FTCE Elementary Math - Practice for the Test (060/604)

Looking for an efficient way to practice for the test you need to become a teacher? Try a FTCE Elementary math practice test that reveals your weak spots and provides immediate access to customized lessons with complete explanations. Click the button below to get started.

How do I practice for the FTCE Elementary math?

To practice for the math section of the FTCE Elementary test, use the following approach.

  1. Take a FTCE Elementary math practice test. A quick run-through of the kinds of questions you’ll see on the exam will pinpoint the concepts you know and don’t know.
  2. Learn the math behind the questions. Building a solid math foundation takes lots of practice, but it’s worth the effort because it will enable you to handle any question that comes your way.
  3. Make a study notebook. For each question, write out the solution process neatly on paper, and follow the problem-solving steps shown in your FTCE Elementary math math practice course to be sure that you’re organizing your work correctly.
  4. Memorize math formulas. During your practice for the FTCE Elementary Educator exam, write out any formulas you use and commit them to memory. Knowing the formulas will save critical time when you’re taking the test.

Is the FTCE Elementary practice test harder than the real FTCE Elementary?

The FTCE Elementary practice test isn’t any harder or easier than the actual test. In other words, it’s designed to match the difficulty level of the real FTCE Elementary Educator test.

What level of math is on the FTCE Elementary test?

The FTCE Elementary Educator test covers the level of math that students typically learn in middle school and early high school. Use the results of your FTCE Elementary math practice exam to guide you to the exact math lessons you need.

Does MathHelp have a practice test for the FTCE Elementary?

At MathHelp, the final exam acts as a FTCE Elementary math practice test. You can take the final exam as many times as necessary, and you’ll get a brand-new set of questions with each attempt.

Pre-tests before every lesson
Every lesson features a quick diagnostic pre-test so you don’t have to waste time on material you already know!
FTCE Elementary lessons with a teacher
Our FTCE Elementary lessons cover all the math on the test. Every lesson includes videos, guided practice, self-tests, and more.
Background lessons
If you are struggling on a particular topic, we offer relevant background lessons to rebuild your math foundation!
Grade reporting and progress tracking
We offer detailed grade reporting and progress tracking to keep on task while completing your FTCE Elementary prep course!
Based on 244 reviews
My FTCE Math test went great and I passed. Your program was exceptional. I loved all facets of it. I like the fact that if you knew one component you could take an exit ticket and move on to the next section. The videos were awesome too.
Pamela Williams
Pamela Williams
14:18 10 Apr 22
As a math-phobe, I needed as much help on the FTCE math test as could get. A teacher at my school suggested your program. I loved your back-to-basics approach to help someone like me, a 58-year-old who never liked or could do math. I found your instructions and lots of practice questions and tests to be extremely helpful. I took many of the questions over and over again to get the steps correct. I always especially had trouble with measurements and geometry, and I think your program helped ease my anxiety and confront those questions head on. It also helped me get straight in my head the positives/negatives and when they apply in addition, multiplication, etc., as well as how to take a word problem and make it into a solvable algebra equation. It was an extremely helpful program for me. Keep up the great work!
Linda Ossman
Linda Ossman
20:38 17 Jan 22
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