Homeschool Math Curriculum with Professional Instruction

We offer a comprehensive homeschool math curriculum for the hard-to-teach, higher-level math courses. Our stand-alone curriculum includes everything you need to ensure that your child succeeds in math. Start now!


“Mathhelp remains one of my Top Picks for Homeschool Math Curriculum. Lessons are very thorough and offer a number of ways for students to learn and practice the material. Explanations are excellent! All these features make this truly independent learning!

Cathy Duffy
Pre-test before every lesson
Every lesson features a quick diagnostic pre-test so that your child can move through each course as efficiently as possible.
Professional instruction throughout every lesson
Every lesson includes videos, guided practice, self-tests, worksheets, and more!
Background lessons
If your child is struggling on a particular topic, we offer relevant background lessons to rebuild their math foundation!
Grade reporting and progress tracking
We offer detailed grade reporting and progress tracking to keep your child on task!

What is the best homeschool math curriculum?

Finding the best homeschool math curriculum for your child depends on a combination of factors, such as the grade level of your child and the amount of instruction you want to do yourself.

  • MathHelp is an ideal solution for middle and high school math because these courses are very hard for homeschool parents to teach, and MathHelp solves this problem by offering video and audio instruction throughout each online course. It’s also a stand-alone curriculum, so no other material is required. Finally, it’s based on the curriculum of a top private school, so parents can feel very confident about the quality of the math for homeschoolers provided by MathHelp.
  • Saxon Math covers all grade levels, but it’s a traditional textbook curriculum, so it puts all of the burden of the instruction on the parent.
  • CTC Math works for any grade and it also provides audio instruction. However, it’s a supplement rather than a primary curriculum, so you’ll need to combine this with other resources. Also, the teacher is Australian, so the accent could be an issue.
  • Math Mammoth is a proven solution for elementary school math, but it leaves the bulk of the instruction up to the parent.
  • Math-U-See emphasizes manipulatives throughout the program. In other words, it’s a “hands-on” approach that uses physical objects to help students understand the material. Like Math Mammoth, it’s designed for elementary school math and requires lots of instruction from the parent.

What is the best math curriculum for middle school?

Most homeschool parents have no problem providing the necessary instruction for elementary school math. When it comes to middle school math for homeschoolers, however, which includes Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1 as part of the curriculum, parents usually need lots of help with the teaching. The following online homeschool math programs provide support for the parent by incorporating audio and video instruction into the curriculum.

  • MathHelp offers a stand-alone homeschool math curriculum for middle school that features comprehensive video and audio instruction online. As Cathy Duffy says, it’s “truly independent learning” for the student, and parents can relax and let the program do the work.
  • Thinkwell also offers Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1 courses and uses video presentations. However, homeschoolers might be hesitant to use Thinkwell as a stand-alone, and the technology is a little outdated.
  • Dreambox Learning provides video instruction for middle school math that uses a “cartoon” approach. This works well for students of elementary school age, but it might be dismissed by older kids.
  • CTC Math offers a supplement for middle school math that includes a teacher from Australia.
  • Khan Academy uses video for its Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1 offerings as well. It’s a functional add-on to a textbook-based homeschool curriculum such as Saxon, but it’s not a stand-alone.

Is Khan Academy enough homeschool?

Khan Academy can be an effective resource for homeschoolers, but it’s not a stand-alone curriculum. In other words, if you’re looking for a single program that does everything that a homeschool parent needs to provide their child with a complete education, Khan Academy is not enough.

In what states is homeschooling popular?

Homeschooling is popular in lots of states, with Texas and Florida leading the way. If you’re homeschooling in Texas, you’ll be pleased to know that all three of MathHelp’s teachers hail from the Lone Star State. If you’re homeschooling in Florida or anywhere else in the country, our curriculum will fit like a glove no matter where you are. For the past two decades, tens of thousands of homeschoolers throughout the world have benefited from our stand-alone homeschool math curriculum, and we’ve selected some of their feedback to share with you below.

“I have three kids and they have been using Math Help for the last six years. My kids love this program and prefer it over any other that they've tried. It's easy to understand and the teachers do a great job explaining the concepts. I would choose this math program over any other. I've recommended Math Help to several of my friends and they love it as well. We love Math Help!” H. Lerwill - September 2020

“I love this math product. We are now entering our third year using it and it has been a great experience. I wanted to make sure my daughter had thorough videos that explained each lesson (without putting that stress on me) and tested her knowledge afterwards. I like the layout of teaching, lesson, and brief quiz. I also like the option of going at the student's pace. We have used the additional practice for lessons, and the option of testing out of the lesson. The grade tracking is also a wonderful plus!” Meghan K. - August 2020

“This is an excellent online math course! I am using for middle school and high school. My children love the videos and the fact that they can replay them at any time. You have the option to print practice and test sheets. It has been a great tool for all of my children. I will continue to solely use MathHelp for their math course through high school. We love this program!!” Patty L. - July 2020

“My 12-year-old son was really struggling in the math class he was in at a local private school. Not only did he hate math, but it would take him hours to get through his math sheets. I had to sit next to him the whole time to keep him on track. My older daughter used MathHelp through most of her schooling and so I thought I would give it a try for him as well. With MathHelp, he really seems to be picking up on the concepts for each day. I'm so glad there's no more wailing and gnashing of teeth!” Heather S. - April 2020

“MathHelp helped my daughter when nothing else would. I'm now using it with a third child and still getting great results! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Michelle S. - January 2020

“I love that it's a Cathy Duffy Top Pick. We’ve used MathHelp for two years now for Algebra 2 and Geometry. My 17 year old son says it's excellent...I LOVE it!” Teri U. - November 2019

“We have used MathHelp for the last 4 years. It has been a great fit for us. Knowing that the courses are outlined, online, self-directed, video instructed, with several levels of checking comprehension, providing testing with answer resources provided for parents. I have recommended this resource to several others and will continue to recommend. Thank you for a great resource.” Vicki D. - October 2019

“Geometry success! We started out the year with another curriculum, but we quickly realized that it was not going to work. We reviewed several other options to include other online math curriculums, but none of them had the clear/concise teaching portions that are available through The ability for my tenth grade home school student to move through the lessons seamlessly and without my oversight has been a delight to us both. She grasps the concepts with ease. The instructor speaks clearly, and there are options to dig deeper into a concept that she needs to review more. We also look forward to the ACT and SAT prep at the end of the year. All around, we are very satisfied with this program.” Laura B. - September 2019

“MathHelp has been a wonderful addition to our high schooler's curriculum! She works independently and simply LOVES this math course. Best of all I don t have to grade it!” Heather M. - September 2019

“Excellent math program! I'm learning along with my kids since I only took Algebra I and Geometry and that was decades ago. We can fast forward or review lessons to go at a pace that's just right. The explanations are clear and precise. Having the ability to move between courses is the best part -- Algebra one day and Geometry the next.” Deborah S. - June 2019

“My 8th grader (not a math fan) has loved this! After doing several years of workbook math, I knew she needed more instruction-based lessons... MathHelp is clean, clear and user friendly.” Lynn J. - May 2019

“MathHelp is amazing. This year we tried two other math curriculums. They both came very highly recommended. But my son struggled tremendously. We made the switch the MathHelp and he's loving Geometry! ...Okay, maybe love is overstating it....However, he is so much happier. He has told me they explain things so much more simply and clearly. I'm thankful, as I am most certainly NOT a math teacher. We will not be changing curriculum anytime soon! We HIGHLY recommend MathHelp.” Carrie D. - June 2019

“Hallelujah! I am SO THANKFUL for MathHelp. My daughter is understanding everything (we're using Pre-Algebra) and the best part is, I have zero prep time! She doesn't hate doing it because there's no fluff wasting her time, it's straightforward and thorough. I LOVE that I don't have to teach it, I can just jump in if she has a question (although so far she hasn't, after using it for several weeks.) Love it!” Beth B. - December 2018

“I used MathHelp for a year, and my high schoolers really enjoyed it. I no longer had to hound them to get them to do their math, and felt it was one of the best curriculum changes I had made. The next year I purchased an all-in-one curriculum and so didn't renew my MathHelp (didn't want to pay for two maths). My boys complained the entire year and fell behind in their math. So although I am still using the same all-in-one, I also purchased MathHelp. It has made all the difference with regard to their enthusiasm for doing math. They find the videos explain the difficult mathematics concepts very well. My only complaint is that they don't offer anything higher than Algebra II. It is definitely well worth the price and is still one of the best curriculum decisions I've ever made.” Gwen S. - October 2018

“We started this program last year with my middle school aged kids. We had previously been doing Math Mammoth in elementary and we decided to give Khan Academy a go for pre-algebra. The boys loved all the bells and whistles at Khan but I felt like we weren't getting a "full" curriculum. My boys are gifted in math but I'm not "mathy" so I needed a program to grade their stuff and offer plenty of help and practice. has done that for us. It's not super flashy with all the "awards" like Khan Academy and maybe other programs out there, but it gets the job done without being mind-numbingly boring and I feel like they are getting all the math they need. When they get stuck, we watch the videos together (so my brain can remember all that stuff I learned in Algebra and haven't used much since) and then I can help them. Most of the time, though, they don't even need my help. The videos do a great job of explaining things. Now that we've been doing it for a year they are comfortable with the format and are doing well. I feel like it's money well spent.” Elizabeth W. - October 2018

“Thank you for this wonderful resource!! Totally recommend this product!! Especially if math was not your particular area of expertise!!” Laura C. - August 2018

“I really liked this program because it has all I need in a one program - video lessons, practice questions, tests, and automatic grading! It worked well for my kids, as the lessons were divided up into manageable chunks. The video lessons were short and to the point.” Marian M. - July 2018

“After an incredibly frustrating year of trying multiple geometry curriculums, we stumbled across MathHelp and it has been an answer to prayer! Hearing comments like “Oh, now I get it!” and “This finally makes sense!” have made this mom so very happy - and relieved! Math has always been a subject that my kids have excelled in, so to hit such a block this year was a huge confidence shaker for both them and me. MathHelp has given that back to us, and we are so very grateful! Thank you!! This has been our first experience with online schooling - my kids have loved doing math on the computer! And I have loved not having to check papers and tests and I love that they are given a grade. I can't say enough good things about our experience with this program!” Rebecca K. - July 2018

“Being a homeschool mum sometimes proves to be a real challenge for me. I am not a math teacher or anything even remotely related to even liking math, so to find a program like MathHelp has been a true life saver for me and my children. Getting the step by step instructions, the vocabulary, the formulas to process the problems is amazing. My kids (all on different levels) really enjoy learning math with this program. It is something that we no longer fight through and actually have fun learning. I enjoy being able to teach again, and that is a real blessing.” Kim P. - July 2018

“We have been using MathHelp for several weeks now. We were running into roadblocks with other homeschool math curriculum's and decided to give this a try after a friend suggested it to us. My son and I are very pleased with it so far. We don't dread working on math anymore but look forward to it instead.” Sandi B. - March 2018

“I LOVE MathHelp. This is exactly what I have been looking for. It takes one concept at a time and it explains the concept briefly in the NOTES section & then you review the skill.” Patricia G. - March 2018

“Mathhelp is an excellent resource, fun and easy to use. Our boys have been using it grades 5-8 as their primary homeschool math curriculum. The topical video tutorials are professional and the worksheets and practice tests cover the material effectively. The grading keeps track of progress. Highly recommended!” Rob K. - February 2018

“MathHelp has been a true blessing for my 11th grade daughter. The lessons are precise and breaks down complex Algebra steps in a way that benefits her learning style, along with ample practice problems always available. We’re thankful to be able to continue to use such a wonderful product!” Mary Beth L. - January 2018

“Let's begin with how much my daughter hates math. She would rather eat dirt than do math. If it involves numbers, she hates it. May I add that she is a fantastic student. She just struggles with numbers... always has. Throughout the years we have used the traditional curriculum of textbooks. Usually, BJU or Prentice Hall, McGraw-Hill, all of which are fantastic in their own right. However, I knew I needed a different avenue of learning for math. I did my research before I bought MathHelp. I pondered on it and did my share of praying over it before I invested in it. Hands down, best curriculum I have ever bought. I've been homeschooling for 17 years now. I WISH I MathHelp for my older two. I really embrace using it with my last child. It is concise, cuts through all the fluff. The instructor is really great at explaining things. You have to get passed his dryness, but he is a phenomenal teacher. I think his name is Mark, but we refer to him as "Clark" as in "Clark Kent". We like to think that there is some kind of wild side to this very stoic, conservative personality teaching us. (Helps us get beyond his seriousness). This program is well worth the money. My daughter understands the concepts, she learns the steps involved in solving the work, she gets the workload done. Remember, with anything, repetition is what makes you strong in anything.” Diane C. – October 2017

“This program has changed our homeschool day. It is quick, clear and easy to understand. My son loves it and I actually look forward to our math time each day. Thank you” Amy A. - October 2017

“Before we found MathHelp, we were at a loss of what to do. I had hired a tutor for my daughter and that did not work out. My daughter understands this program better than the live tutor, and I don't have to spend as much money. Now my daughter is catching up on her math and says it is so easy to understand! We will continue to use it and tell others about it.” Robin P. - October 2017

“We have gone through 4 algebra curriculums this year for our daughter. On a desperate move, I bought math help, and it was the best decision I've ever made. Our daughter actually said, I like math again. The site is so well laid out, it's easy to use and know where you stand as far as skills learned. I love it.” Heather D. - October 2017

“This program has relieved a great deal of stress and worry. This is our second year to use it and we plan to use it next year as well. I've recommended his it my friends and family. The instruction videos are thorough. I love that I don't have to grade!” Deborah C. - September 2017

“We love MathHelp! We have used it for Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2. The lessons are relatively short and engaging, easy to understand. The student is not bogged down with a ton of problems and I love how easy it is to set up and use. Very user friendly! It keeps track of everything for me. Overall great value. It is a HUGE value when you have more than one student. Students can go at their own pace.” Cheryl M. - August 2017

“I love this curriculum! I have researched and tried so many math curriculums looking for the right balance of worksheets, video teaching, and practice. This is it! Both of my kids (grade 7th and 11th) love it. This curriculum will even follow a textbook if you are using one. My son wanted to do his Algebra 2 curriculum out of a textbook this year, until I showed him this. My search for the right math curriculum ends here and I plan to keep using it until my 7th grader graduates. It is worth checking out and the price for everything they offer is amazingly affordable. Thank you so much!!” Jodi N. - August 2017

“My girls like it much better than the other 2 curriculums we tried this year. We love the immediate grades, it’s super self-motivating, and my one daughter who really struggles with that has latched on to your program and is doing so much better! We are all truly thankful for this program! It was a true God-send! The videos are also wonderful! Clear and concise! Thank you! I hope to continue with this program until we complete high school and maybe even college courses!” Cari Beggs - May 2017

“This is the best homeschool purchase I have ever made. An outstanding program, Math Help provides a comprehensive mathematics education, including lecture, demonstration, evaluation, and tutoring, all with the convenience of home scheduling. My math-hating student loves this program and is doing excellent work with it! Her progress since purchasing the program is very gratifying, and I will stick with Math Help for the future and recommend it with enthusiasm!” Lynda

“My 16 year-old daughter has been using Math Help for several weeks. It has proven to be the best math curriculum we have ever tried. I love how easy it is to implement, in that nothing is required of me as a parent. It is completely self-instructional, and keeps up with her grades and lessons completed etc. For the first time ever, my daughter looks forward to doing her math and chooses to do it before any of her other subjects. We love how organized and simple the lesson format is. She actually feels like she is learning something every day with every lesson. We have recommended Math Help to friends and will continue to do so.” Julie

“We’ve been homeschooling for 16 years, and Math Help has been the best middle/high school math option we’ve ever used! (How did I ever manage it before?)!” Lynne

“I am using Math Help for my 7th grade homeschooled daughter. She actually cheered the first day after her first lesson! She loves the self-tests and lessons. I love the step-by-step help since I never even took algebra in school. We plan on using Math Help straight through Pre-algebra and then Algebra I, II, and Geometry, God willing! To me, this is like having a math tutor right in my home! Plus, it is like having the text, tests, workbook, solutions guide, and more. As you can tell, I am really excited about this and so thankful we found you!” Brenda

“We homeschool, and it used to take 4-6 hours everyday to get math done. Now, my son gets right through it and enjoys it. I’m thrilled! I thought I was going to have to put him back in public school because I can’t teach him math.” Theresa

“I am a home-school parent and also write a blog for home-schooling. I am just so impressed with what you offer. I think your program is perfect for home-schoolers, not to mention the parent teaching them. I am learning right along with my daughter, since it has been years!” Lisa

“I am a first year homeschooling mom. My 9th grade son and I started the year in a popular Algebra 1 book but really struggled after about a month or so. I then took a small break from the subject to look for alternative Algebra 1 curriculum. I researched numerous DVD, online, and book-based programs. It wasn’t until I found that I got really excited. My son and I walked through the first couple lessons together and I found that the program was exactly what I was looking for. I think this is the greatest thing aside from homemade bread. I love the fact that you can have a virtual teacher going over each type of problem and practice problems with solutions, notes to print out, and short but effective tests. This program has it ALL! I have raved to many of my homeschool friends about this program and I plan on using it for many years to come. My 9th grader now has a systematic, well put together program that he can work with independently and at his own pace. I LOVE IT!!” Clarissa

“ has been a life saver. My daughter was struggling working through a traditional textbook for her homeschool math. We were at wits end. Then a friend told me about MathHelp and suddenly math became possible again. I can’t say enough good things about it. My daughter was able to work through independently. Now she loves math and always does that subject first because she says it’s the easiest. Whereas before using a textbook approach it was the most difficult, near impossible. It is set out better than anything else I have seen. We both love the way it is broken down into bite size pieces so that the student does not get overwhelmed. It is extremely simple and practical to use. The video explanations are like having a teacher in your own home. Only better because you can replay them as often as you like. The testing on-line and the fact it keeps a record of all the test results is both convenient and time saving. This is certainly great value for money. Thanks so much for offering I seriously don’t know what we would have done without it.” Mandie

“I have never felt inclined to write a testimonial about a product, but I truly believe is a Godsend for my son. He is in 7th grade, and I was really struggling to teach the pre-algebra and algebra that he had moved on to, so I knew I needed help! We tried out and I cannot say enough about how well it has gone for us. It is super user friendly, and it packs a lot into the lessons. My son is flying through the pre-algebra because he self-tests out of sections he knows he is strong on and I expect he will be moving onto algebra part way through the year. He keeps telling me that math is going great! I keep track of what he does on-line with his grades and I score his tests, etc. What’s not to love?!” Laura

“My 7th and 8th grade children LOVE this program!!!! I love it as well because my children are able to work independently. Thank you so much for making math fun.” S. Aderin

“Over the years, we have utilized Abeka, Horizons, and Calvert math programs. Our student has struggled through them even with the help of a tutor. We began using Math Help this summer. This is the first time that my child is actually inspired to attempt the work on her own and I am consistently hearing her say “Now I understand.” Each lesson on Math Help has several videos, a number of sample problems, and a self-test to be completed. There is also a library of worksheets that can be printed out for additional practice for each lesson. I like that Math Help gives me opportunity to choose as little or as much work for my student to do and she is encouraged along the way.” Sue

“I just got home from a few hours out, and what was my son doing at 5:15pm? Math…without a word from me. We look forward to many more years with this fine program.” Laura

“It has made a huge difference in my daughter’s ability and attitude towards math. Before, math was a constant struggle and fight at home, but now she agrees to sit and do it and has learned so much more in a couple of months than what we would have covered in a whole a year. I am very grateful for this.” Michal

“I am so pleased with this program and very happy that we had the opportunity to try it out. My son has been behind in math for a while and I was frustrated with trying to figure out what program would truly teach him and would also be easy for me to navigate. He has been doing great so far and we are now confident that by using this program, he will complete Pre-Algebra and actually retain what he has learned…and be confident and prepared for the next level. Math Help has been the best math program/resource for my son yet. The overall success has been such a blessing to my family.” Callie

“I was terrified that I would hinder my gifted child once I started homeschooling. I love that she’s been able to move freely from what is easy to what actually challenges her. She loves it. We sat for a couple days and blew through lessons till we found right where she needed to be and she loves that she’s in control of her learning. Thank you for offering this product and easing my panic while creating something she truly enjoys doing.” Cyndie

“This is the only math curriculum that my girls, 12 and 15, have not complained about doing. We have used it for 2 years in a row and have found it to be extremely helpful. The lessons were invaluable as they presented the material in clear language with great examples. Thank you for all your help.” Laurie

“We absolutely love this program. The explanations are excellent and my daughter finally gets it. I think we have tried every math program out there and this one more than any other makes math easy. We are delighted.” Liz

“This comprehensive math curriculum has been one of the best finds in our homeschool journey. This program enables not only my children to fully learn the material, but also aids me in helping them when the need arises. The lessons are easily understood and I greatly appreciate the independence this curriculum enables. I highly recommend this program, especially for the home-educator who feels less-than-confident in this area.” Samantha

“We started using Math Help about 4 years ago and absolutely love it. My oldest did so well with the program that his ACT and SAT scores allowed him to test out of all college math required for a pre-med major. Now my next two boys are enrolled.” Jennifer

“My children would complain about math every day until they started using” Cheryl

“A+ for Math Help! My formerly math-phobic kids are excelling. Their understanding of math concepts has skyrocketed. Now, they usually pick Math as one of the first subjects of the day instead of procrastinating. The pre-tests ensure that the student doesn’t waste time on topics already mastered. It doesn’t bog the student down with busywork but gives opportunities for more practice if needed (and tells the student where he/she needs the review!).” C. Harrison

“I have a child who hates math. We have tried so many different approaches, including Saxon, Math-U-See, Khan Academy, Life of Fred and Teaching Textbooks. After using the free trial at, we had a winner. Great big thanks!” Stephanie

“My 10 year old has a mind for math. He whizzed thru Math Mammoth thru to the end (6th grade math) and I was wondering what to use this next year. We did the free trial and he really enjoyed it, so we bought the subscription. He finished pre-algebra and is doing algebra without my help. The lessons are clear and short, and build on the previous concept. It really is stand-alone. A great product.” Jenn

“This math program was a great addition to our high school curriculum. My son was starting to become more advanced in math than my husband and I, and he was impatient waiting on us to figure it out and then teach him how to do it. Math Help has an actual teacher presenting the concepts and provides very useful tips and tricks. I am even learning some new things to make advanced math easier. My son used to hate word problems, but now that this program has taught him how to approach them, he doesn’t fight them anymore. We will continue to use this program to the highest math available.” Heather

“This is a great program. Online lectures, exercises, test and quizzes. My daughter needs a textbook for math and we loved the fact that Math Help allows you to track to the chapter and page number of a large list of great textbook choices. We will be using them again.” Nita

“Our family has benefited tremendously from Math Help. It offers the one on one teaching that a mother of 5 cannot always offer. It allows the kids to go at their own pace and not have to wait for me to get to them to answer questions. My oldest daughter started community college this year, and uses Math Help to help her understand math concepts that weren’t clear to her in the classroom. It is money well spent.” Sondra

“Algebra becomes easy when you understand what you’re doing and their methods of teaching make algebraic concepts easy to understand. My daughter now loves math because she understands what she is doing. I would give Math Help an A+.” Vickie

“I finally found a program that fits my son’s needs. Online public school was just as politically charged as brick-and-mortar schools. They try to cram so-o-o many unnecessary things into our kids’ heads. He just stopped doing the work, even though he could do it. With Math Help, the video teachings and practice problems are clear. My son actually made the comment that he wished Math Help had other subjects that could be taught in the same manner. Thumbs up for Math Help!” Christina

“We have been using Math Help for Algebra II, and it has been a huge blessing to us. I was concerned about how I was going to teach this subject (I found that Algebra I was probably as far as I could take my children). I was also concerned about teaching two students who absorb math in totally different ways. This program enables them to work at their own speed.” Jennifer

“I love the fact that my son could switch from Algebra 2 to Geometry without needing to buy anything else or contact them. I love that you can switch back and forth and use whichever math you need at the time.” S. Romero

“Oh, we so love it. She went to Huntington for a year and they didn’t help her, but with Math Help she’s understanding math.” Tammy

“This is the best tool I have seen for teaching high school math concepts. I especially like it that I can see exactly what was accomplished and how the students did. As a mathematician, I appreciate the thoroughness and accuracy of the instruction. My kids thought it was very user friendly. Not much time is used to figure out just how to use the site, which means more time to learn the math. I will continue to use it. It is well worth the cost.” Kim

“Wow! My children are enjoying using MathHelp and learning Math in a very efficient way. I like that they can take a pretest, then decide if they need to go in depth into that lesson. I highly recommend it.” Amjad

“I love this website! I tried a couple of Algebra 2 curriculums for my daughter and I didn’t understand them so I couldn’t help her. Math Help explains everything. This is working great for my daughter! She’s ahead now for this school year.” Anna

“ has made a tremendous impact on my daughter’s math scores and her confidence. She has struggled in math, but she is understanding the concepts now after starting Math Help. The program is easy to use and very well done. I would definitely recommend Math Help to anyone who has a struggling math student.” Jodi

“We were struggling to get our oldest to do his Pre-Algebra, though we knew he could. Once we started with, he excelled in Pre-Algebra, and after only a short time, tested in to Algebra for the following fall. He enjoyed the fact that he could turn the teacher on and off depending on what material was being taught. Thanks for curriculum!” Donna

“Our whole family was impressed by the free trial, and my kids are HARD to impress. We did sample lessons from 4 different computer based math programs, and this was the one they chose to use for the fall.” April

“This has been an excellent product. I have 2 LD sons who struggle with math. I have been using this program to pick up some of the concepts they missed or didn’t understand well enough the first time. It isn’t flashy. It is solid and easy to use. We usually use the ALEKS program and both kids commented they liked this much better.” Pam

“We have been quite pleased with MathHelp! My high school student needed some refreshing in algebra and MathHelp has been the perfect fit. The videos are clear and concise and he can move quickly if he understands a concept by doing the pretest or slow down and spend extra time on a concept. We appreciate being able to print extra practice problems when needed and print the notes from each section. We will definitely be purchasing this for our fall studies!” L.S.

“My daughter had struggled all year in Algebra I. I saw this and thought – why not? We started over and she is doing so much better and understanding it better. I’m keeping this for the rest of her high school.” Jenny

“It is great to have the ability to focus on their weaknesses and improve them without wasting time on things they already know! Thank you!” TDM

“I have struggled to teach Algebra 1 for a long time. The way things are explained in this curriculum is very understandable! I am so thankful a friend told me about this. Thank you!!” Deb

“I have a son in 7th grade with ADHD. He loves MathHelp! The lessons are short (but thorough) and to the point, which works really well for him. He is able to do multiple lessons a day without a problem. They are explained well, and he seems to have no problems understanding the concepts. I like it because I don’t have to teach him the concepts. It also takes the pressure off of me to be constantly grading and giving feedback. I would recommend MathHelp especially for kids who need variety in their school day, or for parents trying to teach multiple grade levels, or for any homeschool family who is lacking time…and isn’t that really all of us?” R. Easter

“I’m trying this with my daughter who is 16. We like this so much that I’ve already recommended it to several friends. The guy they have teaching knows what he’s doing. We will continue using MathHelp for her last year of high school since she is responding so well.” Lynne

“Math Help has been a tremendous help. I like the ability to take a test several times with different questions each time, or quickly watch the videos with them and make sure they understand the concept without it taking a lot of my time. The number of practice questions is adequate with extra problems to print out if needed. The deep thought question has tricked me from time to time. Great logic practice. My 11 year old wants to use Math Help as her only math curriculum next year. That is quite an endorsement since she hates math. My 14 year old is working through geometry lessons that she needed to prepare for her national standardized test. All in all I have had no complaints from either child. Doesn’t get any better than that.” Laurie

“This has made it possible for my two oldest children to do their math while I teach the younger ones to read. I also have found it especially useful to find areas of weakness.” Lisa

“We have been using Math Help for a few weeks now and LOVE it. Math is not our favorite subject. However, that is starting to change. Everything is laid out very nicely and is easy to use. The videos and step-by-step help are really great and easy to follow. My daughter loves doing the tests and scoring 100%. Her motivation to do math using Math Help has greatly increased, making it much more enjoyable for us both. Thank you.” Fiona

“This has been such a blessing for our family. Two of my children are doing the Geometry. My 14 year old son has Asperger’s/ADHD and is a very visual thinker, so this is a perfect match for him, and the fact that it is online means he doesn’t always have to go searching for his misplaced math book :). The teaching is clear, engaging and interactive. I am really grateful.” Nanci

“I love it. My son uses it every day. He actually asked me to subscribe to it when the freebie ran out. The lessons are easy to follow and the index is well set out, making it easy to find lessons on concepts he needs extra help with. I’ve recommended it to everyone I know.” Penny

“My daughter now enjoys math after using the MathHelp program. She has requested that we continue using it for next year’s math courses. It takes the stress out of learning for her. She likes that she can see the problem, hear how to solve the problem, and can self-test to see if she has learned how to do the problems. She enjoys printing out and working on the extra problem worksheets.” Dianne

“My son used this program for his 10th grade geometry and loved it. My daughter is now doing the same. She much prefers it over Saxon in that the lessons are shown to her and they are short. The feedback is wonderful as well. She feels so proud when she does well. Thank you so much for this program. It really has made math as enjoyable as it can be :).” Kelly

“Two words: life saver! My daughter was struggling with pre-algebra and “hated” math. I was already dreading trying to teach her algebra next school year. She loves MathHelp! The lessons are easy for her to follow, and she likes being able to repeat the videos as many times as she needs to until she gets it. I like the gradebook feature that makes it very easy for me to certify her grades. We highly recommend MathHelp and will definitely be purchasing the year license for her to use for freshman algebra 1. THANK YOU!” S. Sims

“My three high schooler students have been using Math Help for the past 9 months and love it! After using 3 other math curricula, finally we have a program that explains each concept thoroughly. As a mom, I appreciate the opportunity the student has to relearn and retest many times. This encourages true understanding of the material. The MathHelp curriculum provides every opportunity for math success.” JoAnne

“I chose to use MathHelp as a review for the end of the year. I wish we had been using it all year!” J. Green

“Using Math Help has been amazing for my high school student! Being able to watch the math problems step-by-step makes it so much easier! It is amazing seeing the reaction when my child realizes how to do each step. The teacher is wonderful at explaining all the processes. I really really enjoy this product and will continue to use it in the future.” Donna

“My son has been using MathHelp for almost a year. His advances in math are astounding. The lessons are so easy to understand. He can do math on his own now without struggling. He even likes math now!” Ami

“This math curriculum has been a perfect fit for my daughter’s needs. She has a math textbook, but she really wanted a teacher to show her how to do the problems. With this program, she can look up the math concept she needs help with and watch a great video presentation on how to work the problems. She can also test her understanding with a pre-test and additional math practice problems. Thanks for making this program available! I will be sharing this with my homeschooling friends!” Tammy

“Last year two of my high school children used Thinkwell for Geometry. They despised it and groaned every time they had to work on Geometry lessons or problems. We tried the free trial of MathHelp and really liked it. Therefore, we are using MathHelp for Algebra 2 this year. The kids don’t complain, are understanding the concepts better, and are getting great grades. I will be using MathHelp for all my children’s high school math needs from now on.” Cheryl

“This is a great program, totally relieving the parent of math duty! Your high schooler will be taught by a great and easy-to-understand teacher. No math book is needed, everything is done online. We looked at several other programs, and the teachers talked fast, and were harder to understand. This is just right, and the feedback system is great. Concepts and problems are repeated until your student ‘gets it!’ Most of all, my very picky student likes it!” Diane

“MathHelp is a great program! This summer my 15 year old completed the High School Geometry. She begged to continue using MathHelp for Algebra 2.” Teri

“My 12-year old son has been using for one month now. Math was not a strong subject for me, so I was thrilled to find such a comprehensive curriculum that my son could do independently. My son says that the lessons are laid out in an easy-to-understand format. He also said that the instructors do not ramble on like his previous math teachers in school! We have told other homeschool families about the program and I look forward to signing up again next year as well.” L. Faris

“I have been sharing information about with other parents who have expressed concerns about their children learning upper level math in public and private schools. Thanks so much for offering this to home schoolers!!” Sheryl

“My son loved this program so much, he requested I purchase it for the next school year! This is a great program for visual learners. Sometimes it takes going over a lesson several times for my son to understand a concept. patiently explains it again and again until he gets it. The lessons are short enough to hold his attention and the practice problems are wonderful, because they proceed step by step through each problem. is great as a stand-alone math program, but it also is an excellent supplement if you prefer a textbook math program. Many lessons correspond to exact lessons in, for example, Saxon. You can type in a page number from the Saxon book, and get a lesson where a teacher is explaining that very topic. I would strongly recommend this program. We plan to use it from pre-algebra to Calc!” Kathleen

“I am so thankful for Math Help. My 12 year-old son was intimidated by math, but with Math Help, every topic is explained fully and consistently with video and printable material for extra practice. It was always a struggle to get him to work in his Saxon workbook, but Math Help appeals to his visual learning style with real teachers doing the lesson on a white board. Parents can keep track of lessons completed and the overall score of quizzes completed. No cartoons, no cutesy graphics, no games, yet he loves it! Since math has never been my strong subject, we will definitely continue to use this product. I have been able to learn from it as well!” Suzanne

“I must say that my 9th grader just loves He said he would do math all day long because he actually “gets it” and is having fun learning. I never thought I would hear this coming from a teenager having to complete a Geometry class. We will be signing up again next year for sure!!!!” R. Josephs

“My 8th-grader started using this site with a free trial and we were both delighted with the video tutorials, step-by-step explanations, extra worksheets and variety of practice opportunities for all topics. My daughter loves the tone of each lesson and enjoys moving through at her own pace. When she needs a little more explanation she can review the lesson at leisure and when she’s confident, moves on to the next. Her attitude toward understanding advanced math is no longer apprehensive; now she’s excited! I feel even more positive because I know we have four levels of math topics to explore and will have the same support for each. I was happy to sign on for a full year of access this wonderful site and can’t wait to watch my children excel because of it.” Heather

“We are very excited to continue using We especially like the lessons that are synced with other curriculum. It has been very helpful with my son’s understanding of his Saxon lessons. Great product!” M. Montoya

“We tried several different math programs and I was getting frustrated. My daughter was not happy with any of them. She does well; math is her best subject. When she tried this, she was so excited about it. It encompasses all the different parts of other programs we have used – video of teacher explaining, step by step instructions, practice and challenge questions, even printable tests and extra work. She really is enjoying this curriculum. Thank you!” Jennifer

“We have used two different math programs for my 12 year-old. She struggles with math. They were not working and every day was a struggle for us. We decided to try My daughter loved it! We like the style of the teachers, the practice questions, how the answers to questions are presented in different ways, the deep thought question and the final test on each lesson. We like the direct way the teachers present the material. All in all, a great purchase, and we are extremely happy with it!!” Jill

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