TSI Math Test Prep

TSI Math Test Prep

Get ready for the TSI math assessment test and place out of your remedial classes. Click the button below!

If you’re planning to take the TSI math placement test, preparation is critical. The resources you’ll find through the TSI’s official website are helpful, but they aren’t nearly enough. A few practice questions with written math instruction behind them aren’t going to move the needle. Our online TSI math test prep course is miles ahead of these resources or anything else you’ll find.

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This program was very helpful and beneficial. I ended up passing the TSI. I think the biggest help was the “work” part of the problems and tests where I could see where I went wrong. Thank you.
Melissa Mata
Melissa Mata
16:07 24 Jul 20
Wanted to say thanks so much for putting together the Mathhelp curriculum for people like me. Without all the content I would not have been successful on the TSI placement test. The most helpful was definitely the factoring, exponent rules and fractions involving radicals since you see a lot of that on the test. Overall it was very easy to learn and follow and built my confidence up and helped me be successful. I scored a 350 out of a possible 390 according to my advisor and now I’m in my second week of college algebra on a summer mini semester! Thanks to all of you and keep up the good work. I made a suggestion to my school that they should recommend your site to people like me as a prep for the placement test.
Nathan Fowler
Nathan Fowler
16:15 07 Jun 20
My TSI went well and I passed all portions of the test. I found every section of your course extremely helpful. I appreciate all the help your lessons provided and couldn't have asked to find a better TSI study guide. Thanks again.
Madison Woodson
Madison Woodson
18:29 05 Jun 20

How do I prepare for the TSI exam? 

1. Take a Gradual Approach

Start with an introduction of the concepts through whiteboard videos. Next, use step-by-step guided practice sessions featuring detailed explanations. Finally, test yourself on what you’ve learned. This gradual approach to every topic is what makes for successful TSI math prep.

2. Be Thorough but Efficient

The best TSI math test prep is both thorough and efficient. Your time is valuable, so explanations must be straightforward and clear, without any fluff. And if a concept isn’t covered on the TSI test, it better not be included in your studies. Use diagnostic pre-tests to tell you what you already know and what you don’t, so that your TSI prep focuses on the lessons that will have the most impact on your exam results.

3. Build Your Base

Of course, not every student will be able to fly through the course. If you’ve been out of school for some time or if you’ve always struggled with math and have no clue how to pass the TSI math test, you may need to go back to the basics. For students who require extensive help, quick links to foundational lessons that focus on core concepts are key. If you need to review your base of knowledge before moving on to more advanced topics, this feature of TSI test prep can be a lifesaver!

What separates MathHelp from the rest?

With MathHelp, gone are the days of grinding through boring TSI math prep exercises. Our interactive multimedia presentations make learning interesting and support you throughout your journey. Meanwhile, you can track the progress of your TSI prep with our dynamic grade report that provides encouragement and keeps you focused.

Once you feel ready, try our complete TSI math practice test to gauge your knowledge. You can take this test as often as you like because it generates new questions each time. To sum it all up, our TSI math prep is the ultimate study guide, containing everything you need to score high on your test. We strike the perfect balance between the effectiveness of a private tutor and the affordability of a self-guided curriculum to fully prepare you for your TSI math placement test!

What is on the TSI?

The TSI test, or Texas Success Initiative Assessment, is designed to match the incoming college student with the college course that is appropriate for them. There are three different sections that make up the TSI exam: Reading, Writing, and Math.

Do you need to study for the TSI?

Yes, you need to study for the TSI, and the good news is that you can.  One way is to try sample questions.  Another is to take a TSI test prep course that provides thorough instruction.  The instructional approach is particularly effective when studying for the math section of the exam.

What score do you need to pass the TSI?

The passing score for the Math TSI is 350, while you need a 351 to pass the Reading section.  The scoring for the Writing component is more complicated.  To pass the Writing part, it requires a placement score of 340 and an essay score of 4.  If you’re under 340, then you must have an essay score of 5 and an ABE diagnostic level of 4.

What math is on the TSI?

The TSI math exam is composed of 20 multiple-choice questions on the following topics: Algebra, Functions, Geometry, Measurement, Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability.

Is the TSI math test hard?

The TSI math can be hard because it’s a computer-adaptive test.  In other words, if you answer a question correctly, the next question will be more difficult.  Therefore, even an excellent math student will find the test demanding.  The good news is that the harder the questions become, the higher the possible score.

How many questions are on the TSI math test?

There are 20 multiple-choice questions on the TSI math test.  If you do poorly, however, you’ll have to take one or more additional diagnostic tests of 10 multiple-choice questions each.

What should I study for the TSI math test?

The TSI math test covers the following concepts:

  1. Elementary Algebra and Functions
  2. Intermediate Algebra and Functions
  3. Geometry and Measurement
  4. Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability

How do I study for the TSI Math? 

  1. Pre-Tests.  Start each section with a short pre-test to determine if you already know the material.
  2. Instruction and Guided Practice.  Use video and audio explanations as a core component of your TSI math test prep.
  3. Practice Tests.  Make sure you’re ready for the real thing.

Can I take the TSI test online?

Yes, you can take the TSI test online for a $25 fee.  If you take it at home, you’ll need a computer with a microphone and camera so that the proctor can monitor you. 

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