ACCUPLACER Math Study Guide

ACCUPLACER Math Study Guide

Nervous how you’ll do on the ACCUPLACER math test? The ACCUPLACER math study guide from MathHelp can help solidify your weak spots. Get started by clicking the button below!

Our ACCUPLACER math study guide thoroughly covers every math concept you’ll see on the ACCUPLACER math test. As you work your way through the guide, you’ll learn where you’re weak and where you need improvement. We offer targeted video instruction designed to focus on these areas, teaching you concepts you’re unfamiliar with and strengthening those you are. After you’ve used our guided lessons to build your foundation, you can review everything you’ve learned by testing yourself at the end!

“I took the ACCUPLACER math and I passed! Thank goodness. Now I can enter Stats 1040 with a less stressed mind and graduate a bit earlier. Thank you for your website and for all the help it provided me. I LOVED it and will use it again for future help! Thank you again for the ACCUPLACER study guide!!”

Studying for the ACCUPLACER Math Test is Very Important!

If you’re taking the ACCUPLACER math test soon, it’s key that you study as much as possible to be certain you do well. There’s quite a bit at stake, as you’ll learn shortly. Our ACCUPLACER math study guide can help identify the areas you need to focus on.

Start our ACCUPLACER math study guide now!

More About the ACCUPLACER Math Test

The ACCUPLACER math test was designed by the same organization that creates the SAT exam each year. However, you’ll find that it’s a very different sort of test. For one, it’s untimed, which lets you breathe a bit easier as you work your way through the exam. Also, it’s a computer-adaptive test, which means the difficulty of each question will rise and fall as you answer questions. Get one right and the next question is harder. Get one wrong and the next one is easier. Over time, this matches the questions to your skill level, and your final score is a factor of how many questions you answer correctly and their level of difficulty. Some of the math concepts on the exam include:

Fundamental Arithmetic:

  • Operations involving whole numbers and fractions
  • Operations involving decimals and percents
  • Applications and problem solving

Elementary Algebra:

  • Operations involving integers and rational numbers
  • Operations involving algebraic expressions
  • Solving equations, inequalities, and word problems

College-Level Math:

  • Algebraic operations and other algebra operations
  • Coordinate geometry
  • Functions and trigonometry

How Are My ACCUPLACER Exam Results Used?

The results of your ACCUPLACER math test are used by colleges and universities to determine which math courses you’ll need to complete in order to earn your degree. It’s a placement test, and schools use poor performance as an indicator that remedial math classes are required. These classes earn you no credits but you still have to pay for them, which means time and money wasted, and the potential for delayed graduation.

But the greater risk, as reported by the Brookings Institution, is that students required to take remedial classes on the college level are less likely to complete their degree program than similar students not needing remediation. Given the importance of a college education in today’s economy, there’s a lot at stake when taking the ACCUPLACER math test.

Start studying for your ACCUPLACER math test

How Should I Study for My ACCUPLACER Math Test?

Our ACCUPLACER math study guide will help. It’s perfectly okay if you’ve forgotten some math concepts and never learned others. This is very common. Our study guide is set up in a very organized way so that you can easily identify areas where you need improvement, and our guided lessons will strengthen your knowledge and boost your performance on test day.

Remember that the ACCUPLACER exam is untimed, so there’s no need to get stressed out when you take your test. Plus you’ll have the confidence that comes from knowing that you’ve done everything you can do to prepare. The MathHelp ACCUPLACER math study guide is your partner in success.

We wish you good luck and a high score!

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