3 Reasons to Solidify Your Child’s Math Knowledge This Summer

3 Reasons to Solidify Your Child’s Math Knowledge This Summer

Summer provides a welcome break from routine. While it should include some time spent soaking in all the season has to offer, it also presents an ideal opportunity for your child to focus on specific academic skills in need of attention. Here are three reasons why your child may benefit from summer math help.

1. The summer slide is significant.

The summer slide is the loss in learning that occurs over time when students get out of practice with their academic skills-. As a result, some of the next school year must be devoted to regaining lost ground, rather than moving forward. Studies show that summer learning loss is sharper in math than in reading, amounting to an average of one full month of school-year learning.

The good news is that the summer slide is avoidable. Students who remain active in meaningful educational pursuits throughout the summer such as Math Help’s summer courses can reverse the summer slide and make progress instead. The lesson here is that slow and steady wins the race; a little work every day will help keep those math skills fresh and still allow your child plenty of time to enjoy summer.

2. Summer work helps build a strong foundation in math.

Whether your child is struggling to grasp key math concepts from the previous school year, or he or she could use an extra boost to get ahead of the game, summer is a great time to strengthen math skills. The academic pressures of the school year are paused, homework requirements are lifted, and your child has the time and mental energy to focus on areas that would benefit from specific attention.

3. Extra math help prepares students for standardized tests.

Testing is a reality of modern education, and the outcomes of standardized tests can have high stakes consequences for students. Beyond developing the necessary underlying math skills to prepare for traditional college entrance exams such as the SAT or the ACT, many students will be subject, at some point, to math placement tests. Such placement tests assess a student’s readiness for higher-level math courses. If students are unable to demonstrate proficiency in underlying math skills, they may be charged tuition for remedial math courses for which they will receive no credit. Building the necessary foundational skills to avoid such an outcome will save time, money, and a good deal of frustration in the long run.

Math Help makes it easy for your child to avoid the summer slide and develop all the math skills he or she will need by providing summer courses in 5th-grade math, 6th grade math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2. Math Help’s comprehensive instructional approach offers families a convenient and cost-effective alternative to traditional summer school. A Math Help tutoring course is designed to simulate the entire summer school math experience. It employs the use of personalized, targeted instruction delivered by an experienced math teacher. Grade reports provide parents with easy-to follow feedback on student progress. Best of all, a Math Help summer course can be done anywhere and anytime, so summer school can come with you on summer vacation and can seamlessly fit into your family’s busy schedule.

The summer is an excellent time to help students develop the skills they need to stay strong or move ahead in math. Click here to learn more about our mission to educate and empower students through the individualized attention they deserve.

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