the TSI on the next administration. The videos are obviously extremely helpful, but I love the practice questions to check for understanding before you take the test. I just wish you offered one for TSI Reading! :-)Stephanie Quarles - April 2019

I needed to take the Accuplacer placement test as an adult going back to college long after high school and it was a great refresher for me! Overall it worked really well for what I needed, would recommend to anyone - thanks!Betsy Larson - March 2019

I passed the Praxis math 5001 with high marks and I believe it is due to the format of your lessons. I appreciate that they are incremental and I like having the diagnostic tests along the way, along with the good tracking that is offered.  I struggle with algebra and find it the hardest subject to teach, but I was able to complete those sections and understand the concepts.Debbie White - March 2019

Great news! I passed the NYSTCE Grades 1-6 math test! I graduated University 14 years ago and needed a refresher. After doing some research, I found the website and decided to give it a try. I really like how I was able to go through sections I needed extra help with. I also found the lessons easy to follow and having practice questions really helped. You can't memorize math - you need to practice it - and I was able to with this program. Thank you very much for the lessons.Jo Venerus - March 2019

My Accuplacer test went well. I wanted to tell you guys how thoroughly impressed I was with the mathhelp website! I was so happy I found it and it helped me greatly. I think the set up is perfect and really hits on all the different ways people learn. I love how it is straight and to the point also. I may be signing back up in the future depending on what math courses I need to take. Thank you again!Jessica Sheriff - March 2019

I took my MTEL. I felt very strong with the content and only had to guess on 3 problems but they were educated guesses. What I appreciated most with MathHelp is the instruction, practice and test method. This was very effective! Sarah Balsley - March 2019

The math videos were helpful along with the step by step help through the practice lessons. All in all, the website was very helpful for the PRAXIS Elementary and I will recommend your website to others. Thanks!Amy Adams - March 2019

The program was awesome.  This was the first time I did real math in nearly 10 years.  The videos were short and to the point.  Also, I found the quadratic inequalities helpful, all the tips for reading graphs (both formula wise and plots), algebraic and arithmetic functions (at least 4 questions on the test), and basically all the practice was very helpful. I passed the CLEP with a 63.  Thanks for the program.Cully Stearns - March 2019

I passed the FTCE!! Thanks so much! It was a refresher - I haven't done that kind of math in decades. Without this course I wouldn't have passed. You did a great job teaching the solving for x and all the algebra. Thanks again!!Courtney Crawford - March 2019

The CSET test practice was very helpful. I love the video tutoring format. The test practice was helpful especially on the math I had forgotten since high school - I’m now 54! I've told everyone I know about your website because it was a Godsend for me. Thank you for what you do.Joan Sandoval - March 2019

My ACCUPLACER AAF test went well, as I had some real cramming to do after being inactive in mathematics for quite some time. The detailed lessons were immensely helpful in their entirety. The videos allowed me to go back and go over and over and really get it right. I have since started college and will likely use the math courses again. Thank you for this service it was a big help.Tyler Wheldon - February 2019

My FTCE was today and I passed it! I am not saying this lightly, I would not have passed this exam without your course. I have not taken math since 1987 and I was terrified of the exam. I moved to Florida from NY and needed to pass the general knowledge exam to continue to teach in Florida. I realized that I needed more help than I could get from a study guide and I found I needed a complete refresher. What I loved about this course was how you all broke down the information and then built on it. I found the practice followed by the quizzes really helpful. The section review was a handy refresher as well. One more thing that I remember that was very helpful was when you pointed out common mistakes. You covered everything on the test and I was well prepared. Your instruction was so clear and easy to follow. I really cannot thank you enough.Courtney Rees - January 2019

This program is the reason why I PASSED the last subtest, math, for the MEGA Elementary. The videos and test are very helpful. I would recommend to anyone who is struggling in math or just needs a refresher. Thank you so much!Rachael Miller - February 2019

Every part of math help was useful. It is not overwhelming like a lot of the free sites, and it allows you to go back and review if needed. I went through the course twice and passed my FTCE Middle Grades test. Hadn’t done math in 25 years. Thank you for a great resource. It was worth every penny.Liv Sorli - January 2019

I passed the GED with a score of 161. The way the practice questions are laid out is enormously helpful. If I got something wrong, I would try to pinpoint the error, and if I could not, I would listen to the audio walkthrough to help me understand where things went wrong. Terrific format! The single most helpful section of your course was factoring. I really struggled with it, but I kept going through the material until it started to stick. Getting a handle on that made all of the algebra so much easier. I know that's self-evident (after all if you can't simplify an expression, you have practically zero chance of solving for the variables in an equation), but that doesn't mean it's easy to grasp. The coordinate plane material was also super helpful. Slope of a line, equation of a line, converting standard form to slope/intercept, those were free points on the exam. FYI - I found your site because I was using kahn academy and I kept getting stuck. Your walkthroughs for solving problems got me through some mental blocks so I purchased a subscription and I'm glad I did. I've always been terrible at math. I decided I was going to keep plugging away for as long as it took. It took 10 months of studying 2 hours a day 6 days a week but I did it. If I can do it, literally anyone can. Thanks again for your help.Steve Mcnutt - January 2019

I passed the MTEL General Curriculum Math test! I found this course very, very helpful! I liked that it was self-paced and I really appreciated the quizzes at the end. The informational videos and quizzes were probably the most helpful for me in regards to my studying. I've already recommended this course to others who are taking the same test.Katelyn Capasso - February 2019

The ALEKS test went super well I scored an 89 which was higher than I needed. I think the element that helped the most was just the amount of practice I was given for each section.Shannon Bonds - February 2019

My TEAS test went well and I passed with advanced scores in all areas. Math was one area that I had experienced difficulty in the past and I am happy that offered just the right content for TEAS VI. The course elements that were immensely helpful were equations and inequalities, systems of equations, exponents and polynomials and proportion word problems. Thank you, again! I will use this site in the future if my son needs help with math lessons and will recommend to others as well.Lisa Sajeev - February 2019

My daughter was struggling to pass the Math THEA test. She failed the test two times before using MathHelp. The good news is on the third try she passed. The elements that helped her the most were your instructions for each section. Walking her through how to work the problem was very helpful. Also, she was able to focus on the areas where she scored low on the test and mapped that back to the sections in MathHelp. You offer an excellent tool.Mike Mercer - February 2019

I passed the CBEST! Got a higher score than what I thought. From 29 to 52. All the elements in the course were very helpful. From the live lessons to the practice questions to the quizzes. I will definitely be sharing my experience with friends and colleagues. Thank you!Griselda  Vazquez - February 2019

The CBEST test went real well. Before signing up for MathHelp I attempted 5 times to pass the CBEST test, specifically the math portion. The 6th and final attempt, I passed, increasing my score by 7 points. I was pleasantly surprised when I received the results. I can’t think of any part of the course material provided that could be improved since it not only assisted me in passing the CBEST but also increased my score. Thank you for providing the service that you do and I will definitely be passing on the message, MathHelp is where to go for those who math is not their strongest subject or may need a friendly refresher before taking the CBEST.Joseph Ramirez - February 2019

This program was AWESOME!!! I have told everyone I know about it!! Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful program! I brought my GRE Math score up NINE POINTS!!! It was everything I needed to solidify my knowledge as part of my GRE prep. Thank you!!!Melissa Murray - February 2019

The College Pre-Algebra course was amazing. Super simplistic explanations and easy to follow. I had a great experience! I don’t think there is anything for you to improve on.Deanna Rutigliano - December 2018

"I took the FTCE math test for the third time today and passed! The only difference this time was that I used your course to help me study! I loved it. I am not a mathematical person, I never have been, but with the videos, practice questions, and quizzes, I really felt more comfortable going into the exam!"Melissa Kazokas - January 2019

I have completed my College Algebra course with a high A. The MathHelp website was instrumental in preparing me for that course. In fact, I have recommended it to family members with children who are struggling with Math in both middle and high school. I was very impressed with the website in its current format. Most helpful elements: thorough and consistent instructional videos, methodical and systematic approach to everything from basic factoring to logarithms and functions, and ability to see the work for the problems presented. There are so many more but these were the most helpful. Thanks again!Keith Mcghee - January 2019

Well, I’m proud to say that I’ve passed my TSI Math test. Now I can go straight to my Accounting class without taking any remedial classes. You guys and gals broke everything down in a way that was easy for me to follow. Thank you very much for your help and I have already recommended this course to my co-workers who are wanting to go back to school. By the way, the conversion of word problems and the breakdown of quadratic equations I believe helped me the most. Thanks again.Jose Angulo - December 2018

Hallelujah! I am SO THANKFUL for MathHelp. My daughter is understanding everything (we're using Pre-Algebra) and the best part is, I have zero prep time! She doesn't hate doing it because there's no fluff wasting her time, it's straightforward and thorough. I LOVE that I don't have to teach it, I can just jump in if she has a question (although so far she hasn't, after using it for several weeks). Love it!Beth Badorf - December 2018

I passed the MEGA middle school math! Thank you =). I taught grade 6 math for 23 years. I took a new job in a different district and have been teaching junior high math and it has gone wonderfully, but I needed certification. Who knew the test would be at such a high level?! I like how sequential the site is and the videos are great. You do a fantastic job of explaining. I also appreciated the "work" and video/audio portion embedded in the practice section. I would definitely recommend your site to anyone!Kelly Eggleston - December 2018

First of all, I passed my college mathematics CLEP with many thanks to your site! Secondly, I'm in the military and have recommended your site to several troops this far. I found the format very helpful. Lesson, practice, test. I have been out of school for many years and all of my further education has been military oriented (USAF). Low and behold, I needed a math course to be promotable.. ugh. I'll admit, I was a little intimidated. Self disciplined, self paced with Math help did the job! Kudos to you and your team. I found your site to be very similar to what was on the exam.David Blough - December 2018

I got a 75 on the ALEKS math placement test, which means I get to keep all of my previous math credits. I just used the course for review. I personally found the program very useful. Overall, I feel it was money well spent. I will probably be looking into your middle school program for my daughter in the near future.Vanessa Salinas - January 2019

It helped me pass my Accuplacer and test out of the math classes. I was literally starting from scratch and didn’t remember anything. I’m beginning my journey back to school and going off of my ACT l score I was placed in beginners math! I always struggled in math and by taking this review it helped me test out of the college algebra completely. I now do not have to take any math classes for my degree, which saved me time and money! I highly recommend this program. I love the videos of instruction and the practice and tests. I cannot say enough good things about this review. I learned more from it than I did all through high school!Emily Haubert - December 2018

You're a life saver! I often went to your lessons when I was frustrated to tears with my College Algebra class; your lessons always calmed me down. I liked how you explained why something was needed and what to do to solve it. I have an A- going into my final. I liked how your lessons were very clear and there were links right there if I needed a reminder about something leading up to them. Throughout my course I just wanted to do your lessons but the pace of my class was so fast that I couldn't do both which was frustrating because I understood your lessons better than the limited time of the class lessons. I can't think of any needed improvements. Wish you'd been in my classroom though!Mollie Donohue - December 2018

I passed the TSI math and have enrolled in an Algebra class now. Of all the tutor type courses I've used online, this one was the most useful.Gary Moore - December 2018

My TSI test went very well. I passed the math portion and now will be be able to take calculus in the spring. The most helpful parts of your course were the videos that explained each section and broke it down step by step. Everything is perfect - without I would have had to take developmental classes.Bill Dogbatse - November 2018

The Accuplacer math lessons were fantastic! This has been the ONLY program that “got through” to my child who has struggled with math for many years. She has repeatedly sung your praises because she “gets it” now. Thank you so very much!! The course prepared her extremely well for the Accuplacer. She scored a 94 and placed into College Algebra. I have told many parents about your program and will continue to sing your praises!!! Thank you!!Susan Park - November 2018

My ASVAB test was good I passed! Your website really helped me to pass. I mostly went over like basic math - Algebra and Geometry. The videos helped a lot because I learn better when I’m seeing it for myself and having it broken down to me. I loved how I had the practice questions and like mini test after anything I was going over.Elliyah Lock - November 2018

The website was recommended to me by one of my colleagues here at Key West High School. It was AWESOME thanks so much!! I passed my FTCE General Knowledge math exam with ease. And I hadn’t done math since the Dark Ages. Thanks again for a great website. I will recommend to everyone.Debbie Buterbaugh - November 2018

A very big thank you for the excellent tutoring platform. I took the AccuPlacer QAS at my university last week and was THRILLED to have tested out of the first tier of college math and into pre-calculus and statistics. I am an adult student pursuing a degree over 15yrs after my last high school math class, and was very overwhelmed and anxious by the idea of a placement test. The setup of the Arithmetic and QAS courses on MathHelp were incredibly helpful in that they first gave all the building blocks to the more complex lessons, making the latter less intimidating and much more comprehensive. I found the reviews of each section to be incredibly helpful and frequently used them to go back and brush up as I moved further into the course. Honestly, it was exactly what I needed from start to finish. I never felt like my time was being wasted and appreciated the short, direct and clearly presented videos in each lesson. Everything that was covered in the QAS MathHelp curriculum was applicable to what I saw during the AccuPlacer with very few surprises. Will definitely recommend MathHelp to any friends needing to brush up on their numbers.Rachel Blickman - November 2018

The AccuPlacer Elementary Algebra test went very well. I got a 100, which was a 70 point improvement. I liked the practice problems the best. Thank you.Sheridan Salcedo - November 2018

I have finished my FTCE GKT math exam. I am a big fan of Math Help. I found it easy to follow the videos and explanations. All three Math Help instructors do a great job explaining and breaking down the material so that it's easy to follow and learn. I would definitely recommend Math Help to my friends and family. Thank you for all your help.Isaias Morales - November 2018

The West-B test went very well and I passed. I felt that MathHelp highly contributed to that as I was able to get a ton of practice and quality instruction from the teachers on MathHelp. I think the way the program is set up is very helpful and don’t have anything negative to say about it. Thank you for all you guys do!Hannah Swafford - November 2018

I used this to pass the PRAXIS mathematics core section and I passed with flying colors! This was the second time I had to take this test. When I studied for the first time I just used a book I bought online, but I had a hard time retaining the information and didn’t do as well as I expected. For the second time I knew I wanted to do something different to help me remember what I was learning. Having visual and auditory explanations really helped me retain the information I needed to pass. Thank you so much! I will definitely recommend MathHelp for anyone that is struggling with the PRAXIS core mathematics.Shana Moss - November 2018

My Accuplacer Elementary Algebra test went well. I made an 86 which was well over the score I needed to test out of remedial math.Cari Lloyd - November 2018

The ACCUPLACER math test went great!!! I have been out of school for 30 years and had not worked on algebra at all :(. I really did not want to start at the bottom with all of the math classes. I was able to skip 4 classes and just have to take one class lower than my pre-requisite for my medical classes :) The whole program the way you have it set up is perfect for me!! I love that you can watch the demos then practice and then finally test. You have an amazing program that was a huge help to me!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!Anjila Osborne - October 2018

I loved your College Algebra tutorials, especially being able to write them in concert with you in the video. What was also helpful is how you performed the tutorial within two to four minutes. Which works for me because I lose attention after more than five minutes. Thank you for all your work! I passed college algebra (86%). I recommended your site to my two professors and my fellow students. Thank you for making algebra concepts easier to understand.Andrew Marrs - October 2018

We are huge fans of Math Help and have used it with success with all three of our kids. Our high school junior needed some extra help with SAT prep. The site has been invaluable. Keep up the good work!Johanna Owens - October 2018

I took the Accuplacer test originally a year ago and scored a 34 in Elementary Algebra, not even making it to the College Math test. After studying with Mathhelp I scored a 60 in Accuplacer College Math and was able to test into my College Math class, bypassing remedial classes and saving me wasted time and money. These modules were a huge help and can't say thank you enough. The biggest help for me was the instant feedback on quizzes showing my mistakes in my work. I don't feel there was much to be improved, it helped me tremendously and I enjoyed the course.Christopher Caldwell - October 2018

Well I passed the PAPA math test! I thought it was most helpful breaking down different sections and focusing on a specific chapter at one time. I also thought it was helpful having video tutorials to teach me the lesson and multiple practice questions to make sure I understand how to do those problems. Overall, I would recommend this site to anyone. I thought it was extremely helpful for me to be able to pass my test.Emmalee Johnston - October 2018

I found MathHelp online and my son used it to study for the TSI Math test. Initially I was skeptical because we had tried so many on-line tutors, refreshers, study plans, etc. My son liked the way it was set up so we signed up. He did the math education videos and coordinating practice questions every day. Then he retook the TSI math test and passed. I only wish we had found MathHelp sooner.Miranda Hansen - September 2018

I passed the PRAXIS Core Math! Having all of the PRAXIS content streamlined in one place was great. I liked the immediate feedback after giving a response, and the simplified (visual) explanation. I liked that there was a lot of content and that it was categorized very specifically, that helped me pin point my strengths and weaknesses more easily. All in all I was very pleased and I will be back when I am preparing for my content exam.Liz Claus - September 2018

I just found out today that I passed the MTEL math test. I originally took the test about five years ago twice and didn’t pass. To prepare then, I took a workshop the first time and then worked with a private tutor the second time. I used your program daily for month for at least 30 minutes a day. The videos were really helpful. This program has been my only exposure to math in the past four years. Thank you again!Brie Murphy - September 2018

I passed the FTCE GK math. Your program was the best that I used. It helped to fill in the gaps I had in my math history. I can’t think of any improvements.Doug Richner - September 2018

Personally, I thought it was one of the best test programs I have ever seen. So clear, easy to use—and most importantly set up so that you could self-pace it. She scored high enough on the AccuPlacer that she was able to skip two math prep classes—and to move right into statistics in her major. Thanks for a great program.Elizabeth Muther - September 2018

The ALEKS test went well. Thank you. I used the course as a reminder. The format was really helpful.Fikret Gazioglu - September 2018

The videos are great, practice questions are good, and the tests reflect the teaching. Passed the CBEST math!Kym Yelad - September 2018

The FTCE math test went well. I was very happy with the program and I will recommend it to anyone else taking the test.James Munley - September 2018

Prior to using your Pre-Algebra program, my daughter had 6 test grades of 45-56. Once she was on the program, she had 4 test grades of 85-100. My 13 year old student actually sits down with the program on her own and completes the work with out me nagging her to do it. She does not have to be driven to another location, she is not losing school time to attend tutoring, nor am I losing time from work. I know the work she does is correct. I'm not praying that the tutor knows what he/she is doing. AND YOU CAN NOT BEAT THE EXCELLENT PRICE. This program works and is such a blessing. Thank you very, very much for this program.Luise

First, let me start off by saying: your site is fabulous! After my son bombed the first quarter in Algebra 1, I decided to sign up. Now, I am happy to say, we go right to your site every day, watch the videos, print out the notes, do the practice questions, and so far he has an 89.1 average!!!!! We are hoping to completely use your site to do well on the upcoming midterm and maybe finish the quarter with an A-!!! I wish I knew about you the last 2 years when my son was in Middle School! It is so frustrating as a parent to have to read/sort through books late at night to try to explain how to do a problem to your child because so much time is wasted trying to find the steps! Your site is so user friendly and interactive. Everything is right there. Thank you so much!Suzanne

I went to take the ACCUPLACER and I scored a 41 back in April. Then I signed up for your class and did all the lessons for ACCUPLACER. Then I went back to the testing center to retake the ACCUPLACER and I scored 104. I was shocked!!!!!Sarah

I was desperately seeking Algebra help. I am working on an Associates Degree at a local community college. Pre-Algebra and Introductory Algebra were required classes for me. I was completely lost because I have absolutely no Algebra background. I was really struggling in my class. Then I found The lessons were a tremendous help. I ended up making an A in the class and passed the exit test. Thank you for your help.Catherine

I used the program for SAT prep for the math section. I really liked the program and I found it really helpful. My math score went up 130 points! I really liked that I could do lessons on my own time and at my own pace. While I'm done with the SAT forever (hooray!), I may use again for supplemental math help through out the year. Thank you for having such a wonderful site.Katie

I am using this for my 7th grade homeschooled daughter. She actually cheered the first day after her first lesson! She loves the self-tests and lessons. I love the step-by-step help since I never even took algebra in school. We plan on using the lessons straight through pre-algebra and then algebra I, II, and Geometry, God willing! To me, this is like having a math tutor right in my home and I could never get that for $150 a year! Plus, it is like having the text, tests, workbook, solutions guide, and more. As you can tell, I am really excited about this and so thankful we found you!Angela

I needed help preparing for the COMPASS Exam. Finding your web site was a lifesaver! I didn't even know where to start to figure out what math I needed to learn for the COMPASS. Your web site had it already laid out for me. I loved the individual video lessons. You explained everything so clearly. I was able to watch the videos and recall what I had learned over 30 years ago. Since I never went to college, the college algebra and trig videos were brand new information for me and I understood it totally! Because of your web site, I was able to pass the COMPASS with flying colors! Thank you again for wonderful tutoring at a reasonable price.Debbie

I was desperate to find out how to get Geometry Homework Help for my daughter. I LOVE the fact that I can look up the textbook and the page number to get a demo of the problem. I was so impressed that I came to work and told everyone how great it was. Several of my friends have looked your site up to help their children.Andrea

Since I was strapped for cash for a personal tutor, I decided to purchase the online subscription to help me pass the ASVAB. I brought my failing score up 20 points because of this web site. I could not have enlisted into the military without the help of this web site. Hats off to AM IN THE ARMY NOW.Kisha

I have been raving about this program to all of my friends. It has enhanced my learning and taken out the drudgery of studying for the GRE. With, I have been able to improve my practice score by 250 points thus far. THANKS!!!Shama

I am using the program for Intermediate Algebra. I have a teacher that expects us to read the directions and figure it out. I was desperate for some help. I am a mature student and was not required to take Algebra in high school. Your program is amazing and the teaching skills are incredible. I plan on extending my subscription until the end of the semester. I spend hours on your site each day. I am recommending this program to everyone I know.Cheryl

I used your program in preparing for the Math PRAXIS. Nailed it thanks to you guys!Chris

I have used every math homeschooling curriculum known to man and nothing has worked as well as your site.Pat

We are so grateful for 'finding' you. It was as though a huge weight had been lifted off all our shoulders. I have told all of our friends and relatives about your program. It is thorough, concise, fun, interactive, convenient & incredibly affordable. It is ALL the things traditional tutoring & school math IS NOT. Yesterday in math class my daughter was the only student who had finished her math homework and completed the Algebra unit. Her teacher & classmates were all shocked as this is not normally the case. It was a very proud moment for her and this whole experience with has given her confidence to strive for success in all her studies now, not just math. I simply can't thank you enough. Bless you all for making math fun and attainable.Kim

Overall, I thought your videos and sample problems were awesome. After not having done math for ten years, I passed the CLEPwith a score of 76/80, thanks to your tutorials.Sara

College Algebra was the only University core I needed to graduate. I would not have met my math competency without I love and matter of fact I am addicted to it. Ha! Ha!Bud

I was very excited to find how great your website is. I was able to take my ACT test and tested out of college algebra and my placement was in Trig. I have told may parents about this site who have children in high school that need that extra help. They have learned it is much cheaper than a tutor and actually learn a lot better. I am so glad I found you. I will continue to spread the word.Leann

I got some great news. I used your program to pass the Middle School GACE exam here in Georgia. Your program gave me the support that I needed to pass that test.Jerome

I took the THEA exam and did poorly. Then I signed up with and went through the lessons. I expected to at least place high enough to just take 1 remedial math class. Instead I completely tested out of all the remedials and was placed in College math. I was so excited. I could not have done it without your help on the program. Thank you so much. I have recommended to all my friends who are going back to college.Kristi

We have found your web site indispensable. The explanations and examples you give make learning math so much easier - especially for visual learners. Even I have said a couple of times, Oh! So that's how you do that! We also like it that you have notes that can be printed out for study reference, and have extra problems for practice. I have recommended your site to so many people. I don't know what we would do if you ever closed down It saves me time not having to do relentless searches for 30 minutes or more on the internet to help my kids with their math. If they don't know how to do a problem, I tell them to go to

I am preparing to take my GMAT. I must say that I have found your teaching to be extremely helpful! In fact, I was just on it, and will continue to use it daily until I take the GMAT. I think that is superb!Majid

I found out about by word of mouth. You were highly recommended and you were instrumental in helping me pass my Elementary Algebra class.Bertha

I was using the site to prepare for the MTEL exam, the General Curriculum Math subtest. I took it on November 21st and passed it, despite not having done math for a very long time and math never having been a subject of great strength. It was great! I'd had a friend tutor me but then she became unavailable. I only wish I'd found it sooner!Stacey

I am in the middle school learning pre-algebra. I just love your program and I have improved a lot. Thanks so much.Emma

I just used your Math Program to pass my FTCE General Knowledge Exam to teach in the state of Florida. To be honest, I actually became slightly addicted to Every day, I spent hours doing lesson after lesson. I looked forward to it when I woke up in the morning. On the day of my big exam, I was confidently excited to take the math section and pretty much breezed through it.Christy

We are using the program to help with homework for my son who is in 8th grade. I would like to remark how highly we regard your site and are so pleased to have found it. It has been a real life saver for us.Laurie

I really wanted you to know how much the website helped me on the ASSET placement test and I have told a lot of people about it.Kandace

I use the program for College Pre-Algebra. I have always been horrible at math and through my life been very frustrated with my math teachers. is the best math instruction I have ever had. I appreciate the videos, they definitely work for the rest of us non-math types.John

I know that this programs works, because it helped my daughter when the teacher just couldn't explain it properly. I will probably sign up for the whole year after the summer months are done because I have three children who are in Algebra 1 and 2 next year...We are also going to use it for test prep. The SAT's and PSAT's are just around the's just a great program.Kathy

I'm using the program by accessing the lectures which correspond to the pages in my daughter's textbook and then having her do as many problems as possible. I find the fact that there are lessons specifically addressing pages in her textbook to be a terrific feature.Obi

I was using it to prepare for the CBEST test. I found the site to be very helpful, and I don't think I could have passed the math portion of this test without Thank you!Kelly

My son Jason said, 'I really like this site - I have finally found a good math program I really must get it for us!!!!!' When I saw the price (so reasonable) I realized I'd better subscribe. Plus, I have never seen my children so excited about math in all of my years of Homeschooling. We have been telling all of our homeschool friends about it. Thanks again, and keep up the excellent work!Jacqueline

I am an adult learner and did not take algebra in high school. I discovered your site at the end of term on my second attempt to pass section one of College Algebra. I used it throughout attempt 3 and passed with a B. I am passing section 2 at present. I simply can't learn when fellow students are chatting loudly or on cell phones during lecture. Fortunately I can come home and with your help actually learn.Trish

First, let me say that was a godsend! I am finally pursuing my goal of obtaining a nursing degree. As you know, the very first step in returning to school is the ACCUPLACER test. Since I have been out of school for so long, I was very apprehensive about the math portion. What a fabulous way to review things I had long forgotten! I took the ACCUPLACER on December 1st, and scored well above the minimum on all sections, including math. Without, I'm certain I would have failed the math portion miserably....and would have then been discouraged in my attempts to return to school. I can't say enough about how helpful it was...It's definitely WELL WORTH the subscription fee.Tanya

I am going to start junior college soon at the age of 30 and I wanted to brush up on algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. I think that your online tutorials are completely unlike anything that I have ever seen before. The tutorials thoroughly teach you how to solve and master difficult mathematical problems. I have never understood algebraic word problems before, but now, they are a piece-of-cake. I always knew that I could learn to master math, if given competent instruction. Thanks for everything.Brian

I had to study for my COMPASS test. I LOVE IT! Thank you so much, what a great idea! In the end I was able to study up on my rusted math and be good enough to pass the COMPASS test. I don't have to take any build up classes before I can start with my regular math credits. Thank you!Jezabel

I used this program this summer. I was in pre algebra in seventh grade and I wanted to be on top of everything in eight grade so I would not fall behind. I am doing very well this year all thanks to the prior knowledge that you provided me with!Lauren

I used to help with the CLEP Examination. I am sure I would have failed without your valuable tutoring and review. However, I did well. With your courses I am pretty excited to be doing math again. How about that!Joshua

Your site is amazing! It helped me get through College Algebra.Elaine

I was looking for some help getting back into the swing of things for the GRE test and stumbled across your site. I've telling everyone about it because it's been a TREMENDOUS help thus far. I need to review as much as possible. It's such a great site. Keep up the good work.Charles

I used the program to get through Introductory Algebra. My grades went from C's to A's and an 85 on the final. It gave me a much better understanding of the subject matter. I am very happy with

I found out about your site on line while searching for ASVAB prep questions. You and your colleagues' lessons were invaluable in my success. My score went from a 49 to an 80. Best money I ever spent.Laura

Class was not helpful enough with Algebra and our daughter had many questions but couldn't get help from the school. She was falling behind. Since subscribing to your program she has been 100% self-sufficient. Very awesome!Bob

I used your lessons to help me pass the Math PRAXIS 1. I tried personal tutors, books, and studied for months. Finally, I found you and I tried it out. For some reason your lessons were taught in such a format that I could easily understand. I scored a 178! Passing score for Washington State is 176. I am so grateful. I was going to lose my teaching job and the passing math grade was what I needed to become residency certified. I now have my certificate and all is well. Thank you for providing me with great, easy to follow instructions with your program. I would recommend this to anyone that is struggling or just wants to brush up with their math skills...children and adults!Andrea

I found it very helpful and I have used it just about every day since we subscribed. I am in intermediate algebra in college and I must say that without the use of your program, I would have been struggling a lot! Thank you and keep up the great tutorials.Meghann

Love the program. My daughter had an in home tutor for $75.00/hr. Needless to say, your program is far more economical and she has benefited. I also use it for myself to refresh my memory so that I can help them with homework. I plan to renew my subscription. I have also highly recommended the website to friends.Donna

My son uses it to supplement his Geometry school work. He finds it very helpful. His last two tests were 97 and 91.Abraham

I am using it for my son's High School Algebra. I am happy to report that his grades have gone from the 50s and 60s to 88 since using, so thank you so much!!! My son tells me that he now finally understands what he hasn't been able to get from his regular classroom setting.Teri

My son was failing math miserably. I am so pleased with the lessons because he not only improved dramatically, he also recently passed the NC EOG 8th Grade Math on the first attempt. Wow, I know his math teacher was also surprised. Thank you so much. I am so grateful and I would recommend this service to all of the parents I know.Yvonne

I love your lessons and you are an awesome teacher. I am in 9th Grade Math. I remember everything I have learned and I am the best in the class all thanks to

I was studying your COMPASS courses so that I could get into college. Your videos were AWESOME. You went through everything step by step and that was exactly what I needed. I think I would have gotten better grades in high school math if y'all were around back then.David

First of of all, I want to tell you guys that you have an amazing service and great courses. I am a College Math student and used your service to prepare myself for exams. Next semester I will be back on your website...Alex

I am a College Math student. I got a 97% on my final test thanks to Excellent job!Nora

I am using this to study for the GMAT. I really need 1:1 instruction and this is a great help.Denine

I Homeschool my children and this website really helps to explain the process much better than I can. This is a fantastic site!Theresa was the absolute hands down best math tutoring program I have ever seen. I used the program to pass aCollege Placement Test. I went from a 40% on the practice test to a 71% when I took the test. Thanks for everything.Christopher

I'm using the program to study for the quant part of the GRE. I wish there had been something like this when I was in high school; your lessons are immensely helpful.Larry

I am preparing for the FTCE general knowledge math portion. Your program is awesome and I spend about two hours per day working with it. Good teacher in the clips, clear and understandable. Thanks for the help.....Adam

I'm using it to try and pass the PRAXIS exam. I will probably renew my subscription as you have helped tremendously.Gary

The program is very good and easy to navigate, so good in fact that my 12 year old son started using it to bring his Pre-Algebragrade from a D to a B in less than 2 weeks.James

I am in an Intermediate Algebra class, and this has been a great tool for me to go back and review what we went over. Your modules follow right along with our book. I wish the college had told us earlier about this website.Janelle

My daughter uses your website and has been very impressed with what she's seen and has asked me to continue the subscription so that she can prepare for the SAT test this coming fall.Susan

I just love it as do all four of my teenagers. I have referred your website to anybody else who listen! LOL. At first it was one account for my oldest teenager to supplement her GED studies. Then my three other teenagers tried a few of her lessons and decided that this was the best solution for them!Nancy

My daughter is in Seventh Grade Math. We are using the website in conjunction with the Glencoe PreAlgebra book. What a great help! I recommend this website whenever I can.Eleni

I am Homeschooled and use the lessons as my Algebra curriculum. I really like the lessons because they are easy to understand and it works out the problems step by step.Cheyann

My son really enjoys using the system. He finds the lessons clear and helpful, often commenting 'I wish my teacher taught this way...!' These Algebra Tutorials are a real Godsend. Thank You!Christy

The Accuplacer math lessons were fantastic! This has been the ONLY program that got through to my child who has struggled with math for many years. She has repeatedly sung your praises because she gets it now. Thank you so very much!! The course prepared her extremely well for the Accuplacer. She scored a 94 and placed into College Algebra. I have told many parents about your program and will continue to sing your praises!!! Thank you!!Susan Park - November 2018

I used the program to help me refresh my math skills for the GRE test. You guys really rock and I wish you were around when i was a kid. I would have done much better in math, I am sure.Corrine

I enjoy using I have found it to be really helpful in my studies for the ASVAB and making up for lost time in mathematics.Phillip

I'm using the program for a College Algebra course. Your site explains a lot better then my teacher.Kristi

My daughter is in Eighth Grade Math. We picked your program as an alternative to tutoring. It seems to be working great for her.Olympia

I'm a first year College Math student who hasn't been in school in about 10 years. I'm a few chapters in so far, and I must say I'm thoroughly satisfied with the site. Keep up the good work!Michael

Initially, I had enrolled to prep myself for a Math Placement Test but I definitely have plans on using the program for my upcoming courses. The program is very helpful and I have already recommended the site to my friends and family.Jennifer

We are using this for Geometry. We are Homeschooling. We are very happy with the program thus far.Darla

I subscribed the program for my son who is in Middle School Math. The program has been very helpful. He is improving dramatically. Because of this program, my son enjoys learning Math. He no longer has Math phobia.Yvonne

I'm taking the COMPASS exam to get in College. I wish I found this while in High School. It gives the student one on one attention.Vonell

I've been looking for help on he ASVAB for a little while and since I'm more of a visual learner, I thought this would help and it really has been helping me alot!!!Caleb

I was looking for help on my ACT test. I am very confident that you helped me a great deal.Sal

I am prepping for the CLEP test and it has been forever since I have done any math. The lessons have all been very helpful.Libby

Your site has been very helpful for my 13 year old daughter whom we Homeschool. Unfortunately, math was not my, nor my wife's strong point in school, so we have been very grateful for your tutorials.Max

My son is a Freshman in High school and struggling with Algebra 1. Once he started using your lessons he amazingly started running A's. I could not believe it.Vincent

First, let me thank you for this website as it has saved my life! I spent hundreds of dollars on a tutor in preparation for the GRE and it ended up being a waste. I then visited your website and signed up. I take the GRE exam tomorrow and feel more confident than I ever have. I only regret I didn't find you months ago.Aneika

My son is using your site to improve his math skills to take his GED test. Thank you for having such a terrific site for anyone to be able to use.Linda

It's really very good. I am a VISUAL learner, and these Math Videos are spot on for me.. it makes so much sense to see it, instead of reading it....Ron

I'm using it as a college grad who is practicing for the GMAT. I am reviewing all the algebra, etc. that I learned in high school but have forgotten since then.Sallie

I am needing prep work for my daughter's ACT. It's been very helpful and I do like how it's set up. The lessons are very clear and understandable - I wish I had this when I was in school!!Ann

My two sons use this for Math Homework Help. It has brought up their math two letter grades!! This is a great idea!Matthew

I found this site to be very helpful while studying for the ASVAB test - I hit a 78 on it! That is a very good score - with that score I was able to get a $50,000 bonus and made to OCS, thanks to A very pleased customer, and a future LT. in the US AirforceKeith

The ability to study directly from his Math Textbook and find the lesson on your website is huge! Great idea! I was also presently surprised that the product was represented honestly.Lisa

It's much better than I had expected! My son is a freshman in high school and had been failing Algebra, but the site has helped him tremendously.Sheila

It is absolutely wonderful for my 10th grade son in Geometry. I wish we had heard of you when he was taking Algebra last year.Cassandra

We Homeschool and we use it to supplement our textbook. I assign some of the concepts before attacking the book stuff and also use it to supplement when my son is struggling with a concept or just needs more quick practice. We like it very much actually.Eve

(A few weeks later) I PASSED - I could not have got through the math section without your instruction. I am recommending you to all the others that have to sit the test. I am taking the PRAXIS and using your site to scrub up on my math knowledge. I am on every minute I can get, morning, noon and night. I have learned far more from the simple, straightforward instruction that your site offers than I think I ever did in school...Hallie

I joined the military and I had to get a good score on the ASVAB. I thank you so much - I passed with flying colors thanks to you guys.Jimmy

I am a mom of 3 and struggling College Math student. Your program is great and I am always telling my classmates, instructors, and other moms about it.Khawleh

My son needed help with High School Algebra. You will be pleased to know after struggling a lot he received his first two 100% grades after using your site in his studying.Jon

I'm a freshman in college and have been using to look up concepts in my Math Homework. In these videos, the language is simple and the problems are explained from start to finish. Great for people like me who don't have a natural ability for math.Jonathan

My daughter was a struggling High School Geometry student. I refused to watch her fail. She is doing very well now as she uses as a companion to her high school geometry book to work at her own pace.Kim

I am in College Algebra and use the program to learn and assist in math homework. Someone here at the College told me about your program and I love it. It really helps.Susan

I love the ease of use, the fact that you're in sync with Math Textbooks, have test preps - pretty much all you offer is great!Olya

I'm studying for a Nursing Test. The web site is fantastic one stop shopping for all my math problems. Thank you for your help.Thomas

I actually used google as a search engine for COMPASS help. Came across this site and decided to give it a try. So far it's been awesome.Sally

I am currently using the Standardized Test Prep for an entrance exam in college. I love the website!! I even have a tutor on the side if needed and have not needed to use her yet. Thanks!!!Ashley

I am using the program to prepare for COMPASS test. I'm finding it extremely helpful and am so glad I subscribed!Sarah

I am the parent of two students, one in Pre-Algebra (7th grade) and the other in Algebra II (9th grade). Both girls have enjoyed using your site, and found it particularly helpful when they were preparing for final exams in January.Susan

My 13-year old son is Homeschooled, and seems to help him tremendously. He likes it better than anything else we have used!Gwen

I am using the program for Intermediate Algebra at a community college. I love the sight and there is not a doubt in my mind, without it, I would be lost. Thanks for providing this service.Virginia

I needed help with some of my Math Homework. I went on youtube and typed the topic in. The teachers at seemed to really help me. I informed my parents and they subscribed me to I used it as extra practice and homework help.Sarah

My son uses the program for 7th Grade Math. I must say that the program is terrific so far. It clarifies and reinforces what my son is learning. I should mention that HE is the one who wanted to subscribe!Chantal

I thought I'd let you know that my son got his Algebra 1 final grade today. Although he had a D- in the class, he managed a B- on the final with the help of! We have re-newed our subscription for the second semester of the year and are anxious to see what my son is capable of when he has consistent tutoring from throughout the semester and not just the final 6 weeks. Keep up the great work!Jason

I found because I had to prepare for the GRE, which I took in December (and did just fine!). I found your website to be brilliantly helpful.Isabel

My daughter uses it for Algebra I and it is helping her ALOT!!! It is impossible to find a tutor and I was fortunate to come across your program. Thank you!!!Kathy

Let me tell you that your program is fantastic. I am a 49 year-old attorney about to retire and decided to go back to school. I had one year of algebra in high school over 30 years ago. I used your program and tested into pre-calculus. I cannot say enough about how easy your program makes College Algebra.Bill

I am using the program to take the ACCUPLACER exam. I am learning a lot and I find all the instructors to be excellent.Bruce

My son is in Grade 10 Math. Having a real person explain it like a teacher or looking up help based upon the page number of his math textbook is amazing. It is really a great program. We have found it to be the most helpful that we have located by far.Sherrie - January '09

I used to help with the CLEP Examination. I am sure I would have failed without your valuable tutoring and review. However, I did well. With your courses I am pretty excited to be doing math again. How about that!Joshua

My daughter is in 8th grade and we are Home Schooling for math because the school math program is moving too slow. The quick references to textbook material and the well explained lessons are wonderful.Sandra

I am a 52-year-old mom, back in College Math, working on my degree and just completed my third semester with an A in Math thanks to the help of (I had a D+ on my midterms). I will definitely recommend your site to my family and friends and I am sure I will be back for help with future math classes. Terrific website...thank you!Eva

I took the COMPASS test and did poorly in Algebra, so I'm trying to get better at it. I love the program. My other option was to take a semester class. No time for that.Brad

I heard about you from my son's Algebra 2 teacher. We use it mostly for homework and now for midterm review. I will spread the word.Karen

I was extremely happy to find that you have courses geared specifically towards the different Standardized Tests. I couldn't believe it! Up until then I was studying from random books and I was just hoping that the stuff I was studying would correlate with the material I would be tested on, but with your program it's all right there! Every aspect of this program is great, from the video examples, the practice questions, the self-test and the extra problems. And I love that the problems are explained step by step. I really can't say enough about this - you really hit a homerun! Thank you very much!!Charles - January '09

My daughter did the Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, and Algebra II with your program. As a mom, I have loved that my involvement has been very little and she is doing very well.Sonya

I'm prepping for PRAXIS (teacher test). I've found the lessons very helpful - more so than a private tutor. The slow, deliberate explanations really work. I will recommend to the others within my program.Marylin

I absolutely adore my visits to your site - a splendid combination of multi-modal teaching at its best. And the technology, theAlgebra Software itself, is to die for. Love it!Tony

My daughter, who's a junior, is using to prepare for the ACT in the spring. She loves the interactive, go at your on pace style of I absolutely love the program and certainly would and have recommended it.Sonya

I have purchased other Math Software programs to assist my daughter with her homework and when I located your site and subscribed, my daughter said she wished her teacher taught math like that. She said she understands better the way the math is explained at

I am studying to pass the Math for my GED. I just want to say your site is very informative, explanatory and I love how you include live visualization..:) I also love how every lesson has printable notes, problems and a test which you're graded on...that is totally awesome!Lisa

I am a returning College Student (45yrs old) and I love this program - it's better than my books or instructor. I have been recommending to others.Dana

I used the CLEP test preparation. This program was VERY helpful. I've never understood math very well and the videos and self-tests helped me a lot. I passed the test with a B after studying using mainly

I'm a principal of a Middle School and I am very impressed with Instruction is precise, concise and no b.s. You guys really have a great tool. Math is simple when it's taught by someone who really understands it.Chuck

I am happy to share with you that I passed my Standardized Test and can now join the Academy I wanted to join after studying with I felt I breezed right through the math section of that test and felt very confident about it. I was told that very few people pass the test and I can gladly say it was very easy for me after studying with Once again, thank you.Betzaida

I am using it to take a Math Placement Test at a junior college. I have to admit how dumb I was in math. Now that I have experienced this website I am much smarter...:) I did not do well in math in high school, which was 25 years ago. I am entering the nursing program and this has been what I needed all along. Thank you so much for thinking of this website to help people like me.Stephanie

After moments of despair trying to find the right tutor, I am so grateful I found I am studying for the GED math test, and this has helped me so much.Amy

We are so grateful for 'finding' you. It was as though a huge weight had been lifted off all our shoulders. I have told all of our friends and relatives about your program. It is thorough, concise, fun, interactive, convenient & incredibly affordable. It is ALL the things traditional tutoring & school math IS NOT. Yesterday in math class my daughter was the only student who had finished her Math Homework and completed the algebra unit. Her teacher & classmates were all shocked as this is not normally the case. It was a very proud moment for her and this whole experience with has given her confidence to strive for success in all her studies now, not just math. I simply can't thank you enough. Bless you all for making math fun and attainable.Kim

I passed the ACCUPLACER test! I scored a 97 on the algebra, which allowed me gain acceptance to my nursing program, and I am sooo excited and pleased! I could not have made it this far without first passing the ACCUPLACER, and that would not have been possible without

My husband and I liked the website, and thought we could use it like a math tutor. It has helped. My son got an 88 on his last quiz - very nice in comparison to his previous grades. He must go on for at least a half hour every night. We really do like the program.Jayne

I Homeschool my son and use it to introduce new concepts and practice with the problems. The teacher explains it a lot better than I could.Maureen

I took the ACCUPLACER yesterday and scored 114 in math and 109 in algebra, placing me into Intermediate Algebra Extended. Not too shabby for someone out of high school almost 20 years and no college math. I am happy with my scores and wouldn't have scored as high as I did were it not for your online classes. Thank you.Kat

I am returning to college after many years and I needed to brush up my math. I am enjoying your Math Program very much, much more than I expected. I like being able to move at my own pace but also go back to areas that I obviously have not learned well enough.Mahina

Our son is in Grade 9 Math and is having trouble with the concepts of algebra. I wish we would have found your site sooner. He is liking the lessons and finding them valuable. Thanks for the great resource and the interest in us as customers.Jason

The ACCUPLACER test went really well - I placed into the highest level of math (Calc I). All the best and thanks for the great lessons.Yuval

I'm a Math Teacher. It is a phenomenal tool - I'm using it so often. I like the clarity and order there is in the program.Ronaldo

I was desperate to find out how to get Geometry Homework Help for my daughter. I LOVE the fact that I can look up the textbook and the page number to get a demo of the problem. I was so impressed that I came to work and told everyone how great it was. Several of my friends have looked your site up to help their children.Andrea

I am preparing to take my teacher certification test, and I needed Algebra Review. I found this program by luck!!! I was looking for online tutors and was very fortunate to find this program.Mary Ellen

As English is not my native language, I had a number of difficulties mainly in preparation for the tests. I am planning to takeGMAT in March next year, so your classes are very much helpful to get first insight in English math. Thanks for making it easy to understand.Elnura

I can't thank you enough for your patient, easy way of teaching. I am taking a college Elementary Algebra class this semester and my math teacher runs through the material so fast it's been very hard to keep up with her. By listening to you explain what she ran through during class, I've been able to learn what she was trying to teach. Thanks again for all your help!Janice

My children truly are getting some excellent study from the Math Program. Traditional tutors are too expensive and incongruent with our schedules.Marilyn

We're using your lessons as part of our Homeschooling Curriculum for our twelve year old seventh grader. I love the way your program is set up. If I had a program like yours when I was twelve (37 years ago), I think I would be much more fluent in math than I am.Peter

My 9th grade son was having trouble with Algebra I; his learning style and his teacher's teaching style did not mesh well. We did a couple of the sample lessons and he immediately picked up the material. You present the subject material very clearly. He actually enjoys using the website, and is now able to do his work more easily. Thanks for a great site.Mark

My current math teacher is on a different communication level than me. Your Math Site has been really helpful!Steve

I am a Home School mom with a high school student who struggled greatly with Algebra and now Algebra II. We are using the lessons as a way to review concepts that she may have missed the first time around. Thanks for the great tool!Marla

I am a Middle School Algebra teacher at a small private school. I must say that I am very impressed with the quality and clarity of the programs and the wonderful sets of extra problems. I've already recommended it to another colleague. Keep up the great work.Gary

My daughter, who is in 6th Grade Math, is using it to reinforce lessons learned in class. We love the service.Nicole

I am using it for a college Beginning Algebra class at my local college. I am enjoying the website and look forward to using it until I have completed my math requirements.Brian

I was tired of looking for actual live tutors and I thought maybe I could find something online. Never did I think I'd find the type of site you have. I especially enjoy that every topic is broken down and you explain it and have tests for it - what better way to actually learn this stuff. I am a College Math student and using your site to refresh my skills.Yesenia

I was looking for Online Math Classes for college, but was worried about the support I would be able to get if I was having trouble understanding something. It's nice having access to math instruction anytime day or night. Thanks for all you do.Bill

My daughter is doing 8th Grade Algebra. She had been getting really low grades because they are moving through the material so quickly. She had a test 3 days after we bought your program and she got 94% (the highest score in the class) because we had her work through the modules over and over on your site. She really enjoys the program and her motivation is good again.Melanie

I needed homework help for College Algebra, as I felt myself slipping backwards and was desperate. This website was so helpful - I learned so much here as I was able to pause, write the problem down and unpause again, repeating until it made sense. Can't do that in class! I got an 89 on my test the next day, and I have to credit your website for that. I am depending on your services as the semester rolls along. Thank you very much..........I plan to brag about your website in class today when we go over our tests : )Bev

My child is using it for assistance with Algebra 1. I must say I am pleased with the program - she is understanding the class much better know.Aminta

When I sampled one of your lessons, I knew this was a Math Program that would benefit my son. The same day I purchased our membership, my son and I sat for two hours and completed an entire lesson with all the supplemental activities. After we finished, my son said that the instructor on the video was better than his teacher and he understood everything.Elizabeth

I am using it as a supplemental to my Online Algebra course online with the University of Phoenix. It's a great program and I wish my school would use

I really wanted you to know how much the website helped me on the ASSET placement test and that I have told a lot of people about it as well.Kandace

I am loving this program. I am taking Intermediate Algebra at our community college. Math has always been a struggle for me, and college math is no exception. However, this program is wonderful in that I can watch, then I can try it, and if I can't figure it out, I can get further help. Then I can test to see how I am doing. I love it!Sarah

My 15 year old is using the site for Algebra Homework Help. Seems with 35 students in a classroom, the teacher only spends time with those who 'get it' and then moves on, sadly leaving the one who don't behind. The site has been helping her a lot. If she has trouble understanding, she can simply pause or rewind the videos - something she wishes she could do in school. She continues to use the site - it's been very helpful and I would recommend it (and have).Ron

We homeschool, and it used to take 4-6 hours everyday to get math done. Now, he gets right through it and enjoys it. I'm thrilled! I thought I was going to have to put him back in public school because I can't teach him math.Theresa

I am preparing to re-enter college at 43, and I wanted to pre-study as much as I could to be ahead. I really want to thank you for your Algebra Lessons - they are really, really helpful. I am able to follow your teaching and review it on demand, and it's brief and to the point. You also have a calm, cool way of presenting it, and I have been working hard each day. Thanks again, and I will mention it to any students I may work with.Rick

The Math Tutorials, documentation, and web design are EXCELLENT. I've recommended this site to all my friends.Ivan

I am using the program so that I can pass the math part of the COMPASS test at my community college. Your site is the answer. It explains problems in a straightforward manner. It shows how the problems are worked out and gives a self test. Anyways, great site.Adam

Your program is fantastic. My daughter has a renewed sense of confidence with Algebra. With only an hour a day, she has begun to excel. Thank you.Danny

We use the program for a Homeschool Algebra 2 course. Thanks so much - we are loving it. See you in class tommorow!Susan

Let me tell you - the system is working for me. Thank you very much for all the lessons you guys have taught me. I am really looking forward to taking the ASVAB and this time getting the score I need to cross-train and become a flight engineer in the air force.Jared

You are amazing! Your lessons help me so much. I just returned to college after 20 yrs. I'm preparing for a Nursing Exam and that involves math. Math is a huge challenge for me and my instructor is all over the place. I use your lessons daily to help clarify things and to practice. Thank you.Lisa

This site has been very helpful to me, especially in the area of Geometry where I had no idea. I am teaching myself as I go along by your awesome work. Thank you.Rel

I used it to clear up a few questions while preparing for my GED. I think this is great. If I had a resource such as this one 18 years ago, I might not have dropped out. I hope the website is still around when my children are of age to learn this stuff.David

I am preparing for the GMAT and wanted to get video lessons to help brush up on my basic math. I really love the website and find its format really helpful and easy to follow. Thank you.Amy

My daughter is a freshman in high school taking Algebra 1 and I am in college taking introductory algebra. We both struggle with math. So far we are finding the site very helpful. Thanks for putting it together.Lynette

I am using it for myself and kids. I am in College Math and not very good at math 115 and it comes in handy with understanding my homework. I am telling everyone about your site - it helps out.Rita - September '08

Once I pass the math portion of the THEA, expect an exuberant, celebratory email from me.Lebron

I use it to get extra help on new math skills that I don't understand. I am a 9th grader taking Geometry in High School.Jeremy

My son is in grade nine and has always done well in math - but this year started to struggle from the beginning - so we thought this was a good start for him to learn. He has improved and has actually gone from a 39% on his first test to a 75% mark yesterday. Thanks.Mary-jane

I have a son who is in Grade 7 Math this year and I have him look up concepts he doesn't understand - he doesn't always want to listen to me. I am teaching Geometry for the first time ever this year and use the site to brush up on the concepts myself before I teach the lessons.Todd

All I need is to pass the math part to get my GED. Thank y'all for having this website.Butch

I'm using it to teach my daughter Algebra 2. is systematic, thorough, and covers Algebra 2 in a traditional manner. She used for Algebra 1 with a textbook in 9th grade while home schooling, and really benefited from the lessons. She is an audio/visual learner, so the videos are great. The explanations are straightforward, and she can review them as needed.Monica

I like the site very much. Right now I am using this site for both SAT and teaching my son for his 11th grade math.Krishna

I am trying to pass a College Algebra course. I wish I had known about your site when I started in July - it would have made my life easier. I also wish I could take you to my final. Thanks for your site.Ron

I need the review in order to take the GMAT. I thought $30 was pretty reasonable, so I figured I wasn't risking too much by signing up. I've been very satisfied so far.Gail

I'm a College Math student and used the program to study for a test and to brush up on my math skills. I found it very helpful and I would recommend this program to all ages. I think this website is just awesome - it's like your own personal teacher:)Andrea

I'm taking a College Algebra class, but it has been about 10 years since I have seen any sort of algebra, so I am using your lessons for review. These lessons are awesome! I will definitely be recommending your website.Charlie

We used the program to help him understand his high school 9th Grade Algebra unit for his test. The way you explained the unit gave him a better understanding and confidence in what he was doing...Thanks and we will visit again.Shera - September '08

Your Math Website has been so helpful - I have been through most of the videos and will continue to use them to help me refresh my math. My daughter starts Algebra next semester, so I'm sure she will find this helpful as well! Thank you for such a great site!!!Carole

I think the program is absolutely excellent. I am an adult returning to school who must take the ASSET test.Virginia

I am studying for the ACCUPLACER test and the site is working well for me. I have recommended the site to many people and will continue to do so.Andrea

I'm a grad student studying for the GMAT. I feel strongly that your website is an incredible teaching aid.Brandon

I am using your service as a full Homeschool Curriculum for Algebra 2. We are two full chapters into the program and my son is doing well and I am re-learning too! I have told everyone I know about this, as I see it as a great aid to anyone who needs a little help in math.Joan

My son, normally a very good math student, was cursed with a very bad Algebra Teacher last year, his first year of high school. We are finding the program extremely helpful and are looking forward to using it this coming school year.Susan - September '08

I am Homeschooling my 8th grade daughter this year. Math is a weak area for her and for me, the teacher. I am so happy that I found this math program.Beverly

I learned in a day what was taking me weeks and months thru books or just searching online. I take the GED test sept 27 and for once I feel confident that I will pass the math section because of you. Thanks - the best money I've ever spent online.Emmanuel

First, I used it to help my son get through algebra summer school. Now, I am preparing for the GRE exam. Thanks for your help!Karen

I am a Grade 6 Math teacher at Alain Locke Charter Academy in Chicago. It is a great resource and I have told my colleagues about this great site!Derek

I am using this in Homeschooling my 9th grade daughter. When I found your site, I knew it was what I was looking for. I only wish you had additional subjects for us! LOL!Ladonna

I am preparing for the COMPASS test. Your website has been very useful to me.Jamie

The Algebra Website put me over the line from a fail to a pass and I get to continue on with my career.Scott

Jakob passed the test and will advance to Geometry!! Thank-you. He really enjoyed your lessons.Cheryl

I'm using it for high school student homework help and SAT preparation. Good job! Very good design and my son likes using it.Yemi

I am preparing to take the GMAT. I love I wish I had this during my bachelor's degree.Jay

It's just what I need for review (much better than paying for a Remedial Math class and wasting a term)!Therese

I am a special ed teacher and this is my first year teaching Algebra II and Geometry. Once I took a look at the website, I knew it would be exactly what I needed.Andre

I'm studying for the GRE and am finding the lessons very helpful.Rob

I'm an adult going back to college. I really enjoy the site...much better than my Algebra Teacher, in fact.Phyllis

I have been out of school for 10 years and wanted to go back to pursue a Nursing career. I took my Math Assessment Testrecently and needed to brush up on my Algebra skills. I have to say that your lessons are really great. It breaks it down so that it's very easy to understand.Caroline

I am using the program to pass the PRAXIS exam. It is exactly what I have been looking for. I took all kinds of prep stuff..nothing helped. All the other courses were too advanced and did not focus on the fundamentals. This is a wonderful tool. I only wish I had found it months and months ago!Joellen

I am using your program for my son (aged 15) for Math Homework Help. I went for the 1-month subscription for now, and will increase to 3 then 12-month as we progress. I will spread the word regarding your site to friends here in west Australia as it is excellent and well made and very helpful.Gray

I'm very happy with the site. It's perfect for Math Review and being chunked in little pieces, I can go as quickly as I want, repeating areas I want to repeat and such. Wonderful site.Sheryll

My daughter heard about this program thru a friend. She is using the program for High School Mathematics homework help. It definitely has been a big help to her.Marilyn - August '08

The Math Lessons are very concise and to the point, yet full of good tips. Thanks!Korrin

I am using your site to prepare for my GED. I really am pleased with the site, it is very user-friendly and easy to understand. Thanks!Becky

I was looking for some geometry help because soon I will take the GMAT. Your instructions are very helpful. Thank you.Glenn

After rigourously going through your program this past month, I achieved my goal and passed the ACCUPLACER exam with flying colors. Thanks to your system, the ACCUPLACER results placed me in the 300 level college math courses. Thanks again and I will be sure to pass on the good word about what you have going on here.Dave - August '08

My son failed the Grade 8 Math portion of the CRCT and I needed him to prepare to take it again. Good worked great!Melanie

I had to sit the COMPASS Test so I used the lessons you have as practice. I am happy to say that I did really well in my COMPASS Test and have gone from hating math to loving it and am even considering changing my major to middle or high school math. This is a wonderful website and the lessons are very clear and easy to follow. I just wish it was around when I was at school as you all make the math fun and interesting. I will definitely be recommending your site to others. Many thanks once again.Michelle

I love this website and I use it with middle school and high school students when I do Math Tutoring. I'm not proficient in the upper level math, so this helps me as well. Keep up the good work.Monica

We use the program for our daughter going into Sixth Grade Math. It is very helpful for us to watch the lessons with her and have a clear understanding of the proper formula used to achieve the correct answer, rather than the math assignments that come home from school with no review.Geoff

It's great in that it teaches all the ways that a student can learn: the visualizations, the Step by Step Math processes by the teachers, and the various tests. It's a great program.Julie

I am a Middle School teacher that suddenly is Teaching Mathematics this year. I am using the website to brush up on my math skills. I love it and will recommend it to my students!!Rodney - July '08

Just to let you know, I think this Math Website is great and very helpful and I will tell anyone that is having trouble in math all about it.Kimberly

My daughter is using it as a Algebra Refresher for the course she had in 9th grade last year, which she struggled with in school. It is helping her tremendously. Thank you.Judy

We have tried SOOO MANY math programs. Both my daughter and I agree, that this is the one to raise her SAT score to where it needs to be.Karen

I am an adult going back to college. I am studying for the Math Placement Exam. I have found the site to be so helpful. I have been telling people about it. The format of the lessons is perfect for understanding the problems. Thank you for a great site!Kassandra

I just love and the way you explain things. I felt like I was in a Virtual Math classroom instead of just looking at examples.Diane

We are using the program for a Homeschooled high school student to review for the SAT and THEA tests. It is a great website and we find it very helpful - we will recommend it to our friends.Christine

The program helped me get back into the swing of things and helped me place into Intermediate Algebra. Thanks for the great idea!Jared

I am an adult going back to school and have to say, I couldn't do it without your Maths Website. Thanks for all you do.Virginia

I have been using the lessons to help study for my GED. I found your lessons to be the best help in learning what the books couldn't teach me. Thanks for a great site.Michael

I don't feel so rusty anymore after working through a few lessons with my daughter. I love that!!!Laurie

I love all the stuff your website offers. Your teaching approach is wonderfully balanced utilizing the 'I do, we do, you do' method of teaching the subject matter.Michael

This website has been huge. I wish I'd found it sooner!Kristian

My son has stated that your teaching method is better than his previous school's teacher.Marjie

Doing some prep work for my GRE. Needed to shore up some basic math, algebra, and geometry skills for the subject test. Finding your site was a Godsend.Matt

I'm finding that the program is better than the Algebra DVD's or books I have studied, since it actually shows the problems being done and explains everything. I wish I would have found it sooner!Lori

Your program helped me achieve an '86' on my End-of-Course Exam without ever being present in a traditional classroom. HATS OFF TO YOU! Thank you so much for your help. Due to my success with your program and easy access, my mother is going to use it for her pre-college math classes. Great Job!Brendon

We are using the program this summer to review Algebra 1, which my son took in 8th grade. He had a teacher that did very little teaching and was very intimidating. He did not feel like he learned much and he has commented that he has learned more from your program than he learned all year and we are just finishing up the first unit.Kathleen

I like how you cover something in the videos then immediately re-enforce the concepts through the test questions. I also like the extra problems work sheets because I need as much practice as possible.Jason

I am using your program to brush up for the college placement test. I love your lessons - it is such a time saver!Christine

I've been so impressed so far at the ease of your lessons after watching the teaching videos. I am 34 years old and starting college for the first time this fall semester. is a great tutoring tool that allows me to freshen up on the subjects that I struggle in and at my own pace and in my own spare time.Traci

My daughter is using your Geometry Website during this summer instead of going to the private summer school. We really like and hope you will have more programs coming out.Angela

The website was fantastic. My son watched the lessons and then did the follow-up quizzes. I printed some tests with answers to review. He is finished for the year, but I will be using your site next year. I also recommended it to friends.Gina

I am very pleased so far with this website. I was originally looking to purchase software, but I really like the fact that gives the girls access to pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, and algebra 2, all for the one subscription price. Plus the ability to coordinate your lessons with the classbooks.Lisa

My boyfriend had used the program for school and it helped him a lot, so I decided to give it a try. I'm going back to school and I need to refresh my memory and this program is great. I love it and will recommend it to my friends.Sally

Wow, let me be the first to thank you for your work on the website. I'd always had a hard time with math but your no-frills & direct approach to teaching is what I've always been looking for but never been able to find. Again, way to go on your teaching approach and the quality of the lessons. It's looking more and more like I'm going to do well on my upcoming test (amazing considering I haven't done any math in 5 years) and I owe it pretty much to you guys.Chris

I have a daughter entering Geometry this fall and because she is highly math phobic, I thought I would introduce her to the concepts of proofs this summer so she won't freak out when her actual class starts. It's an awesome site - I love it!Paula

The way you explain the math was so clear and understandable for me. I have to take the GRE exam next month! Your web page - especially hearing the words and seeing how you solve the problems - helps a lot for me since English is not my first language. I am thankful that you prepared this website.Naime

Hi, I really liked the program - I learned a lot. I subscribed to bone up on an ASVAB test in order to go to the Navy. I have now been accepted since I used the program and I ship out this month. Thanks again so much!Tanisha

Never in my wildest dreams could I imagine going back to math and actually enjoying it :) I am from Republic of Georgia (which is part of former Soviet Union), 43 years old and decided to go back to college. In my placement test I failed miserable - 32 in math - so I decided to study and retest again. After week of using your site I scored today 82 in Algebra. Thank you!Kety

As homeschool high school students, my senior and sophomore are both currently attending a geometry course that is well supplemented by the math course offerings at For the rising senior, the geometry and algebra offerings also serve as review for her SAT and ACT prep. The algebra is also good review work for the sophomore's PSAT prep, and the geometry lessons help re-enforce her initial geometry course work in her compacted summer course. Thank you for all your great website offers!Lisa

I am a math tutor. I am enormously impressed by your website and will recommend it to others!Karen

I signed up for my wife's use. She is taking a nurses' entrance exam and it's been 10 years since she's been in H.S. She's been on your site for hours each day :) She wants me to let you know it was worth every cent. The teaching is clear and easy to follow. The videos launch very quickly, the self-tests are so easy to use! It's a great asset! Thank you for building this site and offering it students. It's priceless!Brian

I will be using this program with my daughter for Geometry. I was worried about what I was going to do about her 10th Grade Math this next year, but now I am relieved to have found this program. I have nieces and nephews who are struggling with math and have forwarded the link to them. So in July I will sign up for a full year with you and relax instead of stress out. Thank you so much for this program.Dennis

I wanna thank u for being so clear in the way u explain stuff. There's not one thing on ur courses I haven't understood. Now I tackle math like a linebacker on a quarterback - all thanks to u man.Moises

I am using the lessons to study for the ACCUPLACER Exam that is necessary for my college enrollment. It has been 12 years since I have been in school, and this is a great refresher.Caycee

I was trying to review algebra lessons before I could take the college assesment test. I found your site very helpful, and couldn't ask for more. Thank you so much.Tina

These videos are helping me out so much. If it wasn't for your videos, I probably would be failing, thanks a lot!Mike

We use your site primarily for homework and review for tests. The thing about the site that we really like is fact that there are so many other problems to view on the same concept and we can actually see how the answer was arrived at.Michele

My daughter uses the site for help with her high school geometry class. I wish that I found it sooner! The site has been very helpful. Thanks!Stephanie

I am a private tutor specializing in students with learning disabilities. I am always looking for visual and auditory tools for middle- and high-school material. Your program is amazing. I have already forwarded your website to some interested parties.Angie

We found the website when our daughter was studying for finals. It really helped her maintain her A in that class. She thinks you are great!Rose

Your site is wonderful, especially in the areas of Geometry that I am weak in. It is nice to have a person speaking and writing the examples I am learning instead of just reading a text book and looking at the examples.Aim

Just to let you know, my exams went well. Using this source as a learning tool was a great help!Donna

Using this to take GED test. Very helpful lessons with easy to understand steps - well worth the money. I have recommended this to other people. Thanks!Adrian

I've done well, excepting the rational expressions... this is why I sought help. I'm excited to say that your site has already helped. I'm understanding this topic much more than when I started. Thank you so much for having this site!!! I'm sure I'll recommend it to my fellow students who are looking for extra help.Melissa

It is EXTREMELY helpful. Love it! I am using it for high school. Preparing for the NC EOC and need to practice a lot. It's a wonderful tool and I love the live instruction on the whiteboard.Paul

I found this awesome site through a search for geometry help. Finally I found yours. The site had what I wanted - a teacher. I am doing school distantly and don't have the teacher, so you are helping me by explaining to me the problems I don't understand. My mom only knows some of the problems too. My mom says that she wishes she had this kind of homework help back then.Angie

I am using the site to homeschool my 9th grade daughter. It's great - Thank You!!Barb - May '08

My daughter is a freshman in high school but experiencing some trouble with Algebra 2. She has confirmed with me that she absolutely did not understand her teacher on some problems, then went to your site and totally understood it! That's a validation that your site works and that you totally rock!! Thank You!Lori

First of all, thanks for such wonderful teaching online - like a classroom environment. I am planning to take the ACCUPLACERmath test and I was looking for a great tutor and I found one!Naila

I am a private math tutor and I am planning to recommend your website to my students.Millie

I'm going back to school after many years and have to take an Intermediate Algebra class. I need to brush up on my basic algebra before class begins. Thanks, your site is great.Denise

High school student reviewing for finals. Has been a great review for him.Shannon

I am using it to prepare myself for a placement test for college since I have not been to school in about 15 years. I am 33 years old trying to become a dental hygienist and never took any college courses so I basically forgot everything I learned in high school. This program has been extremely helpful to me. Thank you.Michele

My son and I love your math lessons. I write for Scholastic Magazine and I heard about your site from someone connected with work. We had a crisis the other night about simplifying radicals that the textbook wasn't helping with, so I decided to try the site out. The lessons were clear and very helpful, and the practice tests were fabulous.Brian

I'm using your program as prep for the GRE. Thanks for a great resource.Aleeka

I am a returning 40 year old student who loved Math but hasn't done this in over 20 years. I am proud to say it is all coming back. Your program is great.Mayra

We use the program to re-enforce math lessons at home. I found that both my sons who are in middle school often need the lesson explained again in order to do well on the homework. I have also recommended the site to my sister who is taking college level math.Tanisha

I'm using it to help my 8th grade twins with their Algebra homework. Thanks - we're loving it!Sherry

You have been a huge help. I am in high school and my algebra teacher is not getting through to me, so I am using your website to teach me how to do algebra!Zach

I was refreshing my algebra and general math skills since I had to take the ACCUPLACER test to start at the Community College here. So guess what - I took it today, and tell the beautiful lady inside the pre-algebra that she helped me almost ace the general math, and YOU helped me come in on the high end of the mid area for algebra. That means I can go directly into the math 140, which is all I need for my discipline. Yeah! Thank you, thank you! I have recommended your program to my 19 year old in her preparation for placement testing, and also to my thirty year old daughter for her kids. It is the best program ever.Patti

I only wish I'd found it sooner!! My 8th grade son is having difficulty in Algebra 1 and was afraid to ask the teacher and didn't tell us about it. He really likes the program. What a great idea!Julie

I am using as a tutor to help me to get into the college level algebra this summer. I am learning a lot and really appreciate this program. I really like having a live instructor that is able to show you how to work the math problems.Lorraine

I am using the program almost daily. This website is a tremendous help. I will be attending college in the fall.Kimberly

I am a father of a ninth grader who is home schooled and this site has assisted me with our algebra homework and studies.... Thanks!!!Israel

I have been raving about this program to all of my friends. It has enhanced my learning and taken out the drudgery of studying for the GRE. With, I have been able to improve my practice score by 250 points thus far. This is just after reviewing the Pre-Algebra section. THANKS!!!Shama

I was trying to figure out how to solve word problems for my College Algebra class. Your website was very helpful. I especially like the live teacher showing you how to begin the problem. I am able to solve the problems much faster. I love your website. I have recommended it to other classmates.Lisa

I live 100 kilometers away from my course, so it's hard to get extra tuturing. Your programme covers exactly what we are covering and the format explains things in a way I can understand. Thank you.Graeme

I'm a single mother returning to college and having difficulty with math. Your site has helped me very much.Bacilia

My daughter is home-schooled and she loves using lessons for her math homework. I personally think it's a great program.Gwendolyn

You are assisting me with getting my 2nd teacher certification I need for another position. By the way, the program is great!Martha

I am an adult college graduate who is going back to school and trying refresh my math knowledge. You do a great job presenting the material in concise, sequential steps with adequate practice to acquire the new math skills. GREAT JOB!Victoria

I really like it and I hope to get an A in algebra this summer. So far you have been really good at explaining every thing to me.Kevin

Your videos and lessons have been more than helpful. Sometimes I need some positive reenforcement after my class time!Kate

I've found your product to be just what I was looking for. In fact, I expect that my ACT scores will improve considerably after I complete the different topics.Joe

Your site was just what we needed. One of the best things about it was that my child, who is pretty good in math but hasn't come to love the subject, was having fun with the problems and the deep thought questions. I am on the board of a home school support group and plan to send out an email about your site to the entire group.Chrissy

I am an adult going back to school. The website has been really helpful to me. One of my co-workers said her mother wants to complete her degree, but Algebra is holding her back (she has a fear of algebra as do I). So I gave her the web address of

I have found the website to be a great asset to my son's understanding of math concepts. I have since told many of my friends about your website...Michelle

I've never had Algebra in my life. I am taking the course through the University of Phoenix and what I found very difficult about taking math online is not having an instructor to talk to when I have questions. That is where your program has been a life saver. Thanks for being there for me.Steve

I have one daughter in High School who is struggling with Geometry, and is in need of some help quickly in order to at least pass this last part of school so that she can pass the semester. She made an A on her last test as a result of using the website. Thanks!Kimberly

I'm re-learning - catching up - to take the community college placement test. It's a WONDERFUL teaching method - I'm really loving it!!!Misha

Absolutely terrific! Your product (site architecture, layout, content...) blended with your teaching skills has made learning algebra an exciting event.Scott

My daughter is using this for Algebra extra help and told me that the site is awesome!Siva

My son needed some extra help in Geometry class so we tried this and he got an excellent grade on his test.Bobbi

I am an adult student who is back in college to get an associate of arts degree. Last week, my professor gave us the info regarding your site. I tried it out and found that it is great. I am very pleased with all the help it has given me already, and I recommended it to all the others during today's class. Thanks for such a great product!Deborah

My two teenagers are home-schooled, and they were both taking their math class from a teacher that did not know how to teach. They were VERY frustrated and failing. As a last ditch effort I thought, What the heck? Maybe I will get lucky and find something they can use. I typed in my search, and an OH WOW!, ALRIGHT!, and 5 bucks later, we were set. Now, my kids can't wait to get to the computer and get to math. How cool is that?!WE LOVE YOUR PROGRAM! By the way, you might like to know what my daughter said about you.....I really love the way he goes step by step. I've always had trouble with this, but now I get it! He makes it easy. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for a fabulous program! I will be passing your site on to the other families in our group.Shawna-rae

I wish I had found this website first.Theother math websites did not help as much as this one does. I will certainly recommend this website to others as the best website for math on the Internet!Shirley

I'm a 42-yr old executive and I am using your product to brush up (more like re-learn) my algebra knowledge in preparation for taking the GMAT in the near future. While I understand you did not ask for my thoughts on your product, I'll tell you anyway... Absolutely Terrific! Your product (site architecture, layout, content...) blended with your teaching skills has made learning algebra an exciting event. Many thanks!Scott

I found out about you from a disc jockey on a radio station. He signed up for his daughter and couldn't say enough about how great your program was for her.Joanne

I'm using this program to help my son with an online algebra course. We couldn't find any good resources for help or review. We came across yours and checked it out. We think it's great. You explain things so well so now my son understands why things are done the way they are. Thanks again. We will certainly spread the word of this great program.Kelly

I am using it for homeschooling. I love it! Thank you for offering it.Melanie

What a great program. I’m a college student. I passed algebra 1, but when I got to algebra 2, I got lost real fast. I had to withdraw from the class. So I’m using your program as a fresh start so I can pass the class next semester. This program is excellent!!! It's close to the actual online class I had, but yours is way better. Awesome!Christine

I am using it as extra math help for my middle school child. We really like it.Debbie

I am a 53 year old who has decided to return to college. I could pretty much make it through everything else but ALGEBRA!!!! I am glad to have found It's just like having a real teacher walking you through the steps. Another appeal was the $5 introductory price. That way I could see if this is what I was looking for. Thank you.Constance

We are impressed with the site. Right now we are using it as a review, reinforcingareas my daughter has already learned. Keep up the great work. I only wish Ihad this resource when I was a student!Randy

I am very happy with the lessons. My grandchildren were in need of help with algebra and have found a valuable tool in your program. We are using the program as a supplement to regular school.Gloria

I was helping my 8th grader with his Algebra homework. I did the search hoping to find an easier way to explain the problem to him and found the site! It's awesome! Has been really helpful...and kids much prefer the Internet than their mother!! LOLJTomoko

Thank you! I love the program!!! I can't believe that it's exactly what I was hoping existed on the Internet! I'm 42yrs old and after having had my own business for 14 years, I've decided to go to college and follow my original dream of becoming a nurse. Well, it's been a long time (since school) and my biggest concern is my ability to get into the highest level prerequisite math class that I can so that I do not have to spend 2-3 quarters just taking the prereqs for the prereqs before I can even apply to the program. I have every confidence that based on your site I will easily qualify for entry into Algebra I and by the time the Algebra I course is over in the summer I'll be able to test out of Algebra II (because I'll have continued working beyond the class work on your site) and gain entry in the fall to the first of my actual biology prereq classes! I only wish I had known about this site sooner so that I would already be at that point!!Misha

Good job on your lessons!!! I wish my teacher explained like you do. Our first course was smooth - teacher was great. Our second course - everyone has been struggling with a new teacher who doesn't explain very well and gets frustrated when we ask him to explain better. Going through your lessons has certainly increased my understanding and confidence. You're the best!Karen

My freshmen son was having problems understanding radicals. The lesson really helped him, so we decided to sign up for the lessons. I also have a 6th grader who will be using the site. It's great to have help at home.Laura

We really like being able to look up lessons by referencing the specific textbook. Thanks this is really helpful.Jerome

I am a homeschooler, and we are using to supplement my daughter's Geometry lessons. It's been a great help, thanks!Jodi

I am an eight grade teacher (first year) and needed some help teaching Geometry. I love the site and have been using it to beef up my skills in Algebra and Geometry. I have also had my son look at the Algebra II to help him with his work.Kristin

By the way you're doing a very good job! I have never met any teacher who would explain things so clearly and simply as you do.Those video lessonshelped me a lot! Keep it up!Judy

I am 46 years old and it has been quite a long time since I was in school. Math was never my best subject. I have always commented that I feel dyslexic when it comes to math. This web site is different, I get so much more out of this site than all the books I've picked up (and I've picked up quite a few) in my attempts to understand algebra. It is like having a teacher come tomy house and teach, at my pace. With this site I am more focusedand organized on how to study. I believe I will succeed.Toni

My daughter is using this site with an independent study algebra 2 class. It is working great!!! Thank you.Leslie

My granddaughter has had trouble with math her whole homeschool experience. She has reached the point where I am not an algebra expert and can offer little help. The listings you had for pre-algebra were exactly what we both needed. When I tried the free lesson, I knew that we had found our help. For the price you charge, the help is well worth the money I will pay each month. Thanks for thinking of children like my child who are home schooled and need help that their caregivers cannot always supply.Dolores

My daughter is using for homework. She said it's been a big help!Tim

I am using this to help my daughter with her math. Your site is very helpful. She called me at work tonight to let me know she scored an A+ on her exam today. She was so excited.Paul

Great product. Our Math instructor at the university I attend does not break it down as simple as you do. I am getting addicted to Math now:-) Again, Great job!Free

I'm a visual learner, so I like the video format and the examples. Thanks for providing this service at a reasonable price!Bonne

My colleague and I have already tried it with our students - CCCCOOOOOLLLLLL!!!! It lets students see someone else's explanation. We did the practice problems - helped tremendously!! We're using it as an introduction or follow up to our own lecture. Thanks!Halyna

Your teaching style is so clear and you seem soapproachable, my daughter was immediately put at ease. She is very enthusiastic about, and I am thrilled to see my daughter finally experiencing the wonderful feeling that comes from success with math.Cathy

I am a homeschool teacher and I was looking for extra ways to show the children how to do their math lessons. Can I just tell you I LOVE your site!!!! So do my children. Thank You!Tamara

I was searching for something just to brush up on old Algebra that I could not remember. I absolutely love this website.Summer

My son’s book is one of the books available to reference and the site has been helping him with his homework ever since. Thank you.Laura

We are taking an independent study math course for credit that is sorely lacking for explanation and enough practice problems. Your explanations are so clear. We are glad to have found your service. We are very impressed so far. Thank you!Heidi

I just wanted to tell you again, after working for the past few days with your site, just how impressed I am with your teaching. Everything makes sense and touches almost every part of the senses for learning. The only thing missing is the sense of smell. I will do everything I can to pass your site on to others. My son and I especially enjoy the music that goes with the deep thought questions. We feel like we are traveling around the world while doing our algebra with such wonderful selections. It is amazing just how much the brain can absorb when you are having fun while learning. Really, you need an award. Thanks!Carol-ann

I've tried you for a few days and consider your site UNBELIEVABLE. It exceeds real-life college professors. I referred a college student to you today. Many thanks.Beverly

It is a great site. I used it immediately yesterday with 2 of my classes. I think it is a site that I am going to find lots of uses for...I have already told a couple of other teachers about your site. Thanks.Kim

I was looking for some good tutorials for Geometry, so Icouldhelp my daughter. Your tutorials are fantastic! So easy to follow. Thanks.Mark

I heard about you from a fellow mom. My son completed one lesson yesterday, and was motivated. If this reaction continues, then you are miracle workers...:) Regardless, I intend to spread the word. Great idea, wonderful delivery! Thanks for being there.Nadia

I found out about your website only by luck; I've already made some referrals.Michelle

Thank you for the program. It has shown immediate results. My sophomore daughter is failing math because she doesn't understand it. In three hours of using your lessons, she completed an entire packet of assignments, 4 days worth, and as the student in the class with the worst grade and most amount of incompleted assignments, she was the first to turn in all the work! And she no longer feels like a failure. Also, my 5th grade daughter spent a few hours having fun learning pre-algebra lessons and taking the tests... she got 100% on most of them. That is absolutely amazing!Bryan

Today was my son's first day of home schooling after being pulled out of public school (10th grade) and we were able to jump right in with a review of material he has already covered this year in Geometry. I can tell just from what we've done so far that your site is going to be an absolute godsend for us. It provides a teacher in our home for a subject that is not my strong suit. Thank you so much for making something like this available to the home school community.Linda

Your website is an incredible blessing! Instead of spending hours flipping through seach engines trying to decipher what my college instructor tried to teach me, I just go to your website and figure it out after I watch your video. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is struggling in math or just needs a little extra clarification on any of the given math topics. A+++.Kory

I just HAD to write and tell you that your website is fantastic. I have learned more Algebra in these last few weeks than I can remember. My textbook does not even compare to your website. I like the fact that with each video explanation, each step is repeated - so that the information is drilled into my head. This helps me remember the information the next time around. I have FINALLY stopped sweating Algebra and am so proud of myself that I can do this and am actually enjoying it! I will continue to spread the word.Lisa

I located your site by pure luck while in the search engine. I am preparing for a math placement test and needed some more assistance besides the traditional textbook. I have already recommended this site to several of my colleagues. MATH TRULY MADE EASY WITH YOUR BASIC STEP APPROACH. As a Navy Instructor I can truly appreciate your delivery method. I must say that out of all the teachers I have heard thus far, you are the best!James

I have to tell you I love your lessons so far. I homeschool my children and my daughter was not understanding multiplying fractions based on the way the book was teaching it, and I couldn't explain it properly. But as soon as she saw your lesson on this she got it immediately. I am using your lessons to help with all the math lessons that my children aren't quite getting now. Thank you so very much for providing these types of visual lessons online.Cherie

The website has helped me considerably; it's like having another teacher right when I need one.Steve

First of all I am amazed at the way my family has responded to your lessons. The kids are understanding algebra so much better than before. It has been great to see them excited about learning math! Anyway, really impressed and plan on telling my friends about you all.Jan

With your help, my daughter was the only one able to complete her HW assignment. All her friends were amazed, and asked her to show them how (even the teacher asked for your website) to solve these problems. Thanks for your help.Lisa

I have been searching for exactly this type of resource for some time. I was a very good math student, but when mom is teaching you sometimes kids just don't listen. We had worked on one chapter, 8 lessons, for 5 weeks with very little results. After one day using your program at, my son understood enough to pass his chapter test. He passed with an 83%, and that is up from the 50% or less before your program. Thank you!Jennifer

I came across you during a 2-hour search. BTW, my son loves your style. Classroom distractions and activities at school tend to be defocusing for him. Laying out the mechanics of the problems in a straightforward manner has been a real help. For him its all about repetition and practice.Win

My son’s teacher is hard to understand and he was reluctant to do tutoring. Your website is wonderful; he can study and learn at home. I do believe it helped him pass his mid-term test last week. Thanks for having a great idea for a web site!Anita

Your sample lesson for Algebra blew us away. My son has been struggling with Algebra 1 all year, and Slope of a Line was the exact module he had sat through the day before. He started saying Now I get it about thirty seconds through the video; he watched it once, did the questions, and aced them. We were sold.Phil

I tried your free video on y intercept and y=mx+b to help my daughter in 8th grade Math. She is having a tough time and your tutorial was wonderful. We are on our way now to review again to help her for her test tomorrowAlvena

I am very, very excited about this website and plan to shout it from the rooftops. I am a 40-something who has been out of school for over 20 years and am returning to school to become a respiratory therapist. I scored extremely poorly on my math/algebra entrance testing and will have to complete college algebra with a C or better before I can even apply for my desired respiratory program. Algebra scares me very much as it does at times seem like hieroglyphics to me, so I am really going to try and OWN this material. I am going to use your site diligently to help me with my course.Lisa G.

I am a home-school parent and also write a blog for home-schooling. I came across your site researching good on-line sites for home-schoolers... I wrote up a blog regarding your site, and plan on writing a follow-up in about a month. So far, I am just so impressed with what you offer.Lisa E.

I was trying so hard to help my 8th grader with his math, and let me say this.... We were both about to go crazy! So I googled interactive online math help. It gave me plenty to choices to choose from. I really like the way that your site is set up. Your team that you have put together explains everything clearly and does not miss a beat! It made his work easier for him. He seems more confident and has moved on to the next chapter in his book on his own. Thanks again for helping this desperate Mom!Latinja

I love the web site so much, I have emailed everyone here at work and everyone I know the link to the site. It is very worth it to me the help we received over the weekend. I have 4 kids and all different levels. I have even emailed my daughter’s teacher this morning to let her know about the site. I know it costs, but you can’t put money on the hours it takes to teach a kid geometry and algebra. My daughter was able to learn in two days what normally took her two weeks. Thank you!!!Kathryn

I'd never seen your website before and I love it. You explain the problems so well that even I, a mom, can figure out how to do it. It's like having a private tutor in our home whenever we need help. The other websites are no help at all. They don't explain anything or show how to solve problems. They just give the answer, which is no help at all. I was even considering hiring a tutor, but we would have had to drive 25 miles to the nearest one, which wasn't feasible. This is the best website I know of (especially since we can choose his algebra book to study) and I'm telling everyone I know. It's worth every penny because you have done an excellent job. Thank you for saving my sanity and preventing more gray hairs.Wanda

Thank you so much for being part of I love doing these lessons at my own pace, and having the ability to pause and rewind. The teachers onscreen offer wonderfully clear explanations and speak at just the right pace. I only signed up yesterday but I feel like I'm getting math via this method better than I ever did in school. Thank you!Jessica

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