Learning Math Online? Make Sure You Have Great Teachers!

Math is one of those subjects that makes some students smile and others groan. Regardless of our attitude toward math, it is a very important subject to learn. It goes beyond being proficient at test-taking. Math is a subject that is used directly and indirectly the rest of our lives. Mind Research Institute claims that the study of mathematics produces citizens that can think creatively and critically, no matter whether they choose a career in engineering or in the culinary arts. Everyone benefits from a mathematical education.

Math Teacher Shortages

Unfortunately, math teachers are in short supply. Evidence shows that teacher shortages are caused by factors such as:

  • declines in enrollments for teacher prep classes
  • school districts reinstating classes that were cut during the Great Recession
  • increases in student enrollments
  • a high number of teachers are quitting before retirement age

The same study also notes that math and science teachers tend to leave teaching or move to a different school more often than teachers of humanities or general elementary.

Poor Math Teachers Can Ruin an Education

Math is a cumulative subject, meaning each year’s material depends on what you learned the year before. With so many good math teachers leaving or moving around, what are the chances that you are going to get at least one poor math teacher somewhere along the way? Pretty high. And one poor math teacher can derail an entire math education.

Math Help’s World-Class Teachers

Fortunately, you don’t have to take the chance of getting a low-quality math teacher. Math Help‘s teachers are selected from the most exclusive private schools in the country. This means our teachers are getting the high-quality teacher preparation that leads to high-quality teaching. Math Help also selects teachers through our own exhaustive auditioning process to find the best possible teachers for our students. We are committed to hiring great math teachers!

And once we hire the best possible math teachers, we train them in our philosophy of online instruction, which is to get right to the point with their explanations. As one of our customers says about Math Help,”It is concise, cuts through all the fluff. The instructor is really great at explaining things. He is a phenomenal teacher.”

Take Control of Your Math Education

Left to chance, most students will be stuck with at least one bad math teacher during their education career, and possibly many more. Don’t let this be you or your children. Get Math Help to make sure that you will always have access to the best math teachers around. With the long-lasting effects of math on a student’s entire education, it may be one of the best decisions you ever made.

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