10th Grade Math

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10th grade math

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10th Grade Math Reviews

“I will be using this program with my daughter for Geometry. I was worried about what I was going to do about her 10th Grade Math this next year, but now I am relieved to have found this program. I have nieces and nephews who are struggling with math and have forwarded the link to them. So in July I will sign up for a full year with you and relax instead of stress out. Thank you so much for this program.”


“Today was my son’s first day of home schooling after being pulled out of public school (10th grade) and we were able to jump right in with a review of material he has already covered this year in Geometry. I can tell just from what we’ve done so far that your site is going to be an absolute godsend for us. It provides a teacher in our home for a subject that is not my strong suit. Thank you so much for making something like this available to the home school community.”


“It is absolutely wonderful for my 10th grade son in Geometry. I wish we had heard of you when he was taking Algebra last year.”


“Your sample lesson for Algebra blew us away. My son has been struggling with Algebra 1 all year, and Slope of a Line was the exact module he had sat through the day before. He started saying “Now I get it” about thirty seconds through the video; he watched it once, did the questions, and aced them. We were sold.”


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