conquer math in 2019

New Years Resolution | Conquer Math

We’re in the middle of holiday season and that means new year’s resolutions are right around the corner! What do you plan to improve on in the new year? Eat healthier or stick to an exercise regimen? How about something that will help you succeed academically and expand your career? We’re talking about finally conquering […]’s 2020 ACT Math Tips

Are you scheduled to take your ACT in early 2020? Even if you aren’t signed up just yet, learning about the test and how to perform your best is incredibly important and could have a tremendous impact on your life after high school! Whether you’re looking at a state or private university, community college, or […]

Homeschoolers love mathhelp

3 Reasons Why Homeschoolers Love MathHelp

Homeschooling isn’t easy by any stretch of the imagination, and fighting your child over learning math definitely doesn’t help. If you have struggled to teach math concepts to your child or student – you’re not alone! Each of our math courses serves as an affordable homeschool curriculum that includes the one-on-one instruction children often need […]

How to Test Out of Remedial Math

How to Test Out of Remedial Math

When you’re heading off to college, the last thing you want to do is spend a substantial portion of your time (and money) in a remedial college math class every week. However, the reality is that up to 60 percent of those starting college will end up in remedial courses. We’re here to make sure […]

Fall test Prep

Are You Scared of an Upcoming Test? | Fall Test Prep

Are you dreading an upcoming test or exam? With people all over dressing up as monsters and scary movies playing non-stop on TV, the last thing that should be keeping you up at night is a math test! If a calculus exam or geometry quiz instills you with pure terror – you’re not alone! There […]

Learning Math Online? Make Sure You Have Great Teachers!

Math is one of those subjects that makes some students smile and others groan. Regardless of our attitude toward math, it is a very important subject to learn. It goes beyond being proficient at test-taking. Math is a subject that is used directly and indirectly the rest of our lives. Mind Research Institute claims that […]

3 Reasons to Solidify Your Child’s Math Knowledge This Summer

Summer provides a welcome break from routine. While it should include some time spent soaking in all the season has to offer, it also presents an ideal opportunity for your child to focus on specific academic skills in need of attention. Here are three reasons why your child may benefit from summer math help. 1. […]

It’s Hard for Homeschool Parents to Teach Upper Level Math Courses

Homeschooling in math works fine until parents get to the math courses that are beyond their expertise, usually starting with Pre-Algebra. What happens then is that parents have to figure out the math along with their kids, causing confusion and frustration for everyone involved, and causing the math part of the daily lesson plan to […]

Want to Be a Teacher? You’ll Need to Know Your Math

You want to be a teacher. You light up in a room full of kids, and you’re willing to put a lot of time and effort into lesson planning, gathering the materials you need, working with your students, and more. There’s just one thing. In order to become a teacher in any subject, you have […]

Solving the Remedial Math Crisis

In today’s world, a college degree is more critical than ever. Unfortunately, Only around 51% of first-time, full-time college students graduate within eight years of beginning their programs. When you add transfer students and part-time students, that number drops to 45%. Worse, less than 20% of students who enroll in community college receive their associate’s […]

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