’s 2020 ACT Math Tips

Are you scheduled to take your ACT in early 2020? Even if you aren’t signed up just yet, learning about the test and how to perform your best is incredibly important and could have a tremendous impact on your life after high school! Whether you’re looking at a state or private university, community college, or even a trade school — your ACT score matters.

The ACT test is designed to measure your readiness for college-level classes. It’s used by colleges to make admission decisions, and will likely inform whether an academic scholarship is offered to you. High school students typically take this test in the spring of their junior year or the fall of their senior year.

While the ACT is comprised of 4 sections, we’re focusing on the math portion to help you prepare for success and move on to the next chapter of your life confident in your math skills!

Visualize Doing Well

When you prepare to fail – well, you know what’s going to happen. Tons of people have trouble with the formatting of the ACT moreso than the actual content, especially when it comes to the time constraint. It may not even be that you’re actually running out of time, but once that scarcity is introduced it’s easy to panic. It’s vital that you visualize yourself succeeding. It will help you keep calm, even when a really tough question throws you off.

Prepare Comprehensively and Efficiently

Preparing for the ACT math test can be tricky because it’s easy to zone in and spend too much time on a single concept — not giving other parts of the material enough attention. Lucky for you, we have your back. specializes in preparing you for the ACT quickly and efficiently. The course is entirely online and is much more affordable than hiring a private tutor while being just as effective. Our lessons include an optional pre-test before beginning a lesson so you aren’t spending valuable time on a concept you already know. The course also features practice tests so that you can put yourself in a similar environment and treat it like the real test!

Don’t Get Hung Up

When you’re taking the ACT, you’re likely to get stuck on a particular question. This is absolutely normal, but you can’t let one question derail the rest of your test! If you get stumped, make a mark next to the tough question and move on. Once you finish the remainder of the questions, return and approach it with fresh eyes. It’s possible that another question may have reminded you of how to properly work the problem!

Save the Bubbling for Last

Finishing the test with at least 5 minutes remaining will make your testing experience significantly easier. Instead of splitting your attention and derailing your train of thought after each question, work through the testing book first. This allows you to give the math problems all of your attention and then fill in all of your answers all at once. Use practice tests as a trial run for this method because the last thing you want is to make yourself MORE nervous. If you can manage your time correctly, this strategy allows you to do your absolute best.

If you have the ACT coming up, these tips could save you time and stress!’s ACT course is an affordable and effective solution to prepare yourself for a test that will impact your college career. You can find all the information you need regarding upcoming testing dates here.

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