FTCE Math – Practice for the Test!

FTCE Math – Practice for the Test

The math portion of the FTCE test can be challenging if you’re not fully prepared. Use our FTCE practice test to see where you need to focus. Get started by clicking below!

Few people will be familiar with all the math concepts covered by this exam. To find the gaps in your knowledge, take our FTCE practice test. Then use our customized video presentations and practice sessions to strengthen your performance in the exact areas you need. Once you feel confident in your new skills, you can confirm that you’re ready to take the FTCE by going through our FTCE math practice test again, which will include all new questions the second time around.

“What I loved about this course was how you all broke down the information and then built on it. I found the practice followed by the quizzes really helpful. The section review was a handy refresher as well. One more thing that I remember that was very helpful was when you pointed out common mistakes. You covered everything on the FTCE test and I was well prepared. Your instruction was so clear and easy to follow. I really cannot thank you enough.”

Remember That Practice Makes Perfect

The best way to do well on any math test is to practice beforehand. If the FTCE test is in your future, you probably already know how important it is. Below you’ll learn a bit more about the test and how best to prepare for it.

Take our FTCE math practice test now!

More About the FTCE Test

The FTCE, or Florida Teacher Certification Examination, is a test aimed at making sure that certified teachers in Florida possess the proper pedagogical and subject matter competencies in order to be effective teachers. The exam battery breaks down into one professional education exam, four general knowledge tests (English language, math, reading, and an essay), and 42 subject matter tests. Even if you aren’t required to take a math subject matter test (depending on the subject you’re planning on teaching), you will need to score a passing grade on the math general knowledge test, and the exam is fairly rigorous. In order to do well and qualify for your teaching certification, you’ll need to learn or re-familiarize yourself with a wide range of math concepts including:


  • whole numbers
  • integers
  • fractions
  • decimals


  • expressions
  • equations
  • inequalities
  • word problems


  • measurement
  • area
  • volume


  • ratio and proportion
  • probability and statistics

What Are the Ramifications of Not Passing My FTCE Test?

For many people, teaching is a passion, something they’ve wanted to do their entire lives. Unfortunately, if you’re looking to be certified as a teacher in Florida, the FTCE test is standing between you and your dreams. If you can’t pass, you can’t qualify for teaching certification in the state of Florida. Don’t let math be the subject that keeps you from doing what you love. If it’s been a while since you’ve done advanced math, or if you never learned it properly, now is the time to get prepared. All it takes is the proper tool and a commitment to learning, and you’ll find yourself on the other side of your FTCE with a passing grade.

Start practicing for your FTCE math test

I Want to Do Well! What’s the Best Way for Me to Prepare for My FTCE?

Our FTCE math practice test is the best way to begin. There will be holes in your math knowledge. It’s inevitable. But you’re not alone! The best way to prepare for your FTCE is to use our practice test to figure out exactly what concepts you’re missing.

Then, using our streamlined video instruction and interactive practice, you can work on the precise content you need to learn. In this way, you’ll prepare for your exam as efficiently and effectively as possible. With the support you’ll receive from MathHelp, your confidence in your abilities will soar, and your score will too!

Based on 92 reviews
I passed my FTCE exams! Really excited over here. Your lessons were explained well with your pauses after explaining important elements of a problem. I also liked your extension questions after a lesson. All of the general knowledge and elementary education content was extremely helpful as it’s been 20 years since I had studied most of it in school. Finally, the test features were very helpful as they generated new questions each time you took them. This was useful for me so I could drill myself until I understood it. Thanks to the teachers on the site!
Jay Heaney
Jay Heaney
18:16 29 Dec 19
I passed the FTCE General Knowledge Math after using your program! I passed the other parts the first time but failed Math twice on my own. I used your program and passed! Your videos were awesome! I have never grasped concepts so quickly.
Katie Reish
Katie Reish
21:57 23 Dec 19
I passed the FTCE Math! The course was extremely helpful, especially the videos and the tests. I am very pleased with this course and have recommended it to several classmates that need to take the exam.
Raiza Sepulveda
Raiza Sepulveda
13:52 01 May 19
It was extremely helpful for the FTCE Elementary Math test! I loved it and it was very user friendly, especially with the videos to give me a step by step lesson on each topic to refresh my memory. Everything was really great about the whole site and lessons.
Ashlei Jarrette
Ashlei Jarrette
17:03 23 Apr 19
I took my FTCE test Friday and passed! This course helped me a LOT. I never had math explained in such a simple manner. I recommended this site to a friend who has failed this test already a couple of times. I felt more prepared for a test than ever before with using this course.
Jen Bilton
Jen Bilton
23:10 02 Apr 19
I passed the FTCE!! Thanks so much! It was a refresher - I haven't done that kind of math in decades. Without this course I wouldn't have passed. You did a great job teaching the solving for x and all the algebra. Thanks again!!
Courtney Crawford
Courtney Crawford
23:08 24 Mar 19
Every part of math help was useful. It is not overwhelming like a lot of the free sites, and it allows you to go back and review if needed. I went through the mathhelp course twice and passed my FTCE test. And I had not done math in 25 years. Thank you for a great resource. It was worth every penny.
Liv Sorli
Liv Sorli
00:07 16 Jan 19
I took the FTCE math test for the third time today and passed! The only difference this time was that I used your course to help me study! I loved it. I am not a mathematical person, I never have been, but with the videos, practice questions, and quizzes, I really felt more comfortable going into the exam!
Melissa K
Melissa K
19:12 05 Jan 19

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