ACCUPLACER Math Practice Test

ACCUPLACER Math Practice Test

MathHelp offers a complete AccuPlacer math practice test featuring step-by-step explanations for every problem. Select the button below to start now!

Take our AccuPlacer math practice test to determine where you need extra help, then dive into our lessons to receive targeted video instruction and guided practice to address your areas of weakness. Finally, take the AccuPlacer math practice test again (the questions will be different each time) to make sure you’re ready to pass the AccuPlacer test!

“It helped me pass my Accuplacer and test out of the math classes. I was literally starting from scratch and didn’t remember anything. I’m beginning my journey back to school and going off of my ACT l score I was placed in beginners math! I always struggled in math and by taking this review it helped me test out of the college algebra completely. I now do not have to take any math classes for my degree, which saved me time and money! I highly recommend this program. I love the videos of instruction and the practice test feature. I cannot say enough good things about this review. I learned more from it than I did all through high school!”

How to Practice for Your Accuplacer Math Test

If sitting for the Accuplacer Math Test is in your future, the good news is that there is plenty you can do now to practice. The information below provides a look at what the Accuplacer Math Test is, how it is used, and what you can do to ensure you perform as well as you can on this important exam.

Take our AccuPlacer math practice test now!

What is the Accuplacer Math Test?

The Accuplacer was developed by the College Board, the same institution that provides the well known SAT. It has been used for over 30 years as a measure of student preparedness for college level math courses. The Accuplacer Math Test is a computer-adaptive exam, which means that the number of questions a student is given and the difficulty level of those questions is based on that student’s answers to the preceding questions. Scores are based on both the number of questions answered correctly and the difficulty level of the math problems that are answered. The exam is multiple-choice and is not time-limited, so test-takers have ample opportunity to figure out their answers without racing against the clock. The Accuplacer Math Test covers a wide variety of math concepts, including:

Fundamental Arithmetic:

  • operations with whole numbers and fractions
  • operations with decimals and percents
  • applications and problem solving

Elementary Algebra:

  • operations with integers and rational numbers
  • operations with algebraic expressions
  • solving equations, inequalities, and word problems

College-Level Math:

  • algebraic operations and other algebra topics
  • coordinate geometry
  • functions and trigonometry

How Will the Results of My Accuplacer Exam be Used?

Colleges and other institutions of higher learning use the Accuplacer Math Test as a placement exam. A student’s score determines whether that student will be enrolled in credit-bearing math courses or remedial math classes designed to build necessary skills. Students enrolled in remedial math courses pay tuition for those courses without earning any credit. This not only increases the overall cost of that student’s education, but it can also delay graduation. Furthermore, as the Washington Post reports, students required to participate in remedial courses at the college level are less likely to complete their degrees than their peers who earned credit for all their coursework. In short, the Accuplacer has become a high-stakes test with far-reaching consequences.

Start practicing for your AccuPlacer math test

How Can I Best Prepare for My Accuplacer Math Test?

Don’t worry if you’re rusty on some of your math concepts, or if there are others you have never learned! There is plenty you can do to ensure a strong performance on the Accuplacer. With individualized instruction and guided practice throughout every AccuPlacer math lesson, Math Help goes far beyond practice tests. We offer complete Accuplacer Math test prep courses as well.

On test day, make sure to eat a good breakfast, and give yourself plenty of time to arrive at the test site. If you tend to get nervous before standardized tests, try relieving some anxiety with an easy relaxation exercise. The best way to find peace of mind, however, is to make sure you’re well-prepared by using Math Help’s custom Accuplacer Math practice tests and test prep courses. Best of luck on the AccuPlacer Math Test!

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