ASVAB Math Study Guide

If you want to send your confidence in your math knowledge through the roof, look no further than MathHelp’s ASVAB math study guide. There’s simply no better way to study for your ASVAB math test. Click the button below to get started!

How do I study for the ASVAB Math Test?

For studying to be effective, you can’t waste time on concepts you’re familiar with. You need to focus like a laser beam on new skills and those that you haven’t mastered completely. That’s what makes our ASVAB math study guide so powerful. Each lesson starts with a pre-test geared toward assessing your current skill level with the material covered. If you pass, you can skip directly to the next lesson. If you don’t pass the pre-test, you can easily master the lesson content with the help of our video tutorials and guided practice sessions. Once you’ve made it through the guide and feel you’re ready, you can test your newfound knowledge with our final exam!
Based on 243 reviews
MathHelp is a great study resource, for its practice questions are exactly like what you will find on the actual ASVAB. I was able to brush up on my math skills and achieved a 98 AFQT score as a result!
Kendra Shaw
Kendra Shaw
18:04 05 Dec 23
The program was very helpful in studying and preparing for the math knowledge and arithmetic sections of the ASVAB. Math was consistently my worst subject in high school. I simply had no interest in it and received 60s-70s. This course provided massive improvements. Unlike in high school, I actually felt like I was learning something and was enjoying the process. As far as results go, I think they speak for themselves as I was able to achieve a 93 overall on the ASVAB. In closing, I would strongly recommend this course to anyone who plans to take the ASVAB and join the military.
Preston Harvey
Preston Harvey
15:55 05 Nov 22
MathHelp helped me so much, I like how the teachers/professionals explain things step by step, I took my ASVAB and scored a 91, I have never been so confident with my math knowledge in my life, mind you the first time I took the test I scored a whopping 15.
Brian Henderson
Brian Henderson
02:08 23 Jun 21

It’s critical you do well on your ASVAB, so use the Study Guide that works!

The ASVAB may be the single most important exam you’ve ever taken. A passing score admits you into the military and opens the door to a wide range of possible career positions. A great score, particularly on the math portion, can often lead to a prestigious position and a much higher starting salary. Read on to learn more about the test, what it means for you, and how our ASVAB math study guide can do wonders for your final score.

How does the ASVAB Test work?

In order to be eligible to join the U.S. military, you must pass the ASVAB, or Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test. Multiple branches of the military, including the Marines, Air Force, Army, Navy, and Coast Guard, use your score on this exam. The ASVAB is a timed exam, developed by the Department of Defense. The ASVAB is administered in either a computerized or a paper-based format, and consists of multiple-choice questions. Some of the math concepts you’ll need to be familiar with include:


  • Whole numbers
  • Integers
  • Fractions
  • Decimals


  • Expressions
  • Equations and Inequalities
  • Exponents
  • Factoring
  • Radicals


  • Measurement
  • Area
  • Volume
  • Coordinate Geometry


  • Ratio and proportion
  • Probability and statistics

Is it really that important that I do well on my ASVAB Exam?

It’s critical that you do well. Not only will you be denied enlistment if you don’t pass, a low passing score means that fewer career options will be open to you upon enlistment, possibly eliminating those that were of interest to you. If you want to qualify for the more interesting and rewarding positions available, you must demonstrate a high math aptitude as well as proficiency in other subject areas when taking the ASVAB. If you have a specific position in mind, it’s even more important to do everything you can to guarantee that you earn a high score. Otherwise, you may find yourself locked out of your dream job. Quite literally, the direction of your military career can hang entirely on the results of your ASVAB math test. But never fear! We’re here to help.

Want to pass the ASVAB Math Test with flying colors?

By zeroing in on the areas where you need the most help, our ASVAB math study guide takes you quickly through the concepts you already know, so that you can concentrate all of your energy on your problem areas. Conversely, if a concept is particularly difficult and you need to slow down, we offer convenient access to background lessons to build your foundation.

When you’re ready, be sure to use our final exam at the end of the guide. This thorough review of all the concepts is the last step toward giving you the confidence you need on test day.

Good luck on your exam!

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