ASVAB Math Practice Test

ASVAB Math Practice Test

Let MathHelp boost your scores! Our detailed ASVAB math practice test pinpoints your weak areas so that you know exactly where you need to prepare. To get started, click the button below!

When you take our ASVAB math practice test, you’re guided through all of the math areas you need to know in order to perform well on the ASVAB test. You can then use the video instruction and step-by-step practice to target the concepts you most need to improve. Finally, go through the ASVAB math practice test again – with different questions – to see your improvement and build your confidence around taking the real thing!

“I used these ASVAB math practice tests and lessons to help me bring my scores up. My AFQT went up 10 points, which then allowed me to be eligible for the WO program. It’s convenient and can be used anywhere. If I’m sitting in the car waiting on someone, I can just take the phone out and start doing math.“

The Importance of Practicing for Your ASVAB Math Test

If you’re taking the ASVAB math test soon you likely know how important it is to do well. Your acceptance into the military and eligibility for certain positions are dependent on it. Below you’ll find more information about the test, how it affects you, and how our ASVAB math practice test can help ensure you do as well as possible.

Take our ASVAB math practice test now!

More information about the ASVAB Test

The ASVAB, or Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test, is given by the branches of the U.S. military, including the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard, in order to determine enlistment eligibility and incoming aptitudes for position placement. The test has a multiple-choice portion as well as a written exam. The math portion is particularly important because it’s the area that brings most students scores down, and achieving a higher score can not only get you into the military, but it can also open a wider array of options for you upon enlistment, as well as a higher incoming salary. The test, which was developed by the Department of Defense, is a timed exam, so thorough practice is critical. You don’t want to waste precious time working on problems you haven’t prepared for. Some of the math concepts covered by the ASVAB math test include:


● whole numbers and fractions
● decimals and percents


● integers and rational numbers
● algebraic expressions
● equations, inequalities, and word problems

College Math:

● algebraic operations
● coordinate geometry
● linear functions and trigonometry

What Do the Results of My ASVAB Exam Mean to Me?

Everything. If your goal is to enter the armed services, you’ll need to do well on the ASVAB test in order to qualify for enlistment. And the better you do, the more opportunities will be open to you. The more challenging and rewarding positions within the different branches of the military are reserved for recruits that demonstrate strong aptitudes in math and other subjects covered by the ASVAB. So it’s important not just to pass the ASVAB math test, but to do as well as you can, particularly if you have a specific position in mind. If your score isn’t high enough to qualify for it, that position won’t be open to you. It should be clear then what’s at stake. Your entire career within the military can hinge on how well you do on your ASVAB math test.

Start practicing for your ASVAB math test

What’s the Best Way for Me to Prepare for My ASVAB Math Test?

Our ASVAB math practice test, paired with the individualized instruction and guided practice we offer, is the best way to prepare for this most important test. It’s likely that you’ve either forgotten or never learned certain math concepts. That’s okay! It’s perfectly normal. With MathHelp, you’ll discover exactly which concepts you need to learn and practice.

Using our ASVAB math practice test will give you the confidence you need to take your ASVAB test, knowing you’re as prepared as you possibly can be. Remember that the test is timed, so be ready with some relaxation exercises, in case the pressure begins to build. And make certain to get a good night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast the morning of your test so that you can do your best. And with our help, you absolutely will. Good luck on your ASVAB test!

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