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“I went to high school in California and always had bad math teachers in huge classrooms.  When I decided to take the CHSPE to get my diploma, I knew math was going to be a problem.  I couldn’t afford a tutor and Khan Academy just wasn’t enough.  I stumbled onto your CHSPE math prep course and gave it a try.  It’s incredible.  I don’t know why I always thought math was so hard.  Turns out I’m smarter than I thought!” – Mason

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“I just wanted to say how much I appreciate what your website has done for me. I’m a returning college student and I haven’t taken a math class in 10 years. In high school, I was barely able to pass Algebra 1, so I’m pretty terrified of all things math related. When I took the COMPASS exam, I placed in Elementary Algebra. Knowing I could retest, I purchased a subscription and studied my way though your COMPASS prep lessons. I owe you guys so so so so much!! Not only did I do better on the test, but I placed directly into my college transfer class! Nothing short of a miracle could have taught me Algebra so quickly. You’ve saved me semesters, money, and headaches. THANK YOU!” – Megan