Is your community college overwhelmed with incoming students who don’t know math?  Are they performing poorly on placement tests and then struggling with remedial math oftentimes dropping out altogether?  If you are like most community colleges, the answer is unfortunately yes. is here to help!

Math Placement Test Practice

  • Provide all students with free math practice for their placement test.  Simply link your site or relevant page to our most popular courses and features:
  • TSI:
  • PERT:
  • VPT:
  • NC DAP:
  • General Placement Course:

Annual License

$10/Incoming Student
  • Provide every incoming student with access to upon registration for a period of two years.
  • Includes access to all math placement test prep courses and all remedial math courses for ongoing tutoring and homework help.
  • Easy to implement as incoming students are automatically assigned user name and passwords upon registration.
  • Discount rate requires full institutional license for all incoming students.
  • Contact us at for more information or to setup a pilot program.

Our math placement test prep customers nearly double their score on average!

(2015 survey of 5,000 customers)